Quest for Immortality: Chapter 15

They Grow Up So Fast

Greetings Liam watchers.  A little time has passed for Liam since last you saw him so I’ll catch you up on the most important part of these happenings, at least to me, his children.  What you think my only interest in the game is to see if Liam can attain immortality?  I love children, they are a part of what I am, so finding mortals to willing to birth 100 children to my glory and name is naturally enjoyable for me. Enough about me and my needs though.

Liam’s babies with the Montigo Sisters, Borage, Celsia, Tequila Sunrise, Amaretto Sour, and Martini,  are now children.

The twins he had with Elena, Scarab and Serpent that she has with her, are now children.

Scarab has more of his mother’s looks and  coloring.

Serpent seems to be more of a mixture of his parents.

Belle went to her prom and started dating Isaac Jones-Goode.  Not only that it seems the that his first four children have already now started their own families.  Keeley, Jimmy and Anisse opted for quiet elopement rather than taint their moments with paparazzi taking pictures of their now infamous father attending a large wedding.  It hurt Liam’s ego a bit but this is all part of the fall-out of his actions.  Dont get me wrong, Keeley and Jimmy haven’t abandoned their father, they just added extra concerns in their lives.  The largest shock to our Liam was Jimmy’s disclosure that he was going to be a grandfather.

The next round of birthdays also has already passed at Liam’s house.

Belle is a young adult and making plans for her future with Isaac.

The vampire Trio are teens and developing their own tastes and hobbies.

The Greenwood twins are also teens.

Elena and Liam’s triplets are now Toddlers.

This is Clark.

This is Devon.

Last but not least is little Carrie.

Liam also got a lovely email from Lala about Belle’s brothers Shade and Suede.


Hi! It’s Lala!   I hope you remember me, but if you don’t, I’m the mother of your children Shade, Suede, and Belle. Today, as you know, was
their birthday, and our boys have grown into such handsome young men!

I  have enclosed some photos of the boys for you to see. We’re all living up in Bridgeport sometime and I would love for you and Belle to stop by and visit the
boys sometime.

Best of luck in the continuation of your challenge, and with whatever is to come after for you;

Lala Rutherwell

So about now is when we should have the obligatory family age up photo and send off.  Belle, however, decided to make her exit from her father’s house a bit more memorable.

So Liam got to see at least one of his little girls get married.

Did I mention that they held the wedding at sunset on the night of the full moon?

Keeley’s father-in-law was given the zombie curse that night so not only did Liam get to see she married someone much older Clark Pedlar but that her father-in-law was apparently undead.


“Um is that a zombie Tiff?”

“Shanta I think it’s just the full moon.  Haven’t you heard about the zombie curse?”

“Oh yeah I remember reading about that in the paper.  Well at least he’s leaving before anything bad happens.  If mom came to pick us up and a zombie was here I think she’d make a scene and ruin Belle’s big day.”

“Now its time to parhtay!”

“Do you ever stop dancing?”

“If I’m not playing the music I got to dance to it.  Its my calling.”

“Ben you’re such a dork.  Isn’t he Celeste?”

“No comment Bev…”

“So did you bring your spouse Jimmy?”

“Yeah, she’s right over there, next to you.”

“Gwen honey meet my dad.”

“Ohhh….Watcher I can’t do this…”

“Now Honey my dad’s not that bad…”

“I’m in labor you a**…”

“I’m too young to be a Grandfather….”

“Not really Dad.. your birthday is just around the corner isn’t it?”

“Get me to the hospital now!”

So in the course of one day Liam gave away one daughter in marriage and was present for the birth of his first grandchild.

Liam’s son Jimmy and his wife Gwen brought home a baby girl named Danette Tombs under the full moon that night.



I got this call from an old college buddy who wanted me to watch his house in Starlight Shores for a 5 days and I figured it would be a nice chance for me to see my Montigo kids there.  Belle and her husband stayed to watch the kids.

When I arrived I called Zinnia first and she didn’t answer so I left a message and then called Rosette’s phone.  She didn’t answer either so I left a message saying where I was staying and I wanted to see the kids while I was in town.  20 minutes later I heard a knock at the door.

“Liam I’m here! Lemme in! Who’s house is this? This house is ghetto!Liam I’m here! Lemme in! Who’s house is this? This house is ghetto!” 

I knew then she didn’t listen to the whole message so I explained  I wanted to see my kids but she just wanted to talk about strange things and make sandwiches for herself and she didn’t even offer to make me one.   She refused even though she was making herself at home.   All she seemed interested in was hanging around me.  I couldn’t blame her since I’m irresistible and all so I told her she could spend the night figuring then maybe the next day I could get to see the kids.

The thing is that there was only one bed in the house and she got to it first.  Of course I’m not intimidated sharing a bed with a hot lady so I sat down and decided to see where it would go.  She’s crazy but she is hot and I hadn’t had any action since the last set of triplets were born.

“Wanna make out?” she finally asked me.


“Then why am I here?” she whined. 

I guess the chick only thought I called her for a booty call or something and if she wanted it that bad I wasn’t going to disappoint.

“Cause I wanna do this instead,” and I playfully pulled her under the cover to do a little full-body wrestling.

She was pleased naturally.

“Oh yeah! Keep it juicy”

She enjoyed herself so much she even jumped in the shower with me for round two in the morning.

“Hey! I’m coming in there rather you like it or not.”

“Like I’m going to actually fight you. Be my guest.”

“You’re easier than a drunk crackhead at a concert!”

“Ain’t no shame in my game.”

While we were enjoying ourselves in the shower then me and Rose’s kids decided to show up and let themselves in.  Seeing the kids raiding the kitchen didn’t ease my mind especially after with what they told me.

“Yes… just come on in and raid my frig.”

“Daddy, were hungry!”  Amaretto Sour said while stuffing her face.  “They don’t even feed us.” 

“What? You’re not feeding my kids?”

“Shut your lying mouths you spawns of satan! We feed them. We have lots of cake!” 

“Were tired of eating cake.”

You have to feed them something else than cake.”

“Kids like cake! Quit your b***!”

I could see I wasn’t going to win the argument so I figured to leave it as it was.  I didn’t like my kids were in the care of a couple of inept women but I still needed them for more babies.  

I don’t think they got any discipline either since they started pulling pranks all over.

“Aaaaahhhhh! Help! Help! Stranger danger!”  Martini’s joke when she asked to play tag was the worst of it.

Hush Tini!”

A police officer stopped us since she was screaming like I was a ped or something.  I would’ve gone to jail if the officer didn’t believe me.  All she did was laugh though.  Naturally I didn’t lose my temper even then.

“..Not funny Tini! I think my kids are EVIL!”

Zinnia and the other eventually came by and I got to see all my kids that weekend and I gave them all my email and promised to keep in touch more often.  I’m glad since I kind of regret not keeping in touch with Shade, Suede, Serpent and Scarab.  Maybe I should invite them over or something?


So now Liam is home after his trip and saying goodbye to the latest to leave his nest.

“You seem like a decent guy Isaac so I’m pretty sure Belle here is in good hands.”

“Hey you’ve known me since I was a kid.  If there was something wrong about me I think you’d know by now.”

“I guess so.”

“I’ll be just fine Daddy.  Take care of yourself.  I love you.”

“I will Sweetheart.   I love you too.”

“Ready to go Babe?”


“I guess I should get used to being a Grandfather…”

“You think she’s pregnant?”

“Unless you’ve been able to keep you’re hands off my girl I’d say its a pretty good chance.   Don’t worry though you’ll be fine.”

“I’m sorry Honey it must have been something I ate.  I’m ready to go now.”

“Bye Daddy…”

“Bye Sweetheart take care of yourself.”

Mortals are funny creatures.  They are able to ignore the passage of time unless events make it obvious.

Becoming a Grandfather I think has snapped our boy back to attention of his current mortal condition.

“I’m sure I’m imagining the wrinkles…”

Perhaps you are getting some Liam but its your own fault.  You haven’t been using my sister’s gift to stay young.  We won’t hand everything over to you on a silver platter.  Either get over your squeamish feelings over feeding someone to Anubis or find another way to stay young.

“Oh I’m sorry Mr. Liam I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Is something wrong Mr. Liam?”

“I’m just feeling old I guess.   I hadn’t really thought about trying to stay young while I’m having all these kids and now I realize I might have waited too long.   The ladies aren’t going to want an old man.”

“Mr. Liam all you need to do is feed someone to Anubis.”

“I’m not sure I can do that…”

“Well there are other ways like potions.”

“That takes time though but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to start…”

“Don’t worry you’re just as handsome as the day I met you.  You’re definitely not old.”

“Thanks Betsy.  You really know how to cheer me up.”

“I’m always here for you Mr. Liam.  I’d do anything to make you happy.”

“Well…I guess I’ll start figuring out that Chemistry set tomorrow.  Night Betsy.”

There’s nothing like a blindly adoring woman to make a man feel lively.

“Wow Marian you look smoking hot.”

Well finding a half-naked woman waiting for him in his room is probably much more effective.

“I figured I’ve waited long enough with Belle leaving the house now…”

“Well what are you waiting for Hot Stuff?”

“I’m not waiting.”

“Get ready to have your world set on fire Baby.”

Ah yes Liam is the ever enthusiastic lover as always which is something I think Marian will enjoy.

However I don’t think Betsy is appreciating it so much right now.


I’d like to give special thanks to three amazing simmers for letting me use their pictures and/or dialogue in this chapter:

– Mewmewmentor who did a swap with her Sim Elena Queen and from whom I stole the pictures of Scarab and Serpent.  Check out her story here.

– TheNay83 who did a swap with me with her Sims Zinnia and Rosette in her story Party Montigo and decided to keep Liam around for additional fun afterwards.  The scenes in this chapter are from Chapter 8 of her story.

– PrincessLala14 who did a swap with her Sim Lala Rutherwell.  Not only did she supply the Shade & Suede pictures but also the in character letter that appears in this chapter.  Check out her story here.

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  1. Ooooh, boy. As though Betsy needed a reason to feed the plant something other than rotten fish. I worry for Marian. Ahaha.

    Feel free to use Scarab and Serpent anytime you like in your story. 🙂 I’m sure they’d make for some interesting fun. I think I have them linked on ‘the Queens’ page if they’re not in my studio.

    Yeah, Liam, at least YOU look like a grandpa, unlike Elena. (Funny note – when I did find Liam in my bin, he was balding. That’s why I didn’t recognize him at first, haha)

    • jbfairybirdsimstories

       /  October 9, 2012

      Actually in the event I have planned I’d be happy to have Serpent and Scarab show up. I’ll be having most if not all of his challenge kids show up in it.

  2. JB, I really am enjoying the contrast between all your characters throughout the entirity of this chapter. I found myself chuckling a bit at some of the pictures you took, specifically the one of the zombie (It hit me odd at the time of reading). Thank you for the entertainment!

    • jbfairybirdsimstories

       /  October 9, 2012

      Thanks! I’m glad Liam and the crew gave you some chuckles. The guest randomly turning into a zombie made me laugh so I had to include it.

  3. I really like how we saw little parts and personalities of everyone in this update. Got to see the kids grow up, and they way they act around each other. We were able to see love between the relationships. I mean, how can you not like a chapter filled with kids, proposals, weddings, and newborns? Loved it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Its been challenging to balance the family stuff and keep the plot moving forward but seeing how the kids turn out is part of tebaby challenge tradition.

  4. Beautiful as always..just started my own 100 baby challenge at ! 🙂

  5. Belle grew up so pretty!
    All the kids really look great.
    And I love the extra Rosette scenes, she’s hilarious.


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