Quest For Immortality: Chapter 31

Vacation- Part 4


My flight to Lucky Palms got in early, and because I was just supposed to catch a cab to the house anyways, I decided to grab a bite and see the town a little before I went to Carrie’s house.  I’d be in town for a good week, spending part of it at Serpent and Carrie’s place and the rest checking out the resort my Downing and Free kids recently opened there.

TS3W 2013-05-02 16-50-03-46

After eating I took a little walk.  Being alone kind of let me think over everything I’d been going through the last few years and the past week.  I figured what I really needed was a fresh start.  It would be too much of a pain to move from Twinbrook but I could sort of remake my appearance and outlook. So first off I’m going to think things through before I have any random hook-ups.  I’m not a kid anymore and my first responsibility should be to my kids so that means thinking about where a lady is from and what connections they have before they become a mother for me.  Also if one of my sons is in a relationship of any kind they are 100 % off-limits.  I’m not going to make a mistake like Lois again.

TS3W 2013-05-02 17-09-44-27

I found a salon and in town and asked to consult with a stylist.

TS3W 2013-05-02 17-04-40-23

He suggested I get a new haircut along with some new clothes.  I told him to go ahead and give me the works.

TS3W 2013-05-02 20-24-17-21

He gave me one new complete look.  I liked the haircut but I wasn’t really sure I was feeling the clothes at the moment. 


When I arrived at the kids’ house a storm rolled in.  Scarab already had shown up when got up there.  I didn’t realize that all the rest of the family was showing up too but he even said his mom was coming too.  I just hoped I fit in a little better there then I did at Borage’s.

“Snow in Lucky Palms in the spring?  Who’d’ve thought?”

“Expect the unexpected, Dad.  I live by that.”

“Do you?”

“I once ate dirt in front of Cameron’s aunt to impress her.  There’s nothing I won’t do.”

I hadn’t seen Elena and I’s older twins since my custody hearing so it was going to be nice to spend some more time getting to know them better.


Of course I was excited to see the triplets again.  I really miss having those kids around.

“So, hey, son.  How’ve things been?”

“Oh, you know, not bad.  The TV crews finally stopped camping out on our lawn.”

Poor Clark was still having issues with the paparazzi until recently evidently.  I get why I still get a few from time to time but why are they still harassing my kids?

“Oh, they did?  Good, that’s good.”

“It’s okay, Dad.  We know it’s not all entirely your fault.  Though a certain amount of the blame does fall on your shoulders…”

“…I guess.”


Carrie was walking around in a swimsuit when it was snowing outside but was looking pretty healthy otherwise.  She was the one I worried about the most.  I know she and her older brother Serpent bonded but I worried since he didn’t seem like the responsible type.  They both were already dabbling in the underworld of Lucky Palms since they got a house together there.


Serpent’s daughter Bobbi was already a toddler.  I’m not sure what the alien fascination seems to be with me and my sons.  First, those aliens move in with Borage and make 10 hybrid kids getting him pregnant and then they moved on to Serpent and got him pregnant.


The next thing I know they came looking for me.

“Liam Gelman?  You are here, yes?”


At first I thought it would be different from what they did with Borage and Serpent since she actually came to talk to me.

“Uh, yeah.  Who’s asking?”



Also since this was an alien lady I thought maybe she had in mind what Borage’s alien wife did with Borage.  She had the kids she had with Borage so I figured maybe she’d heard of my ad.

“May I say, your space suit suits you perfectly?”

“Thank you, Liam.  Tixxis had it cut for you.”

“Did you really?”

“Ahem.  Don’t mind me.  Just your son cooking over here.”

Clark didn’t seem to like my testing the waters.  She bit on the bait really fast.  I guess, looking back on it, that should’ve clued me in that she had a plan regarding me already when she walked in the house.


“What do you say we take this someplace more private?”

“Tixxis will follow Liam Gelman anywhere.”

“…I’d rather you didn’t follow me back home, if that’s what you’re implying.”

“Tixxis will not follow Liam Gelman home – “

“Good – “

” – until Bobbi is grown.”

I found the last statement a little creepy but I tried to ignore it.


“I have to say, I also like you without the suit.  You suit everything you wear.”

“Thank you.  Now can I implant my egg in you?”


“Wait, what?”

“Tixxis would like more children.  Gelman hosts are best, because of you.  Don’t you want more babies?”

“I don’t want to give birth to them!”

“Tixxis must implant you.  You are best host.  Tixxis’ body not good enough.”

I didn’t know what this “egg” thing was exactly but I had a bad feeling when she said she wanted it in me.


“No!  No way!  I will not, nor will I ever, let you or any alien implant or probe me!”

“But your sons are very good hosts.  You must be best.”

Did you implant Serpent?”

“Yes.  He good host, but Tixxis not sure he good father.”

“My Watcher!  Maybe you should have thought of that before you implanted a man trying to become the head of the local gang!”

So not only was this alien the mother of my grandchild she had some kind of interest in me.  I guess they have some sort of freaky alien information sharing group.  They nabbed Borage and then Serpent and compared notes about them being “good hosts” and this Tixxis chick decides since I’m the father of both of them I’m bound to be good too.  I have news for all of the space freaks out there I will never, never give birth to an alien or anything else.

“Tixxis watched Serpent for many days.  Tixxis saw him with sister.  He love sister.  Tixxis know he love daughter.”

“Yeah, well, brother and sister love is one thing, parent and child love is another!”

So I thought I’d do Serpent a favor as well as myself and convince her to leave us both alone.


So Tixxis took note of what I said and went downstairs to take care of Bobbi.  I hope she’s the last alien I have that kind of conversation with.


Even though the alien continued to hang around I tried to ignore she was there and catch up with the kids.

“So, sis, how are things?  Make any grand thefts lately?”

“I promised I wouldn’t talk about that.  Or my voices.  Oops.”


“Wait, you’re still talking to your voices?  I thought you stopped that sort of thing when you went to the shrink, Carrie!”

I was really worried to hear that Carrie was hearing her voices again.  I decided to talk to her about it in private later on.

“I think I should stay out of this one.”

“Smart move, bug.”


“Hey, Scar, I had an idea just now.”

“Devon, who are you talking to?”

“…you.  I thought, since we’re calling Serpent ‘Serp,’ I could call you Scar.”

“Oh.  That is rather badass.”

“Yeah, though so too.  So, like, we should open a gym together.”

“A gym?  Full of smelly people?”

Devon seemed to be thinking about starting  a business with Scarab.


“No.  Well, yes, probably, but I meant more like a fun park.  You know all those fun things at the festivals?  I figured we could make a pretty tidy sum with a park with snowboarding and skating and all that.  Year round, of course.”

“I like this.  It sounds rad.  I’m getting discharged from the military soon anyways, been looking to start a new venture.”

“Yeah.  You know, it’d be awesome if you’d actually look at me.”

“Sorry, neck crick.”

“I think it’s great you boys are thinking of going into legitimate business together.”


“Hi, Mom!  So how’s the airport?  Boring as all hell?  I know you didn’t say that.  No, don’t worry, Bobbi’s not in the room.  I don’t think.  Anyways, what does it matter if she knows what hell means?  That’s like the mildest swear word ever.  Well, next to crap.  I think crap is slightly milder.  Well, yes, I know it means poop – “

“And this is why I’m glad I was born male.”

“Shut it, glorified dung beetle.”

So the kids seemed to be getting along pretty well and Elena had landed.  The alien was ignoring me so I was starting to think I’d finally get to relax a bit once I eased my mind about Carrie’s mental state.  I thought I should ask Serpent’s opinion though since he’d been living with her.  Serp hadn’t arrived home from work yet and I was tired though so I decided to get some sleep.


Since Serpent wasn’t home yet I took his bed.   It was comfortable and I slept well.


When I woke-up Serpent was home and unfortunately so was the alien.  It kind of made me suspicious.  Had she come in the room while I was asleep?  Had she done something to me in my sleep?  I sure as Hell didn’t know but I was going to be a lot more careful from that moment on.

“What the hell are you all doing in my room?!  I had to stay up all night because Dad was sleeping in my bed!  Get out!”


“There was plenty of space for both of us, you know.”

“Tixxis knows, Liam.  But Tixxis don’t sleep.”

“…I was talking to my son.  Scarab, give me Bobbi.”

I was almost afraid to take my eyes off of her since I had this weird feeling she would try something with Serpent of me.


“I’m going to teach you to be very quiet when people are sleeping, okay?”


“Because I’m not leaving your dad alone with your mom.”


I didn’t want to tell her I was trying to protect Serpent from having more alien pregnancies.  She was just a kid and Tixxis was her mom so she wouldn’t understand.  Plus, Tixxis was still creepily hanging around in the room.

“No reason.  Now, let’s learn to use our indoor voices.”


“Papa, Papa!”

“Kid, that’s not an indoor voice.”

Bobbi was really cute though, no matter who her mother was.


Sorry, Papa.  Better?”

“It is.”

“Dammit, Dad!  I wanted to finish teaching her!” Scarab said.

“Hey, what about me?  My voic – I’m the one who’s actually living here with her.  Don’t I get to experience her precious childhood moments that I’ll never, ever get back?”

“Does nobody get the word ‘quiet’ around here?”


They all finally left, except for Tixxis of course, but just kept working with Bobbi on her walking.

“That’s better.  Where were we, Bobbi?”

“Me sit.  You pull up.  We do again.”

“Smart girl.”

“Of course she is, Liam Gelman.  She is Tixxis’ daughter.”


Later on that morning Elena arrived and Carrie went out to greet her.  Naturally I had to greet her as well.


She was looking good but there was definitely something different about her.  She had fairy wings that she definitely didn’t have when she moved from Twinbrook.

“Well, hello.  When did you become a fairy?”

“When did you get a haircut?”

“Just before I came here.”

“And now I’ve lost interest.”


“Hey, now, don’t be like that.  It’s good to see you, Elena.  How have you been?  What number of kids are you up to now?”

“Sixty.  Life’s been up and down, but it always is.”

“Oh.  Uh…Well, you sure pop them out fast.  Did you adopt?”

“No.  I stopped that when I moved to Moonlight Falls.”

“So why did that happen?  Seemed pretty sudden, way I heard it.”

“I don’t really want to talk about it.”

I could see my question made her uncomfortable so I decided to drop the chatter.


“I’m sorry.  We don’t have to talk anymore if you’d prefer that.”

“Ever the not-so-subtle-charmer, aren’t you?”

“Hey, I’m not my son Borage.  You want to know what he thinks is a good pick-up line?”

“Judging by your smile, I probably don’t.”

Elena had always enjoyed flirting and it was great to see that hadn’t changed even though she’d somehow sprouted wings.  Of course I was hoping that maybe the flirting would lead to something more intimate so I could show her the little trick I’d learned to make those wings flutter.


“Awww!  I’m both creeped out and sweeted out.  You two are so cute together!  What happened?”

Then Carrie had to show up and spoil the mood.


“Me eating a sandwich is what happened.  Besides, you know how I do things.”

“Oh, yes, I know all too well.  Can’t stop me from dreaming, though.”

“Honey, I’m sorry you never had a good mother figure in your life, seeing as Betsy turned out to be what she is – “

“A mad ax murderer?”

“Well, yes.  But you can’t blame me.  At least I made a good effort, right?”

“Yeah.  But maybe you should run background checks in the future.”

She changed the subject, though talking about the whole Betsy incident wasn’t pleasant.   I’ve learned on that front at least and anyone coming into the house will have a background check.  Child services might not come by every week now but they do stop in randomly.


“So…that was awkward.  Sorry, but I’m not really in the mood anymore.”

“That’s too bad,”

“You’re hiding your needs, aren’t you, Liam?”

“You sure have a clean way of putting things.”

“It’s for the good of the kids.  This kid, in particular.  Isn’t that right, Bobbi?”

“Don’t know.”

Elena already had picked up Bobbi and it was clear she wasn’t into me anymore.  She’s even more straight-laced than I am around my kids.


“Daddy!  I changed my mind!  I’ve been talking with Mary and Sid and Snuffles and they all say you need to get down on one knee and find somebody to love!  If you don’t, you’ll be all alone unhappy forever and ever.  Do you want that, Dad?  Do you want to be immortal but with nobody to love for all eternity?”

Its just as well since Carrie decided to go off on me and about me still being single of all things.


“Carrie, I’m not getting married!  And who are those people?”

“Why not?  They’re my voic – Oh, I’m not supposed to tell you.”

I was really concerned that her voices had names now.

“Because I don’t want to!  You’re still talking to your voices, aren’t you?  Even after I asked you to stop?”

“You didn’t ask, you went bossy on me!  I’m never going to stop talking to them!  They’re my best friends in the whole wide world!”


“Please, you can’t keep talking to them.  They make you do bad things and say bad things you don’t mean.  I know you don’t mean for that to happen, but they do.  Please, you need help.  You should see another shrink, a different one.”


“NO WAY!  The least you could do is respect my decisions and trust that I’m doing what’s right for me!”

“You could do the same for me.”

“But I’m right!  And you’re wrong!”

My sweet little Carrie… she’d never argued with me before about anything.  I really was unhappy and concerned that she probably shouldn’t be out on her own.


We all sat down for a meal but the table was too small.  Elena did the cooking and it was good like I remembered it to be.

“I think it’s nice you’re all sitting down as a family.”

“Big deal, Mom.  We did this in Twinbrook too.”‘

“It’s too bad you don’t have an extra chair in the kitchen.”

“Aren’t you cooking anyways?”

“Only because I don’t get a chair, Serp.  What, do you like your dad better than me?”


Maybe things weren’t going exactly as I’d hoped but at least I was liked and wanted by my Queen kids.   Serpent and Scarab didn’t throw temper tantrums because I wasn’t around when they grew up.  To be fair their mom was a lot more stable than Zinnia and Rosette.  Doll and Lala also did a great job with my kids that they raised.  I guess I should be more selective in the future period, whether I’m raising the kids or their mom was.


“Well, son, I think it’s great you’re taking your daughter’s training in hand.  But could you maybe hire a maid?”

“We’re not exactly rich like you and Mom.  Besides, I’m punishing Carrie for something she did.”

“You’re punishing the rest of us too.”

Serpent, even though he said differently, loved his little girl even though she was kind of unexpected.  I was glad to see he was turning out to be a good father.


It made me feel I could trust his opinion about Carrie so I pulled him aside before I left.

“Son, I want your honest opinion on something.”


“Do you think Carrie needs to go to a…well, a mental hospital?”

“No fucrapping way!”

“I know, I don’t like the idea either.  But…wouldn’t it be safer for everyone involved?  Including Bobbi?”

“No.  Look.  Carrie’s great with Bobbi.  Better than me.  She likes kids.  She’s not going to hurt anybody.”


I believed him because I remembered how good Carrie was with her younger siblings while she was still at home.


“I gotta get going.  I’d like to stay longer, but I’ve already been gone too long.  KIDS, I’M LEAVING!”

I kind of gave the impression that I was going home even though I was going to the Resort for a few days.  I figured the only way to get a real break was to let the kids think I was leaving Lucky Palms.  I really need a vacation from responsibility period and I think as an unpaid guest at the Gothic Resort I could finally get it for a few days.


“But you can’t leave yet, Daddy!  I haven’t apologized!  I’m sorry I’m a crazy daughter who doesn’t deserve your love!  I’m sorry I almost screwed up your entire case!  Please don’t hate me!”

I could see I was right.  I have a feeling if Carrie knew where I was going to be she’d be stopping by.  I love her but I really wanted a break before I went back to my Challenge.


“Honey, I don’t hate you.  Sure, I’d rather you hadn’t used my house as a stolen goods hideaway, but I don’t hate you.  I just care about you.  I don’t want you to get hurt.  Please promise you’ll be careful.  And will you at least think about seeing a shrink again?”

“…I guess.  For you.”

“Thank you.”


“Stay safe, Baby Girl.”

“I’m not a baby, but I will.”


“Well…bye Scarab, Clark, Devon, Serpent.”

“Bye, Dad.”

“I wonder where your mother is.  Guess I’ll text her goodbye.”

So I sent off my message and headed to my last stop on my vacation:

Elena-  I’m headin out.  If ur evr in Twinbrook and want some fun look me up.  Liam.


I want to give a shout out to Mew for giving the Queen-Gelman kids great stories.  I can’t take credit for this chapter since all I did here is put in Liam’s thoughts.  The pictures and dialogue are form Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of Queens of Crime which is Mewmewmentor’s  story with Elena Queen and Liam’s kids Serpent and Carrie Queen are the main characters.

The remainder of Liam’s vacation can be found in Gothic Resort Insanity starting in Chapter 2.  I will be linking them in both Quest and the Resort pages.  The links will go up once those chapters are posted.

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  1. lol, whoops, I actually hadn’t even thought of the Gothic Resort thing when I wrote that bit about Liam leaving. Glad you found a good way to save it. 🙂

    Anyways, enjoyed seeing Liam’s PoV. It helped tie the scenes together – my Crime stuff can seem kind of random at times because it’s mostly glimpses of their lives.

    And…I really have no explanation for why Clark said there was a lot of paparazzi stalking them. I guess he was exaggerating. lol He is a coward, he might’ve multiplied what he saw into bigger numbers than were actually there.

    • Its okay. If technical difficulties hadn’t of grounded the Resort it would’ve happened at a different time. The time line was up in the air for a bit. As you said I was able to tie it all together so its all good.

  2. teac00kie

     /  May 9, 2013

    It seems that Liam is one of the only sane people in this game…

  3. This was a little bittersweet.
    I’m with Liam in that Carrie needs to go see a shrink. LOL at the names, especially Snuffles. Makes me think of Sesame Street. 🙂

    • Yeah Carrie is crazy but its a harmless sort of crazy. I doubt she’ll actually go to one though even though Liam wants her to. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I loved the conversation with Tixxis, lol. I don’t blame Liam for not wanting to be implanted with her egg.

  5. Liam is slowly, very slowly become the most sane person in this story :p

    Good job as always and all the kids look great too

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