Profiles: Humans and Misc Species

Here you can find information on how I am portraying humans and some of the other species I include in my view of the simverse.


The most populous race in the simverse they have no special abilities but come in two basic racial groups the “Vanilla” and the “Berry”.   There are also two skin tone varieties that fall into thier own catergories “Albino” and “Dark”.


The original human type their natural skin variety contains shades of browns, peaches, reds and yellow undertones common to the basic racial groupings from various inhabitants of national areas.  As time progressed into the modern era generally Sims from many racial backgrounds began to mix so that sims of many different skin tones are born in various nations.  The term “Vanilla” is preferred in general to being called plain or affiliation with their national group of origin (American, European, Chinese etc) and/or race (Asian, Caucasian, African).


These Sims, though various legends exist from scientific experiment to supernatural, as to their origin are thought to have entered the gene pool after the vanilla races had been established.  Thier skin tones come in just about every color of the rainbow and they often group themselves racially based on those colors naming themselves after foods (Lemon, Blueberry or Red) and use names centering around items similar in color to their skins.


Sims rarely with white coloring can be born into families of both berry and vanilla sims due to a mutation.  Skin tone can range from those with pale skin of any color or pure white.  They often have white-hair and purple or reddish eyes or can sometimes be born with hair or eyes matching their non-albino parent.


Sims with true black or grey colored skin and hair are even more rare than albinos.  It is rumored they can trace their origins from unions with sims from the supernatural.

Inspiration- I use this designation since it is now associated with basic sims by EA.  In their interaction with other species I often use fantasy and common mythic archetypes from the myths and legends I use as inspirations meaning there is often some distrust to unfamiliar species.  There can be also prejudices within the human races and genders as in the real world if I’d like some tension in story telling.  The developers seem to indicate there are sim equivalents of all the nations in the real world so I reflect that in my world view.

To me Berries are not a separate species or subspecies but another race or ethnicity.  I do not view them as living in a separate world or universe so they intermix with the vanilla skin tones in my simverse.


Sims who have the innate  talent to tap into magical energies using chants, spells and focal objects (wands, crystal ball etc).  The most powerful can learn to channel this power through sheer force of will.   Not a true species, they can be of human or Fairesim in origin, they are most commonly considered a sort of mutation.  This magical ability can be passed on to children in a family line and so some consider themselves a separate race from non-magical entities in their own species.

Inspiration  In myth a witch often can curse a person into becoming a supernatural entity of any kind but were generally a person who made a pact of some kind in the spirit realm or a fae to use magic.  I use this as the basis that they aren’t a true  species or race.  A sim being able to become a witch from mixing a potion I think is in the same vein as the typical witch of myth and legend.  


Sims who have the ability to change into humanoid wolves.  Werewolves have heightened senses and are great humters and family oriented.  Often their thinking is driven by their emotions and instincts making them somewhat impulsive.  Their state is attrubuted to a virus that can be passed through a bite.  Though they live conisderably longer than many other sim types they are not immortal.

Inspiration  Once again Sims sort of puts thier own special spin.  Since it is transmitted by a bite I am considering it viral in origination and not a curse.  They give no indication that a werewolf would hunt a human for any purpose other than turning them so I don’t depict that as a normal actiivity with a purpose to kill.   They, like vampires, can be dangerous to other species if they are newly turned as teens or older because of a temporary madness.  Those born as werewolves turn from the time that they are young so they will not go through any madness.  Werewolves wolf nature will make them predatory to animals throughout thier lives.


While most sims exist in “reality” there are other realms or dimensions inhabited by other beings.  Spirits are at their base pure energy though they can manipulate that energy to become corporeal and solid.  Spirits can be classed by their origins and if they are able to enter different realms.  The realms are divided between those considered Celestial (sky), Earthly (mid-plane) or Nether (underworld).

Gods and Goddesses

Gods are celestial in original but they live and exist in all realms.  The most powerful of spirits they are immortal and can manipulate all forms of magic (ie have both witch and genie traits) and often natural forces.  Since they are so much more powerful than all other beings and do not die they often seek worship of other beings or enjoy manipulating them.  They can exist in the nether and celestial realms or reality.

Inspiration- I’m a huge mythology buff and the gods and goddesses of these myths are the inspiration for the gods in my stories.  I have a special fondness for the Egyptian and Greek/Roman pantheon so you most likely will be seeing them.

Guardian/Nature Spirits

Non-corporeal immortal beings of the mid-plane that form attachments to certain areas in reality.  They often form pacts with other beings to protect their favored area and will provide guidance to others.  They can manifest themselves in the flesh for periods of time but they must return to their realm or die.  They can control natural forces and have magic powers (genie trait) that can manipulate other beings.

Inspiration- Spirits guarding and embodying nature are a common motif in native american myth.


Spirit beings that are bound into being corporeal through pacts.  This stranding in reality has lost them their immortality but they are long-lived and retain their magical ability (ie genie trait).

Inspiration- My genies will reflect the ones of myth and not the westernized ones.  Genies or Jinni are from Arabic/Islamic myth.  They are spirits, demons actually, and belong to an extensive caste system of different levels.  Some look more human and others, like the horned and hoofed Ifrit, are more monstrous in appearance.  When enslaved by humans they aren’t too happy and generally try to kill and outsmart their masters and get free.    Those that have been free for several generations will have a much better but mischievous attitude in my stories.


A spirit from the Netherworld.   Their chief the Grim Reaper delights in shepherding the dead to their place in the nether but the majority have no desire to mix with other beings.  Some have ventured into reality, though it isn’t their home, and often manifest themselves with black skin, horns or wings.  They are not immortal but do have magical abilities (ie genie trait).

Inspiration- Grim in the sim games is typical of the European personification of death.  In Asian and Indo myth the god of death has minions he sends to tempt humans into death.  Something similar was adopted into Judeo/Christian myth as a memitim who were the opposite of guardian angels.  Mine reflects more the Japanese version and thus have their name.


A spirit from the celestial realms.  They often manifest themselves with bird-like wings since they lose their ability to float without them.  Their powers are elemental (ie fairy trait used) in nature.

Inspiration-  Tennyo  are from buddhist myth.  They are similar to angels in Judeo/Christian tradition, though they are not ever considered to be people who have died as they often are in the West, Tennyo are considered companions of the creator deity.  Unlike in the West though they often are represented as needing feathered robes to fly.


Spirits of those who have died that have not crossed into the Netherworld.  At times they are able to appear where they died or were buried briefly but always need to return to the Netherworld.  Curiously they can birth other ghosts that can stay bound to the real world while aging.  Those born as ghosts or are ghosts who were attached to the world of the living though must return to the netherworld in time.

Inspiration- While in most cultures ghosts only stick around because of being denied their true home in the after life for various reasons in sims they regularly reappear at their death or burial site so this makes sims ghosts different from traditional ghosts.  For purposes of explanation the grave/death site is a link between the netherworld and regular world they can use to visit the living.  They must return unless bound to a household and if born as a ghost they are for all intents and purposes live a normal lifespan before needing to return.


Undead are sims who have died but come back as corporeal entities because of curses or viruses.  They are immortal unless destroyed.

Inspiration- In traditional myth and legend the undead don’t die because they are undead so I always make my undead immortal with LTR in the game and so I always write them as immortal.


Undead that must feed on plasma to function and often prey on the living for it.   They can create other vampires through a bite that transmits a virus that can be cured by science.

Inspiration- In legend vampires were ugly, decaying monsters that preyed on the living but with Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula really created the modern vampire.  My interpretation of vampires in the simverse is that they aren’t necessarily evil but they are predators.  So it’s not really a good idea for a sim to trust any vampire they meet anymore than a sheep should trust a wolf.


Mummies are reanimated mummified sims.  Mummies are the result of a spell or curse placed on the dead sim.  Their origin is attributed to the goddess Isis who created the first mummy.

Inspiration- The curses written on the walls of Egyptian tombs indicate that the owner of the tomb will exact revenge for being disturbed.  They are already dead and thus can’t die though if a appeased the soul would return to the after life.  For this reason any playable ones I create I will make immortal.


A reanimated corpse or a sim cursed to appear like one.  As a result of a curse put on the ground zombies will rise from graveyards during the full moon.  Unless they are enslaved by a dark mage they return to their graves at first light.  The curse can be spread temporarily to a living sim through a bite or eating infected food and at times it may result in the infected sim’s death.

Inspiration- Originally these monsters were only inspired by the beliefs of the “Voodoo” religions and only attributed to a curse.  The priest who cursed the person was said to enslave or control them once they came back to life.  Hollywood, beginning with the movie “Night of the Living Dead,” transformed them into a flesh-eating nightmare created by a virus almost always causing an apocalypse scenario.  EA has stated their zombies are the result of curses therefore I am treating them more as they originally were treated in legend.  Bites are a means of transmitting the curse but since it wears off in most cases I’m not using the flesh-eating ghoul version of zombies popular in Hollywood.  In my view the zombie isn’t driven to attack to eat but, like a rabid animal, is driven to bite to transmit the curse.  The EA Sim version of zombies is more comical than scary.  Nraas has a Zombie disease mod that I have installed though that creates an infectious version that can be fatal that I have installed.  I may turn it on or off in different files to create another wild card sort of element.

Scientific Experiments

Plant Sims

Sims created as a hybrid of plant and human.


A duplicate of a sim created from DNA samples.


Humanoid robots.

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