Quest for Immortality: Chapter 30

There will be one more vacation chapter following this one.  Nay had so much great stuff in her chapters with Liam visiting Borage and Celsia and I just didn’t feel like I could abbreviate it much more without loosing some of it.  Also what’s happened in time he visited Borage not only affect’s story in the future but also Liam’s so I didn’t want to rush it too much since it is important.

Vacation- Part 3


So far this hasn’t been as much of a relaxing vacation as I had hoped.  I can’t really complain though because a lot of the stress is my own fault for doing what I did with Lois.  I can’t hardly be in the same room with her without it feeling awkward and it doesn’t help me connecting with Borage with it all hanging in the back of my mind.  I still feel like an outsider in Borage’s world of organized chaos.  One thing is clear that they may be dysfunctional but they do all love each other.  I suppose that’s what’s important and it really makes me miss my kids back home.

 photo Screenshot-2224_zps99930792.jpg

I did get a chance to have a good time with at least one of my grand kids.  Liam 2 is named after me but actually he reminds me more of my girl Celine.  He’s really smart but not so good with normal stuff.  Borage was actually upset he wasn’t dating.  While its normal for a boy of his age to be interested in girls its not necessarily a bad thing to anyone but Borage that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.  I said I’d talk to him though not in the way Borage wanted me to.

“So L2 how are you with the girls at school?”

“Are you going to try and push me into being a ladies man too like my dad?”

“Well no, just making conversation. I know how teenage boys can be.”

“I don’t really talk to girls at school. There are some who find me cute but they don’t say much to me.”

“Why so?

 photo Screenshot-2227_zps49a00205.jpg

“Maybe cause I’m not like other boys at school. I’m not trying to be hip or anything. I only focus on my studies in hopes of attending a good college after I finish high school. I want to be a video game developer. I’ve created a game of my own.”

He definitely reminded me of Celine with his goals of going to the university.  Hell, if I was Borage I’d be proud of him.

“That’s pretty cool. I guess creating a game would take away some time from the lady.”

“Well grandfather, there is this one girl that I do spend time with.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah but she’s more of study buddy. Her name is Ashley Wood. She’s very pretty. We been friends since we were kids. But I don’t think she would like me. Plus I’m too shy to tell her that I like her.”

Of course the kid turned out to be interested in a girl after all so he wouldn’t have to worry.   I was glad to give him some advice.   

 photo Screenshot-2229_zps6beeb2f2.jpg

“Have you try writing a note?”

“I did and asked Bora Bora to give it to her. She said gave it to her but I don’t she did. I think she may of slip the note in the wrong locker.”

“Maybe you should give her the note your self.”

“I don’t know about that grandfather. What if she reads it in front of me?”

 photo Screenshot-2231_zpse7ebce76.jpg

“Just hand her the note and run away like a bitch.”

“Bora Bora!”

“What Papa? I’m just putting in my 2 cents. You two are lame.”

I hope L2 came away from our talk feeling at least one of his family was in his corner.  I know it kind of cheered me up to know at least one of my Montigo grand children liked me.

 photo Screenshot-2252_zps14566496.jpg

On what was supposed to be the last night of all of our visits Zinnia got a phone call from our daughter Celsia, Borage’s twin and told me I should come with them on a visit to her since I really don’t know her.  I was surprised she invited me because of her recent attitude toward me and since when I’d tried to call Celsia I usually got a response that was less than friendly. I figured it would be worth a try so I agreed to go even though it meant me changing my flight.

 photo Screenshot-2260_zps15ea1b95.jpg


The remainder of the night there Borage’s family spent scaring each other and having pillow fights.

 photo Screenshot-2311_zps13405f54.jpg

It was really strange that they just went on with it for hours but at least they were having fun together.

 photo Screenshot-2483_zpscd4bb336.jpg

In the morning, we all piled into Borage’s car and headed for Celsia’s since it was only a few minutes or so away.  We pulled up in front of another big-ass house.  One thing I have to say about the Montigos they set up the kids with a lot of nice stuff.  Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned but I like my kids to work for the stuff that they get.  I only help the kids with school and maybe a loan or two to help them get started but nothing was handed to me on a silver platter so I’ve tried to teach the kids I’ve raised to work for themselves.  I don’t want them spoiled.  Rose and Zinnia were spoiled kids that raised spoiled kids.

 photo Screenshot-2486_zpsda57d214.jpg

I figure that’s why Rose is so demanding but that also might just be that she’s crazy.  I guess she thought since she had me in the back seat of the car she had me cornered. She kept saying the only reason she came was for me because she knew I was missing her loving and she couldn’t wait.  She actually tried to get me to put out in the car.  Even I won’t do something like that in public and especially with one of my kids watching.

“Liam my love! We sat in the back of the car for 30 minutes and you wouldn’t let me give you some road head! That was the most boringest ride ever! When are you going to finally put out like you always do. I don’t like waiting.”

“I wasn’t going to let you do that in front of Borage and Zinnia.”

“They were in the front, they couldn’t even see us! I’m tired of your excuses!”

 photo Screenshot-2504_zps246d1dd3.jpg

The whole reason I was there was for Celsia.  The only thing is she likes me less than Borage does for not being around when they were kids.

 photo Screenshot-2508_zps5a90989c.jpg

“If you’re looking for any new baby mamas here, there is none. Try keeping your dick in your pants for once. I don’t have time for any brats you created wanting to hang out at my nice house.”

“Cece, I’m not here looking for baby mamas.”

“Then why are you here then?”

“To see you, I haven’t seen you since you were a little girl. I’m trying to make up for lost time.”

“That’s your fault, dad! You’re a little too late. I really don’t need you in my life. I’m doing fine without you.”

“Celsia, let’s not be like this. I really want to work on our relationship.”

“What relationship? There was never one! Your other kids were more important than me and Borage. You liked them more.”

“That’s not true, Celsia.”

“Whatever asshole! I ain’t tryin’ to hear it!”

I got the message and I was kind of tired of being yelled at so I didn’t try to talk to her and let her talk with her mom and Borage.  After a little while she came up to me, probably because Zinnia kept telling her she should try to get to know me a bit, only she was only interested in tormenting me.

 photo Screenshot-2686_zpsa661159b.jpg


 photo Screenshot-2687_zps951015b4.jpg

“Celsia! Are you sneaking up from behind me like that!”

“Just cause.”

“Stop that.”

 photo Screenshot-2694_zps33f04c3d.jpg

“Mama said I should try giving you a chance but I still think you’re a asshole and I don’t like you.”

“I’m sorry that you feel that way but I’m trying-”

“Why now? Why not when I was a kid?”

“I wanted to be around more but you guys lived far away and things were getting complicated.”

“Well if you weren’t making so many damn babies…”

 photo Screenshot-2696_zpscec6ddf5.jpg

“I have my reasons..”

“To be a ho daddy?”

“No… I told you why.”

“So you wanna live forever like me blah blah. What’s the purpose of being immortal when you’ll out live most of your kids or friends? What if those girls who promised this don’t hold up their end of the bargain? Then what? You would of made all dem babies for nothing.”

“There’s some benefits to this journey.. It wouldn’t be for nothing.”

“Eww! Just shut up. Don’t talk to me..”

Mending things with Celsia just wasn’t going to happen in one visit.  I just hoped by extending the olive branch it would open the door a little.  I didn’t push my luck and just left her alone to be who she wanted to be with, her mother and brother.

 photo Screenshot-2730_zpsbb3c6d59.jpg

Of course Rose saw that I was unoccupied and in this instance I didn’t mind her company.  It was better than sulking around my daughter’s house.

“Boo lova, come join me in the hot tub. It would be fun.”

“I guess I could chill in the hot tub for a bit.”

“If you gonna then you have to be naked so I can see that sexy body.”

 photo Screenshot-2732_zps46461f29.jpg

I should’ve known relaxing in the hot tub with me wasn’t what she had in mind.

“Why are you way over there in Africa? Come sit next to me boo love.”


“Hurry! I can’t live another second without your love.”

 photo Screenshot-2737_zps5fb7bca1.jpg

“How is this?”

“Perfect now f**k me.”


“No excuses! Cece doesn’t have any kids so you can’t use any grandbrats for a excuse.”

 photo Screenshot-2738_zpse9d6b5fe.jpg

Rosette is persistent and since nobody else in the house seemed to want to have anything to do with me I figured why not give her a good time?

 photo Screenshot-2744_zps41f75633.jpg

It was nice having someone want me desperately like she did when so far on this trip I’d felt like anything but wanted.

 photo Screenshot-2752_zps8f5443c4.jpg

Of course Rose also has some skills as a lover so enjoyed myself too.   I guess that’s why I usually end up giving in to her eventually.  I know she’s crazy but I don’t see her often and why not have some great sex when its offered or requested?

 photo Screenshot-2758_zps4b4ab79c.jpg

Of both the Montigo ladies though, truth be told, I’ve always perferred Zinnia a little more.

“Hey Zin… Has Max been treating you right at home? I was thinking of taking a shower. Care to join me?”

Usually when we all got together I generally ended up making love to her also.

 photo Screenshot-2760_zps3fbc5eb8.jpg


“I’m sorry Zinnia..”

“You’ve done enough this week! I’m not gonna be your next f**k!”

 photo Screenshot-2766_zps7c206b20.jpg

“I’ve done enough this week? What’s going with you?”


“Okay.. okay. Sorry.”

This time though she still was mad at me for something and she still won’t talk to me.  I really wish she would because I don’t like having one of the mother’s of my kids mad at me.  I haven’t had one be like that toward me since Holly.  

 photo Screenshot-2767_zps20869d7f.jpg

I left her alone with Borage and didn’t bug her for the rest of the day.  Maybe she’d talk to him and he could tell what her problem was.  I pretty much kept to myself the rest of the afternoon until I had to go and catch my flight.

 photo Screenshot-2831_zpsec835c16.jpg

“So Cece, I’d kind of like to get to know you.  I can’t make up for my not being around in the past but I’d like to be around in the future if you’ll let me.  Maybe we can exchange emails or something.”

“Whatever, asshole.  I’ll give it to you but don’t count on me answering them.”

 photo Screenshot-2832_zpsac464ae2.jpg

She let me hug her goodbye at least.

“I’ve missed so much of your life Baby Girl please don’t make me keep missing more.”

 photo Screenshot-2837_zps3f43e16f.jpg

I was kind of glad to see she and Borage didn’t get along especially well.

 photo Screenshot-2840_zps9c3135eb.jpg

“I’m gonna miss you dumb ass..”

“I’m gonna miss you too bitchzilla.”

Maybe if she could fight with her brother and still love him that meant she might be able to have a better relationship with me one day.

 photo Screenshot-2844_zps9c5a6557.jpg

“Were the kids always like this, Zin?”

“Yep, they have a special relationship that can never be broken. That’s something you’ll never have, Liam since you f***ked shit up.”

“What are you talking about?”

 photo Screenshot-2853_zps7bff72de.jpg

I got a ride to the airport with Zin and Rose and I was glad to part ways with all the tension in the air.  I hope my visit with Carrie and Serpent goes better.  I really wanted to just relax and enjoy myself on this vacation but so far I’ve mostly just been made to feel like an ass.


I want to give a big shout out and thank you to Nay83 for continuing to write such great stuff to write off of and mess Liam’s life up even more.  She’s really talented and if you’ve enjoyed these vacation chapters so far its mostly because of her amazing dialogue and pictures.  Check out her stories.

Liam’s visit with Borage and all pictures and dialogue are from Liam’s visit to Borage in Chapter 31 of Nay83’s story about Borage Love for the Ladies.

Liam’s visit with Celsia and all pictures and dialogue are from Liam’s visit to Celsia in Chapter 1 of Nay83’s story about Celsia  Love for the Fellas.

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  1. Pinky

     /  May 8, 2013

    Well that just proves it. Liam is a total and utter nut case who should be put in the nut house. I mean he went and had sex with Rosetta, whom he already knows is crazy. I really hope she ends up with several more babies, just to be an added thorn in his backside even longer. lol I can’t remember, is she an immortal? If she is then that would be so perfect. (laughing with an evil laugh)

    • I’m not sure if Rosette is immortal since she’s not a genie. You’d have to ask Nay if she’s immortal. I suppose there is an argument he might be a little crazy taking the challenge in the first place. He tends not to think with his brain when instant gratification is in front of him and that’s his biggest failing and what gets him into trouble time and again.

  2. thenay83

     /  May 8, 2013

    Awww the shout out made me blush a little :p It was good seeing this chapters again, back in Borage’s happier times which they will return. Hopefully Liam will learn from this when he visit his Montigo kids again, years later.

    • Yeah. Alienating some of his kids will definitely affect him. You can always email me if you want to know how it all affected him and how he’d act if you get to the point before I get to the end of Part 2.

      • thenay83

         /  May 9, 2013

        Okay, the wedding is coming up shortly after Borage had settled in his new home/town.

      • Yeah it would be good for you to know some of what happens in the harem period and everything as well as how Liam will act and such. Use my gaming email I’ll try to keep it to what you’ll need with as few spoilers as possible.


    Oh, sure, Liam, you’ll relax a bit. Not.

    I’m enjoying being back inside his head with Peggy (you know, wouldn’t it be funny if he encounters a baby mama named Peggy?) I feel a little bad for him. But only a little, he did bring the whole Lois thing on himself. Drinking ain’t an excuse.

    • lol. Yep. Well there is a reason that his journal is named Peggy but I’m not sure if you’ll be finding out now since in the storyline for Pt 2 with the harem he won’t be visiting where he grew up at all.

      Its fun to get in his head and write from his POV for a change though I think having Kalliah’s outside view helps in seeing the rediculous amplified for comedy purposes. The more emotional happenings will probably be from his POV though.

  4. I’m going to have to read TheNay’s stories, I love her characters s much from what I’ve seen of them here.
    It’s sweet that Liam wants to connect with all his kids and grandkids, though that must be a lot of work with so many of them.

  5. Poor Liam. Now, hopefully he’ll be off to people who at least might act like they give a sh*t.
    Still, it was a little fun to watch him get tortured.
    Wishing L2 the best of luck!


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