Profiles: Fairesims

Ancient beings with a strong connection to nature and magic who are known to often cause troubles for other races.  They often prefer seclusion and sims of their own strain.  They often cause problems for other species feeling they mostly owe their loyalty only to their own kind.  They are a separate creature that has shared the earth with other sims since the beginning and thus they are a part of every nations folklore.  Some doubt that they are real but with a recent surge in contact as they have ended their years of hiding they once again are known to humans.

Inspiration- Though in modern terms a fairy is a winged supernatural being in past myth and lore the term applied to a large variety of various supernatural entities that were winged or not winged.  Often called “Fair Folk” Europe they appear in nearly every mythological tradition in some form they have various origin explanations.  Since there are different kinds of them I decided to use the mods and some CC to include some of my favorites in my game and stories.


This class of Fairesim share elemental ties with the natural world and magic.


These fae have skins in brown tones reflecting their strong ties to the land they prize hearth, home and family.  Brownies have a natural affiliation for arts, crafts and more intellectual quiet pursuits.  Many do have talent also in spell casting because there has been a lot of interbreeding with elves in their history.

Inspiration- Brownies are primarily found in myths and legends of England and Scotland and are a fae that is more often to be found assisting humans, being said to claim the houses and fields of humans that settle on their land, more often than other fae.  This generally is conditional though and if they are crossed or feel unappreciated they will cause trouble.  Traits I give my Brownies typically are handiness and logic.  Sense they are not presented with incredible magic feats I only give some magic ability with the witch trait.


These fae have psychic and magical ability from birth and are divided into two types.  Light Elves most often can be found as apothecary, alchemists and spell casters adept in helpful white magic spells.  Dark Elves in general are more concerned with Dark Magic, mining and crafting.

Inspiration- Today most high fantasy elves are influenced by Tolkien who in turn was influenced  by Norse / Germanic mythology.  My interpretation is more influenced by the Norse which portrayed both beings being similar but one tied more to the heavenly “Light Elf” and the other the earthly “Dark Elf” (in the Germanic the Dwarf mostly took the place of the dark elf).  Along these lines I assign the Handiness and Dark Magic to Dark Elves and Light Magic and Alchemy to the Light Elves.


These fae are good at organization, commerce and militaristic endeavours though have no magical ability.

Inspiration- The modern ideas of Leprechaun come from Irish Folktales which in turn come from Irish Mythology.  My Leprechaun are a melding of both these sources having both an affinity to precious metals (often having Frugal or Mooch Traits) and being somewhat athletic and warlike (Athletic trait being common).  In my world they have no magical wish granting abilities as that is left to genies and other spirit types.


Playful and mischievous these fae have wings, strong magical elemental ties and an affinity for vegetation.  Though they are different colors and have different wing types all fairies are a single species with these types being more racial differences with thier skin coloring reflects their elemental affinity being split into Frost Fairies, Light Fairies, Dark Fairies, Air Fairies, Flower Fairies and Sugar Plum.

Inspiration-  In my world elementals/nature sprites are split between the winged fairys and nymphs.  The Light, Air, Flower and Dark are inspired by the various nymph types in greek myth.  The Frost Faries are taken from a couple of fairy tales and resemble them in thier fun-loving personalities.  The only non-elemental fairy is the Sugar Plum variety which is inspired by the character in the Nutcracker Ballet adaptation of the fairy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King .


Sprites and Nymphs are non-winged beings of elemental affinity.  There are 3 types Water, Wood and Fire that are colored like the element to which they have an affinity.

Inspiration- While there are various types of tree spirits in cultures mine are akin to Dryads of Greek myth.  My Water Sprites are also inspired by the Greek Nayad.  There are no fire spirits other than gods that can use fire and the salamander however modern fantasy and role playing games often have fire using counterparts to the other nymphs and sprites.  I like the idea so much I’ve included them in my simverse.


“Goat people” that dwell in the wilds and forests protecting and nurturing the creatures there.  They come in two varieties, the darker in color, whimsical Faun and the lighter in color, lustful and wise Satyr.

Inspiration– The Roman Faun and its counterpart the Greek Satyr are half-man and half-goat woodland spirits shown to be attendants to a deities but are different.  Fauns are helpful but foolish attendants to the nature god Faunus but Satyrs are rebel-rousing, womanizing but wise attendants of the deities Dionysus and Pan.  I see them as similar branches of the same family tree so both types will be seen.


These fae are shape-shifters and able to change their forms at will.  They often use this ability to live among the more humanoid races in secret.

Inspiration-  Myths, Legends and Folklore are full of supernatural shape shifters that fool humans into believing they are human.  Sometimes this results in a scary story and others comical.  I incorporate some from a few different sources.


Spirit beings that exist in cat form that are able to take on humanoid form.  They are oriental in origin and display many cultural similarities to humans from Japan.

Inspiration- The Japanese mythic Bake Neko or “Monster Cat” that take many forms in their legends and the ones capable of shifting into human form are termed Nekomusume or “Cat Daughter” since the myths often involve females.  Some tales make them benevolent in helping humans and others sinister in eating them and taking their place.


Spirit beings that exist in fox form that are able to take on humanoid form.  They are oriental in origin and display many cultural similarities to humans from China.

Inspiration- Fox Spirits are common in Asian myth but mine resemble the Japanese version of these creatures called Kitsune.  They seem to like to take on human lovers just because they can and play tricks on humans too.  The older the Fox Spirit the better they are at taking on a human guise and the younger will often still sport the ears and/or tail of a fox try as they might. This is often how they are discovered to be inhuman.


These sprites have an affinity for the earth and often are slow thinking and brutish in manners.

Inspiration- The troll that will appear in my stories are akin to Scandinavian Trolls.  They had a type that lived in the hills and appeared very much human.  They often would replace  human babies with their babies in folk legends as they were capable of making themselves beautiful with charms.

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