Quest for Immortality: Chapter 17

Sorry for the delay in getting this up.  Things backed up while I was ill that I needed to catch up on and then my internet went down all day yesterday because of high winds.  I’m starting work on the next chapter right away.

The Circle of Life

Greetings Liam watchers.  As you saw that last time we met Chaos has upped the ante and on his heels, as it happens so frequently, is death.  Does that disturb you?  I find you mortals feel the subject of death often taboo or distasteful even though it is an inevitable part of your existence.  If so many of you weren’t so eager to extend their life then no one would play my game would they?

Liam is becoming increasingly aware of his own mortality as the hands of time advance around him.   Since last we saw them the Gelman household had a loss.

Faithful IQ’s time in the world of the living came to an end.

Poor Liam.  Loosing his oldest friend must have been hard on him.

He even had a little garden made and placed IQ’s grave in it.

Of course where there is death there is also the fresh promise of new life.  Marian gave birth to yet another set of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, for Liam to add to his growing brood.

The little boy Liam named Desmond.

The little girl Marian named Celine.

Time moving forward also meant that there were more birthdays and first up were the Queen twins.

I think Scarab turned out looking more like his mother Elena than Liam.

Serpent has more of a mixture of both of his parent’s features however.

Then there was the lovely little picture Liam got in an email regarding his Montigo children.

Dear Liam,

The kids have grown up into adults. See you didn’t have to worry! All 5 of them lived! We are good parents! Can’t wait to see you and do this again soon! – Zinnia

Liam was at first relieved to have received the good news that his children were adults, and quite good-looking adults at that, until he received a few more e-mails in his inbox.

“Oh cool, I got an email from my Montigo kids.”

Hey Dad! I’m moving to Starlight Shores to be a superstar DJ and bang 1000 ladies. Come help me move and teach me your pimp ways! – Borage

Daddy! I’m going to travel the world and learn how to cook different foods and open a bistro. But first I’m going to be a Dominatrix for money! – Celsia

Hey father, I’m gonna move to Bridgeport and open a martini bar and be a professional drunk! My name is Martini after all! – Martini

Hey Daddy! I’m moving to Twinbrook to be a stripper like my mom always wanted to be. I heard all the men with money live there. – Amaretto Sour

Dad, I plan to raise 5 evil well children to take over the world with! – Tequila Sunrise

“My gosh… Of all of the kids I’m worried about AS the most…”

Somehow I wouldn’t take too many of those claims seriously then again, with Rosette and Zinnia as parents, some of those claims  could possibly be true.

He also got one more email with a picture he appreciated.

Dear Liam,

Were sending you this pic of us so you’ll have something to hold on to until we meet again. Our kids had grown up and moved out so we will be visiting you in Twinbrook in a few weeks. – Love, Zinnia & Rosette.

Rosette even left a sightly obsessive sounding voicemail also.

“D*** IT LIAM!!  Stop sending me to voice mail! I am your future wife and as your future wife I demand that you answer your phone! How can you love me back when you never answer?!! Anyways! I’m coming to Twinbrook with Zin. I can’t wait to see you boo!”

I’m wondering if bringing more children into the world with these two idiots is really a good idea.  It’s Liam’s affair to choose his baby momma’s though so I digress.

He also got some pictures and a note from Shade and Suede regarding Shade’s wedding and an offer to visit.

Here is Shade his and his wife Kiata.  The little girl is their daughter Diane.  They are a handsome family in my opinion.

As far as how everything else went at the Gelman home, obviously Shanta and Tiffani started living fulltime with Liam when thier mother didn’t show up. Though saddened by her disappearance they have turned out to be excellent help with the younger kids.  Of course this also meant the custody suit she put up was dismissed and since Holly was the main witness in the case claiming Liam was an unfit parent that was delayed.

The Downing Vampire Trio continued to develope thier talents.

The Queen Triplet’s are growing and discovering their likes and dislikes.

Then there is the matter of Betsy.  It seems Chaos’ suggestion has emboldened her into upping the ante.

“Good morning Marian.”

“I just made some energy drinks for the morning.  Would you like one?”

“Thank you Betsy.  I could use a pick-me-up this morning.”

“I’ll take and put the rest of these in the refrigerator until the others wake-up.”

Tossing the other drinks and putting the glasses and tray in the dishwasher is a bit suspicious.


I don’t think Marian will be with the household for much longer.  So while the rest of the family sleeps peacefully upstairs in their beds, not yet ready to start the day, Betsy drags her next intended victim to Anubis’ enclosure.

“Here you go Anubis.  Here is a snack.”

It looks like this time Betsy’s plan worked.

“Ha, ha!  You people are seriously increasing my workload.”

“Just me.”

“Yes Betsy Wynn you’ve given me a few over the years.”

“This was to feed the plant for the milk.”

“Trying to evade me for a few more years?”

“This isn’t for me.”

“It’s none of my concern I will just collect my new charge.”

“I am ready.”

“I wonder if you will be as brave when your time comes.  Until next time Betsy Wynn.”

Later that night Betsy milked the fruits of her twisted labor.

The life-sustaining milk of the cowplant in hand Betsy would make her offering to Liam.

“Mister Liam I need to speak with you.”

“Sure thing Betsy.”

“Mr. Liam I have something for you.”

“What is it?”

“Cowplant milk.”

“Wait a second.  Doesn’t the plant have to eat somebody to make milk?”

“Don’t think about it Mr. Liam.  You have to stay young and you’re out of time.  Your birthday is in two days, I know because mine is tomorrow, so just drink it without asking any questions.”

“Alright fine.  I’ll drink it.”

“Just go ahead Mr. Liam.  I’d hate to see you fail.”

“Wow I feel amazing!”

You should you now are as young as you were right after your first Adult birthday Liam.  I wonder if your scruples will prevent you from using it again now that you’ve felt the effects?

So now we come to up-to-date on Liam’s household with the latest birthday’s.

The first to go was Betsy.

She entered elderhood gracefully.   I can’t help but to wonder if her age will curb her homicidal tendencies.  Time will tell.

So the party continued with the resident teens becomes young adults.

First we have Tiffani Greenwood.

Her twin Shanta Greenwood.

Next up were the Downing vampire triplets.

First up was music loving Bennet.

Responsible Beverly was next.

The last of the trio to age up as Celeste the real odd-ball of the group.  I say that because right after she aged-up she decided she was now a vegetarian and would only eat meals made with plasma fruit.

Once the new young adults were squared away it was time for the Queen triplets to become teens.

Then there was Devon.

Last, but not least, of the Queen 3-pack to become a teen was Carrie.

The party was then taken outside where the latest additions to Liam’s household became toddlers.

Little Desmond and Celine Harms seem to favor Liam already.

By now you know what came next.  Yes family photos and goodbye hugs.

This goodbye will definitely leave the house much emptier with 5 children leaving.

“Hey it looks like we got here a little late and the party is over.”

“At least we get a chance to visit a bit before we take Anubis with us to the Resort.”

The Free boys are stopping in.

Of course they are receiving a warm welcome.  I wish Liam would make it a little less obvious who is his favorite.

“Al.  Bernard is your Hotel open yet?”

“Not quite we still need to hire some staff before the Grand Opening.  You all should come and see the place.”

“Hire me!  I’d love to work with you guys!”

“Well if you can fill what we have open…”

“I can clean or something.  I’m not proud.”

“She’s really been a help in the house since Marian disappeared Al.  You ought to give her a chance.”

“Hey if you’re hiring Bev you have to hire me and Ben too.  We’re a team.  I’ll cook for you if you like.  I’m getting really good.”

“She is pretty good cook but I’m not sure what Ben can do for you all.”

“I’ll entertain the guests with my smooth guitar vibes.”

“Alright all I suppose we can try to make it a family run Resort.”

So plans were made.

Fun was had.

Finally Anubis was loaded into the Downing SUV and after some hugs the children went their separate ways.

The Greenwood girls took a cab to go to thier new apartment.

The vampire trio went back with the Downing twins to Lucky Palms to help in their business venture.

I leave you here since I’ve rambled long enough for now.  The next time I see you I’ll let you in on the legal happenings since that case is coming up.  It should be interesting to see how this all unfolds.


I’d like to give special thanks to three amazing simmers for letting me use their pictures and/or dialogue in this chapter:

– Mewmewmentor who did a swap with her Sim Elena Queen and from whom I stole the pictures of Scarab and Serpent.  Check out her story here.

– TheNay83 who did a swap with me with her Sims Zinnia and Rosette in her story Party Montigo and decided to keep Liam around for additional fun afterwards.  The pictures and some dialogue in this chapter are from Chapter 12 of her story.

– PrincessLala14 who did a swap with her Sim Lala Rutherwell.  I stole the pictures of Shade & family from her story.  Check out her story here.

-You will be seeing the Free ghost twins and the Downing vampire triplets in my Gothic Resort Insanity story soon.

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  1. poorsims7

     /  October 26, 2012

    Oh yay! More Liam. I just love this family for some reason. I can’t wait to see more and I’m currently working on a new chapter of mine since I got sick yesterday. Anywayz love it as usual. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoy them even with all of the mayhem. lol. I’m going for making them, and especially Liam, likeable even if they do some not too good things at times so I was happy to read the comment!

  2. IvoryButterfly

     /  October 27, 2012

    LOVED it!!! I feel a bit sorry for Betsy though… I can’t help but wonder if she wanted to drink the milk more than give it to Liam…

  3. thenay83

     /  October 27, 2012

    Ahhhhh Betsy has done it again! Poor Marian.. What’s with the GR wearing a baseball cap and a grad grown? Did the GR send his son in his place? LOL

    • lol. I have no clue. Everytime I see him in Liam’s file he shows up like this. I have no clue why. Actually the Grim Reaper Jr. that is in my Resort is this guy that I pulled into CAS. When I changed his clothes it gave him a face.

  4. Such a large family, you did a good job fitting them all in…loved Nay’s kids, they do have ambitions though even if it would make most parents shudder. I was wondering about the Grim, but Jr. explains it…enjoyed Betsy, she is selfless giving the milk to Liam, but now that she is an elder, does this mean she has given up hoping she and Liam will end up together?
    Enjoyed this very much…great story.

  5. Great chapter JB!

  6. That’s it. Betsy, meet Yori. Yori, Betsy. Yori, send Betsy to the moon.

    Yori: I can’t.

    What do you mean you can’t? I’m your Watcher!

    Yori: Yes, but you’re not Betsy’s.

    Fine. *sends Yori to moon*

    Carrie’s turning out to be the cutest of the Queen kids. :3 May I toss them into my story for photo-ops at some point?

    I feel bad for Liam’s kids. Too many of them are growing up knowing their mommies aren’t just absentee, but dead as well.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the cat Bastet ate Betsy? >:D If my guess is right, she’s more than capable of doing so.

    • Of course you can use them. I’ll be putting them up once they are YA. As for Bastet she’s not able to do that. You’ll learn what’s so odd about her soon. lol. You’ll see what’s in store for Betsy soon.

  7. Aww poor Liam who lost one of his good friends. I always get a little emotional when a pet dies! It sucks for Liam’s children too… Not knowing the truth, or not understand it must suck. I wonder what Betsy will be up to next..

  8. I was really upset about IQ. He’s been one of my favorite Sim dogs. I’m not commenting about what will happen shortly with Betsy but you will see.

  9. Congrats on the newest arrivals. Hope that things are looking up for you, Fairybird.

  10. Okay… Bennett the BABE! (and I don’t mean the pig)

    *wipes drool*
    *jumps him*

    • lol. I think all of the Vampire Trio turned out very hot and is why one of them many reasons I had to do something with them and came up with the Gothic Resort. lol.


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