Vanderburg Dynasty: Chapter 1

“Party Cop” Blues

Just another typical day.  I’m starting out with a morning  run like always.

At least if I repeat that its normal to myself over and over that’s what I’ll believe, I think.

I take a quick shower but I’m still nervous.

I resort to what I do know always never fails to relax me.

I dance.

Hey don’t judge me.

There’s nothing that lifts my spirits more than dancing.

This morning is no exception.

It does the trick so as I arrive to work I’m feeling really great.

I was fine until now, when it was my turn in the boss’ office, for my job performance review.  I’m not going to let on how my stomach is ready to rebel.  I’m Sebastian Vanderburg, Mister Cool-Calm-and-Collected, and so I use all the years of practiced false self-assurance as I lean back in the chair.

“So Mister Vanderburg are you ready for your review?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I say with a winning grin, “when do I get my raise?”

I laugh indicating to her its a joke but she’s not laughing.

“That’s the thing Mister Vanderburg,” she says deadpan, “your partner thinks you deserve one and the commissioner wants you to have a promotion but I don’t think you should.   What do you think?”

I try not to betray my shock but its hard.  “I think I deserve a raise at least.  I work hard Chief.  I bust my a** everyday out on patrol, which I’m sure my partner has put in his reports.”

“That he did,” she says with a patronizing smile, “but he also put how your celebrity and persona interfered with investigations and interviews.”

“Interfered?   I completed everything that was asked of me.”

“While signing autographs and taking pictures.”

“Aren’t we supposed to keep a friendly image up in the public?  That’s what I’m doing.”

“Well the media doesn’t see it that way, especially in light of your personal life.  The Party Cop they call you and frankly I think it’s a liability.  Unfortunately the commissioner feels it’s an asset so we’ve come up with a compromise.”

“You’re good at public relations Mister Vanderburg so effective immediately I’m taking you off of the field and now you are the face of the department.  You will act as our spokesman and public speaker.  We’re giving you honorary Lieutenant rank and a raise to go with it.  Congratulations.”

“Wait you can’t take me off the beat!  I’m a good officer!  I can do more than shake hands and smile!”

“That might be true but how can a criminal take you seriously after he sees a picture of you dancing on counter tops in the morning paper?”

I feel like I want to sink down and let the ground swallow me up.  “You got to give me a chance Chief.  All I’ve wanted to do all my life is make a difference and shaking the hand of some politician isn’t what I had in mind.”

“Perhaps you should have thought of that before you regularly made a spectacle of yourself.  Your actions have consequences Mister Vanderburg and I just don’t think that its possible to change your public image so that it earns respect.  You either take this offer or you can find another place to work.”

I sit dumbfounded.  How is this happening?  How could having fun ruin the one thing that matters the most to me?

“I’ll take it Chief.”

“Very well Lieutenant, Congratulations.  We’ll show you to your desk and the public relations department will give you your first assignment.”

I go through the rest of the day and learn more about the new position they gave me.  It’s a joke.  A pure joke.  I now am little more than an actor wearing a police officer’s uniform.  I am to make the public feel good about the police department and garner donations and favor for the department with my family connections.  This is not what I want but it’s evidently all that the Hidden Springs Police Department thinks I’m good for.

It’s not fair.  The image I worked so hard to maintain so I can laugh at the world and my mother is now who the police want me to be 24/7.  It’s all over the Simernet, both the true and the untrue, accounts of  any stupid thing I’ve ever done since I started walking.  The one thing I really look forward to every morning when I wake up, being a cop, has now been swallowed by the rich boy party animal facade.


I exit the building in a mind numbing haze trying to figure out if there is anything I could do to change things but the only thing that comes to my mind disgusts me.  Sure my mother and step-father were the top politicians in Hidden Springs and could make them put me back on the beat but that won’t change the fact the department thinks am a joke.  It would just confirm it in their eyes.  No, if I am going to earn the respect of the Department then I have to do it on my own.

As I leave I hear excited female chatter.  In my current mood I’m not especially thrilled to hear it because my notoriety is one of the reasons I’ve just been given my “promotion”.  On the other hand if I ignore someone it might piss off the boss and then I might be kicked off the Force.  There is no way I’m going to let that happen.

Turning to see who is fan-girling changes my mood entirely.  She’s cute and has a nice figure.  Her dress looks like it was made of left over old lady curtains but it worked for Scarlett Sim’ hara so who am I to talk?

“Well hello there.  Who do I have the pleasure of meeting this evening.”

“C-Cassidy.  I can’t believe I’m actually meeting Sebastian Vanderburg!  You’re even more handsome in person.”

Here we go again.  I act like I haven’t heard that a thousand times before.   That’s the trouble with being born into a famous family.  From the time you’re in diapers all you hear are compliments.  No matter what I do I’ll be in the limelight and that alone will probably keep the boss from taking me seriously.

I turn to her friend and shake her hand, though I’m a bit more interested in continue the conversation with Cassidy, and extend my hand.

“I’m Jessica Willow.”  Her friend says.

“I hope nothing too unpleasant brings you to the police department.”

“We were just walking by actually.”

“Well then it was just my good luck I ran into you ladies then, especially since I’m in a hurry.”

“Headed to the club?” Jessica asks wryly.

“Actually a boring dinner at the mansion my mother is putting on for donations.”

Cassidy giggles while Jessica smirks.  It’s then I get an idea.

“How you would you two like to see for yourselves?”  I turn and direct this mostly to Cassidy naturally.


“I’m inviting you both to the party if you’d like to come.”

“S-Sure!” she stammers wide-eyed.

“Good we’ll continue getting acquainted later.”


Arriving home I do the first thing I’ve been doing every day, after changing, for the past month since my sister ran away is check my e-mail for messages.

I can understand that she hasn’t contacted my mom at all but Fran and I have always been close.  She knows I’d never let mom know where she is if she didn’t want me to.  She hasn’t tried to contact me in a month and this has me worried.

I wish there was some way to find her and make sure she’s okay.


My mother’s party is typical.  So typically I elect to stuff my face.  Its even more annoying now knowing these politicos are the ones the Chief now expects me to court financial support from for the department.   My mind is on other things namely trying to figure out how I can prove I deserve to be given real police work.  I feel like I’m slowly loosing my mind.

It’s then that I see Cassidy accepted the invitation and I’m happy to have a distraction.

“Hey Cassidy.  Are you here by yourself or did your friend join you?”

“I’m here by myself actually.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m glad you’re here actually.  I was afraid I was going to slip into a coma for the lack of excitement.”

She giggled like I expected.  I had no lady in my life currently and this pretty little thing would fit the bill nicely.   I sort of loved the idea of parading her, in her plain sense of style, past the cameras.   She’s definitely not the usual sort of girl I pick to keep me company.  No she seemed stable, reliable and that was just the sort of thing I needed in the public eye right now.   Maybe I’d keep her around for a while.

“Want a tour of the mansion?”



“This is the cinema room.”

“My stepfather thinks the television screen is bit too small.  You won’t judge a man for the size of his tv though will you?”

I watch as she blushes looking away.  I take a cue as the classical music, that  my mom likes to play during her functions, switches to a waltz.

I tenderly kiss her hand.  “May I have this dance M’lady?’

“Mr. Vanderburg do you treat all the girls you invite here like this?”  She tries not to smile.

“Only the pretty ones I want to impress.”

“I don’t dance very well.  Not slowly at least.”

There is something refreshingly innocent in her smile as I help her into the proper position.   She’s definitely not like the girls I normally get involved with if just slow dancing makes her nervous.

“Just follow my lead,” I tell her.  I start off swaying gently from side to side until she seemed to relax a bit.  I gently lead her through a turn making eye contact. Unguarded for a moment she doesn’t notice as I pull her just a little closer.

She catches her breath as I pull her body up close against mine but she doesn’t resist.  As I lean in the nervous breath she was holding gives way to a quickened pace as she turns her head slightly.  When our lips finally meet I taste a unusual earthy mixture I can’t quite identify.

I’m struck by how unsure and timid she is as she submits while I deepen the kiss clutching me as if she’s about to collapse in my arms.  I release my grip slightly and I’m surprised as she seems like she’s trying to escape.

Catching her around the waist I prevent her retreat forcing her to look into my face.

“Are you alright?” I ask unsure of what she’s thinking as she stares blankly up at me.

“I just wasn’t expecting that…”

This really makes me wonder at this girl.  A man invites her to his party, offers her a tour flirting with her along the way so how could she not expect me to try something?

“I’m sorry if I startled you Cassidy but I just couldn’t resist.  I won’t do it again if you don’t want me to.  Don’t tell me I’m a bad kisser.”

She smiles shyly her eyes still an odd mixture of confusion and excitement.  “It’s not that.  I just never been kissed before.”

I really didn’t know how to react to that.  What kind of rock has she been hiding under that no guy had even attempted to kiss her before?

“Ever been on a date before?”


“How’d you like to go on one with me Saturday?”

“Okay,” she said her eyes finally regaining a bit of their luster.


Well I’m attempting to write in a style for this one I haven’t written in for years.  Present tense is so odd to me forgive me if I didn’t catch and fix any past tense.  Not only that I’m doing stream of consciousness style so I hope I’m not too rusty to try this.

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  1. Nice update. I think you have quite the lady charmer there, Fairybird.

    • Hi Silver. Yes he’s a charmer. I’m glad your enjoying him. He amuses me when I open the file without fail so it has to translate into this somehow. lol.

  2. Looks like we have a lady’s man over here. Be careful Cassidy, he might just charm your socks off. And I hope he isn’t going to just use her, she’s so innocent.

    And sims dancing never fails to make me laugh. Nice chapter.

    • Yep he’s a lady’s man but her innocence has him a little uncomfortable. He’s not heartless but he does have a bit of an agenda. Not saying just how is will all play out yet though. lol. As for the dancing. If there is music or a stereo around Seb is a dancing fool. He cracked me up dancing in his undies so I had to share.

  3. ooh i love it.. a bit of mystery with cassidy.. can’t wait to see what she’s all about.

  4. thenay83

     /  July 21, 2012

    Oh how I miss the underwear dance LOL. That was funny. I like how Cassidy is so pure….for now lol


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