Quest for Immortality: Chapter 13

Mr. Popularity

Now we get back to Liam who is enjoying his Challenge far too much.  I suppose it’s a good thing he enjoys it or he might quit but so far he’s weathered the storm of his scandal.

I can’t believe his ad seems to be working since he has another hit on it.  He already has Elena returning for round 2 and now he’s trying to also fit this opportunity in as well.   If this keeps up Liam’s ego will be out of control.

There are a few things to catch you up on though.

As far as good news goes the judge ordered that Liam got to share custody of his girl’s with Holly so I’m allowing him to count them to toward the challenge.

Holly isn’t entirely thrilled with the arrangement and though she’s been pleasant so far I don’t think she’s really given up on trying to make it so her girls won’t see their Father.

In the meantime at least it means they get to play and get to know their siblings.

This is little Shanta Greenwood.

And this is her twin Tiffani Greenwood.

They have learned all their skills thanks to Liam’s diligence.  If nothing else he is a good Father.

As for the other children, they are doing rather well.

Belle has come out of her shell a little bit thanks to her older brothers.

They have made sure that she doesn’t feel lonely.

She’s turned out to be very talented with her hands.  Perhaps a sculptress in the making?

She’s even managed to make a friend at school despite her father’s reputation.  Young Issac Jones-Goode seems to like her even if he’s jealous of her sand creations.

I think Bernard and his brother will be missed around the house.

I say that because there just has been a birthday celebration in the house.

First up Bennet went cross-eyed.

Then there was Beverly.

Finally rounding out the vampire trio we have Celetse.

Lovely Belle became a teenager.

Liam convinced Holly to let the twins share the party with their siblings.

So we have Shanta.

Then there was Tiffani.  I think she and Belle resemble their Father a great deal.

Last but not least there was the obligatory family age-up photo.

Then there were the goodbyes to the two latest to leave the nest.

Bernard and Alberto have decided to not just move out but leave town to try out a business venture in Lucky Palms.  A resort of some kind.

The next day, true to her word Ava also left now that the triplets are children.

She had her own way of saying goodbye to Liam.

“Bye Sweet Cheeks.  Look me up when you’re immortal and want a little fun.”

So that brings you current with Liam’s household.

Also I know some of you are curious as to how Liam’s children that are not living with him are turning out.

Here is Belle’s brother Shade.

Also here is the other one, Suede.


I happened to be back from my sojourn when Elena Queen came back so I decided to have a little word with her.

Bastat decided to put her two cents in as well.   Honestly I’m not sure it was her opinion of the woman she expressed or her Mistress’s.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t join the game in  person if she feels so strongly at times but to each their own I suppose.

“Hi Kitty!  Did you miss me?”


“Whoa, what’s the matter, honey? Did Liam leave dirty dishes in the kitchen again?” 

I decided to invite her inside for our little chat.

“Hello Mrs. Queen.  Won’t you come inside.”

Naturally she was puzzled seeing two women in the house that she assumed to be empty.

“Sit down Mrs. Queen I’d like to talk with you.”

She sat down with a puzzled expression like a good little mortal.

“Mrs. Queen I’m most disappointed with how you left the house especially the broken sink.”

“Oh, I am so sorry. We meant to get a repairman to come fix that. I really am sorry.”

I noticed Bastat enter and I was certain my friend was now interested in the game a little more than she let on.  

“Mrs. Queen I’m afraid I can’t let you stay in my home any longer.  You’ll have to go to Liam’s”

She sat staring at me for a moment.  “Oh…I have to go to Liam’s? Have you spoken to him about that? I could always go back home and then deliver the babies to him…Why are you speaking for Liam, anyways? Are you friends of his or something? If he wanted me to come to his house, he should say so himself.”

“Liam will do as he’s told and he’s expecting you.   Who I am is none of your concern Mrs. Queen.”


“I would advise doing as my sister says.  A woman looking to conceal that she is cheating on her husband with a man like Liam, deal or no, shouldn’t make demands.  I will offer you a word of caution.  Don’t get too involved with Liam or you will disrupt the game and we will remove you from it.”

“I – what – that’s really none of your business!  I’m just with Liam for the babies, I don’t even like him that much – Hey what do you mean, game?”

“The game is to see if Liam can achieve his challenge.  This is my home.  You need to know nothing more.  Now if you wouldn’t mind leaving Mrs. Queen?”

“I really am sorry about all this. Liam said it was all right, so I assumed it was. I’m sorry, again.”

“By the way, you have some lovely cats. They’re so beautiful!”


“So I hope you don’t mind staying at my house this time.  It can be kind of crazy here sometimes but you probably already know that since you have all of those kids of your own.”

“Don’t worry… I just hope I’m a better guest here than I was at your friend’s.”

“Well this is Belle my oldest at home right now.”

“Belle this is Elena.  She’ll be staying here for a while so that you can have another brother or sister.”

“Hi… welcome I guess.  Are you staying long?”

Something tells me she’s a little touchy about another baby momma after the business with Holly still hanging over their heads.

“Well I’ll get back to my kids as soon as I can…”

“I’ll give you a tour.  You’ll see over there is the dining room where the other kids are doing their homework.”

“You’ll probably meet them later.”


She doesn’t sound that thrilled does she?  Perhaps a guilty conscience is to blame.

“Come on I’ll show you the kitchen.”

“That’s Marian she’s the butler here.  Come and say hi to Elena.”

“Hello Miss Elena let me know if you need anything.”

“Well I hope to help out a little too.”

“So Mirian where’s Betsy?  I want Elena to meet everyone before she settles in.”

“I think she’s upstairs making the beds.”

“I’ll just show her your guys room.”

“So this is the room you’ll be staying in while you’re here.  You’ll have to share it with Marian and Betsy though.”

“Wow, this is just like my kids’ room at home! Only it’s bigger, it has seven beds and not much privacy.”

“We have another baby momma … so soon?”

“Elena this is Betsy she’s our House Keeper/Nanny.”

I wonder what this will mean.  Ava’s not there to control Betsy now.

::Door Bell Rings::

“Excuse me while I get the door Miss.”

“I’ll go get it Betsy.   I want to send the girls off anyway.”

“I wish we could stay.  We were having fun.”

“I know Sweetheart but you’ll be back soon.”

“Mommy can we stay the night to play with our brother and sisters?  We were having so much fun.”

“You are not staying here a moment longer Shanta.  There are nothing but bad influences in this house and I’m only bringing you here because the judge said I have to.”

“I’m sorry mommy…”

“It’s not a bad thing she has fun with her siblings Holly.”

“Don’t ever feel bad about loving your sisters and brothers Sweetheart.   Now go on to the car because I have to talk to  mommy.”

“Okay Daddy.”

“Bye Daddy.”

Back inside it looks like Elena has caught Betsy eavesdropping.

“You know you don’t have to be mad at the kids for liking to come here just because you are mad with me.”

“You’re right they don’t know enough to realize that you’re nothing but a selfish, no good prick.  Once I have enough to prove what a bad environment you’ve created here for impressionable children to be subjected to I won’t have to put them through this anymore.”

“You ruined my life Liam Gelman and you’re not going to ruin those girl’s lives over my dead body.”

“You know you were fantacising about it for months and I just gave you the opportunity to justify acting on it.  You’re not a victim here and what’s more you’re a vindictive b****.”

See the mess our Liam has gotten himself into.

I really don’t see this ending well for him.

Betsy isn’t too pleased with what she’s heard it appears.

Elena is no saint either as it looks like she hung around as well.   To be fair though, with the raised voices I think it would be hard not to hear.

“Liam are you okay?”

“Of Course…. hey what to get started on the baby making?”


“Come on up to my room with me then.”

“So is that their mother? Was she your wife? Why don’t you have full custody?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it in the gossip column’s.  Long story short.   She’s Holly Greenwood and when our little fling got her in trouble with her husband she’s decided to try to keep my kids from me.”

I see you’re leaving out a few details there in your explanation Liam.

“I’m sorry. But you won’t have to worry about that with me. I signed the dotted line. And I would never hurt my kid or kids by taking them from their rightful parent.”

“That’s good to hear.  That’s not something I want to happen again.”

If that’s really the case Liam don’t seduce another married woman.

You’d just better hope that this woman’s marriage doesn’t also break up so that she has a grudge to hold like Holly.   Hopefully another scandal can be avoided.  Scandals with two with married women so close  together might really cause problems for him.  It would be a shame if he quite on the game over such stupid behavior.

“Feel better?

“A little but I know a way to completely take my mind off of it.”

“Well that is what we came up here for.”

“Relax Honey.   Enjoy yourself.  If we hadn’t of done this before I’d think you were nervous.”

“I’m sorry I guess your situation got me to thinking a little bit.”

Unlike Liam I think she just might have a conscious.

“Well talking won’t get me pregnant so let’s get down to business.”

Apparently her conscious isn’t bothering her enough to not go through with her part of she and Liam’s bargain.

“So Elena I should probably mention that in a couple of days I have to go out-of-town.  I have a meeting with another potential baby momma.”

“So it’ll just be me, Marian, and Betsy with your kids?”

“Yeah.  You won’t be alone and this opportunity might fall through if I don’t go.  I’ll definitely be back here as soon as I can.”

“Well, that’s okay, I guess. I can’t say anything, since my own kids are being watched by their cousin.” 



So I went to Starlight Shores to meet with the lady who I chatted with on the computer.  Her name was Zinnia Montigo-Taye and there weren’t any pictures so I went on blind faith.  Hopefully she wouldn’t be a dog but I figured at least it gave me a kind of vacation.  I could use one since I’ll be busy once the house if full of babies again.

The moment I walked through the door I was pounced on by not one but two women and peppered by a barrage of questions.   Of course, I took it all in stride.

“Liam!!! You made it!! Yay! I’m sooooooooooooo happy to see you!”

“You smell tasty!!!”

“How was your flight?!  Did you get enough rest?! Your body feels so nice!

“You smell…tasty! Ahhhhhhhhh…

“Um…hi ladies. This is quite a greeting that you ladies are giving me. My flight was fine.”

“You smell so tasty!!”

::Chuckles nervously:: “Thanks….”

It seems that the lady I came here to see, Zinnia, also had a twin sister, Rosette, living with her.  They also both were very hot.  I think the pointy ears made them even hotter.  There was also a guy living there and I didn’t find out about until we sat down to a little dinner I made to show I’m a good guest.

“How was the salad, ladies?”

“It’s good!”

“It’s tasty.”

The ladies told me they enjoyed my salad.  I think tasty is Rosette’s favorite word but I could be wrong since I have the impression the girl is a little insane.  The guy finally spoke up so I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

“I’m not a lady but it’s good.”

“Oh hello there. My name is Liam Gelman.”

“I know… You’re the guy that my wife is about to cheat on me with.”

When he said he was Zinnia’s husband it took me by surprise.   

“Excuse me?”

I have to admit that I got a little nervous hearing it after all the trouble my sleeping with Holly has caused.

“By the way Liam, I’m married.

“Oh…. I see.”

” I’m not!”

I’m not sure why Rosette had to announce her status.  I wasn’t here to have babies with her.

“But you have a boyfriend so shut your ***!”

From Zinnia’s response I think there’s a bit of sibling rivalry going on.

“Well this make things quite awkward.. with you being married and all.”

“Nah, Max is a idiot he’ll forget all about this in 2 seconds.”

“Okay, if he’s cool with this.”

Well though the guy looked upset he didn’t threaten to punch me out or sue me.  He didn’t tell Zinna he was breaking up the marriage or anything so it looked like it wouldn’t come back to bite me.  As long as I was going to get some babies of my own to raise out of this I figured why not go through with it.  After I talked with her we agreed to the same thing I did with Elena.  She gets the kids from the first pregnacy and I get the ones from the second.

It wasn’t until later that night when her and her sister’s kids were in bed that we got down to business though.

“Max is gone for the night. We can get to baby making.”

“Ah yes, we can finally.”

She wore this slammin’ lingerie and looked smoking hot though I think she might be a little ditsy.

“Liam! Join me!”

“Already am, Hun.”

“Oh right! You’re fast!”

Even if she was a little out-of-it she was smokin’ so I who cares, right?

She was pretty good of course I was amazing.  In fact, I was so amazing she came back for seconds.

I think she was a little nervous about wanting me again so soon since she acted a little weird.

She was way more into it the second time around though.  When I commented on it a couple of times she got a little testy and more agressive.  It was a little strange and she kept screaming “I’m Zinnia” a lot.  

I made sure she wouldn’t regret coming back for more.   I know I didn’t mind banging a hot chick like her twice.


I have a whole lot of stuff for this note:

– First off if you aren’t already aware you can check out the further adventures of Bernard and Alberto in Gothic Resort Insanity.  The vampire trio joins them in it.  It’s a Hotel Challenge ISBI.

– Thanks to Princesslala14 for letting me share her pics of Shade and Suede with you all again.

– Once again thanks to Mewmewmentor for the swap with her baby momma Elena Queen.  Her accounting of what’s in this post is here.

– Zinnia and Rosette belong to TheNay83.  She originally was going to do a 200 BC with them but now is using them for an ISBI called Party Montigo so I want to thank her for still wanting to do the swap.  You can check out her accounting of Liam’s time in her sim’s story but be aware her blog has a more mature rating.

I’ll be posting one more chapter of Quest and then I’ll be caught up enough on this to work on the Frost updates. 

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  1. Carmen Toza

     /  August 18, 2012

    HAHA I’m going to be saying “tasty” all night now!!! Suede is going to be a heart breaker, I can just see it! And, maybe I’ve missed this part, but what’s Betsy’s deal?!?!?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. As for Betsy stuff has been revealed about her slowly. Basically she was sprung from a mental hospital to cause trouble but she’s obsessed with Liam and keeping him to herself.

  2. I read chapter 12 and 13 to catch up with this story…and holy wow, there is so much going on it is like how on earth do you manage to do all you do in this story with all the little ones?? I loved the Holly Greenwood so much, I always think of her as the smug little “better than you are person” whenever I stop in TwinBrooks for a bit…in this story she certainly plays that role..good for Liam telling her like it is..bi_ _ _ she is, however I always imagined her husband as being a whimpy whipped guy who would pretty much do what she says..but he left her so guess there is only so much a guy is willing to put up with…ah, and Betsy who is without a doubt one of my favorties in this story…when Ava caught her up short and snarled in her ear I was loving it…too bad Ava left, LOL!

    • For this I run the kids pretty much like an ISBI unless I need a staged shot so when I’m in the game doing the acual toddler skilling i often cue up the skilling and jump around and see if anyone is doing anything interesting and take screenies. For the majority of the staged shots in all of my game I do them in a file copy so I don’t mess up the challenge itself.

  3. I really like this baby challenge, it actually has a plot through it, which a lot of them don’t. You’re very witty too. All the kids are so cute. I lost count, how many children are you up too?

    • Thanks vampire. When I decided I wanted to do a story with the baby challenge I didn’t want it to be like so many with just showing skilling and aging up pics. I wanted a progressive story with the challenge as just one part of it. Thanks for the compliment on bring witty… I gnerally don’t think of myself as witty. lol.
      Anyway there are 12 that count but counting the swap kids he has 21 now. After I get done my part of the swaps I will have at least 20.

  4. thenay83

     /  August 19, 2012

    I liked the cat’s response to Elena LOL That’s how my cat usually greets people. Zinnia and Rosette are freakin’ idiots LOL

  5. jonso

     /  August 22, 2012

    Just read my first Liam chapter. Fun! 🙂

  6. Hi Fairybird,

    Guess I fell behind quite a bit. Good chapter and I think my favorite of this latest group is Belle. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more scandals where Liam is concerned. Will try to read some more chapters later.


  7. Do you use a mod to have more than eight people in a household? I can never figure that out and it could be really useful for my challenge.

    • Yes I use Master Controller and Woohooer by Tallawan which both have settings that allow more than 8 sims. When there are more than 8 you need to move them out using Mover or I’ll use MC “Add Sim” to a house or the game won’t let you.

      • Thanks! 🙂 I have been trying to figure that out forever! I really love all your stories BTW! I read them whenever I get bored writing mine.

  8. Rosette and Zinnia should make some interesting looking babies. I worry about Elena left alone with crazy Betsy, though.

  1. 98. Stranger the Second Round « Queens' Hive

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