Trial and Error Leads to Better Screenies

How can I take better screen shots?  That was the first question I asked when I started doing storytellers and I found I had to hunt around and ask kind simmers advice.  Taking good screen shots takes time to learn and I’ve collected tips that have helped me in this little guide so others don’t have to do as much footwork as I did.

The Basics

The Sims 3 game has a built in picture taker located in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen.  The nice thing about this tool is that it automatically leaves out the HUD (heads up display) at the bottom, sim portraits and action cue.  Personally I prefer to use Fraps like I do for screenshots in all my games.

A big recent help I was told about was that by hitting Tab it frees up the camera and hides all of the clutter.  This enables you to angle and move the camera better.  It’s the best way to get the screenies you want.

I’ve listed the mods and cheats I use now below but I would like to give a word of caution.  I usual save a separate copy of the game from the one I’m actually playing in to take staged screen shots because I’ve noticed at times glitches will pop up if I’ve used a lot of cheats in a row.

Helpful Cheats

The Sims programmers added some easy to access cheats that will help you do a number of things.  The code has to be inputted into the cheat box.  To open the cheat box when you are in a game file press ctrl+shift+C and a small box will appear at the top of the screen that you can type in.  Input the code of your choice.  I’ve listed the ones I use below and what they do.  You must type them in the way they are listed including capital letters and spaces where they appear:

TestingCheatsEnabled true

This cheat unlocks several other cheats and abilities to manipulate the sim world better.  One of the neat things this does is gives you more options if you click on your sim, mailbox and buildings with the left mouse button.  These can help you stage screenshots better.  Look at this guide for more on that.

HideHeadlineEffects on

This cheat hides the skill bars, plumbobs and thought/speech bubbles that appear above your sim’s head and make screenshots appear much cleaner.

moviemakercheatsenabled true

This cheat unlocks several things that make sims emote and do things on cue that help with staging pictures this guide lists the things it allows you to do.

Helpful Mods

Mods are really great for finding styles, props and even staging things.  I’ve listed and linked my favorites here.

Nrass Mods

Tallawan’s Master Controller and Animator plug in are wonderful to use for a variety of things.  Check out this site to learn more.

Cmomoney’s Mods

Pose Player and Animation Player are mods that allow you to stage screen shots using custom animations and poses.

Camera Mods

The in game camera has its limitations for close-ups and angles but aikea guinea’s no drift/lower mod helps to get close-ups of toddlers and pets especially.  Also helpful in getting closeups without objects and sims fading so quickly colin2’s no fade mods are really helpful.

I hope this helps everyone.  Thanks!

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know about those other camera mods. Will check those out, thanks!


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