Profiles: Aliens

Beings that originate on distant planets have visited the simverse throughout history to both observe and experiment on the inhabitants of the planet earth.


These beings share a common mind with others of their species in the vicinity and have the ability to control and tap into others minds.  These aliens come from a bisexual culture and use artificial wombs and engineering to allow for male pregnancies.  They also are a race of explorers and experiment on the other races they observe in their travels.  They have a hive structure with a caste system based on birth and ability with pollination technicians and scientist being next to the lowest rank and overlords at the top below the Queen.  Interbreeding with other species, unless done for experimental purposes, is looked down upon.

Inspiration- Since I cross over a great deal with Nay83, and my vision of the EA aliens is similar to hers, I’ve taken her name for the EA Aliens.  I’ve also taken into account EA’s indications of a hive mind and hive structure in naming conventions and notes.


This species of hermaphrodite beings, from the planet Aquania,  is curious since they do not have a strict division of the sexes as is common to other beings.  Those classed as “Male” have more physical masculine characteristics and generally are not maternal but also possess a womb and give birth.  Those classed as “Female” posses female characteristics are more family oriented and nurturing doing more caring for the offspring though they are capable of impregnating others.  Aquan are known to often take more than one mate and form family groups in which they interbreed with those also in the group.  A sense of belonging and family is important to Aquan beings.


This alien species from the planet Ocuria is predominately female and matriarchal in structure since a small number of males are born in ratio to females.  Males often are transient and breed with as many females as possible and don’t care for their offspring.


Azurilians, hailing from the planet Azure,  are from a species that find committing to a mate or mates unnatural so family units are composed by females, their relatives and their offspring.  Males typically live with one female to whom they are related to by blood having limited contact with their offspring and their mothers.   They view woohooing as a suitable way to interact recreationally with other beings.  These creatures are known to be intelligent but flighty and not as fertile producing a small number of offspring despite their penchant to breed often.


This species of alien is rarely seen outside of its home planet Haoupe because they are peace-loving and prefer not to interfere with other species.  They age much more slowly than many species and have several unique mental abilities and abilities to manipulate gene structure of other species.

Inspiration-  I have included this alien type since Elena Queen who is mother of several of Liam Gelman’s children in Quest for Immortality is an alien hybrid of this type created for Mewmewmentor’s story Queen’s Hive.  Liam’s children by Elena also would have genes of this type.  I take no credit for creating this type of alien and for further information on this type go to Mewmewmentor’s page on Aliens.


This alien species is from the moonless planet of Vebu and seeks an essentially asexual lifestyle viewing it as barbaric and primitive.   They reproduce using artificial wombs  and IVF.   Children are sent to be raised in communal nurseries with their “mother’s” family Line. Conformity is good, being different is bad.

Inspiration- I have included this alien type since Rommich Exipelh who will appear as part of the harem in Part 2 of Quest for Immortality is an alien of this type created by kethrydrake for her Alien 100 Baby Challenge.  Liam’s children by Rommich would have genes of this type.  I take no credit for creating this type of alien.

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  1. I’ve been thinking all the aliens must be descended from a common ancestor, lol. They all have big pointy ears, odd sexual cultures, and large almond-shaped eyes, from what I remember of yours.


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