In Harm’s Way: Prologue

This is the voted story that won out on which spin-off will be starting up shortly.   I am opening up the donations and tomorrow I’ll be posting the supporting character votes  along with posting this prologue.  Two more Gothic Resort chapters will also be out in the next couple of days.

WARNING: This will also be a Black Comedy but, mainly because of the nature of the main characters, it will probably end up being a bit more kinky and edgy than Quest for Immortality.  Desmond is bi and Celine isn’t shy about experimenting so if seeing/reading any of that will bother you then stop here.  When I said mad science I should warn you that Celine is a tad psycopathic (what would be termed a high-functioning one) so she doesn’t mind hurting or experimenting on others as long as she feels its justified.  This is written from her point of view so just because she feels something is right doesn’t mean I do.  I’m a bit interested in psycology so crawling into a personality disorder is sort of an interesting departure for me.

Normal Is Over-Rated

Greetings to any who made read this.    This is to be a faithful record of my scientific experiments of the potential for cross species interbreeding.  I shall use this record to compile official reports for eventual publication but here I also will record the interactions and my personal observations of the mental effects on the subjects of the experiments and participants.  I shall take the opportunity to warn any that may read that I don’t hold to what one might call “normal” views on the morality of experimenting on others without their knowledge.  In fact, I don’t really hold to morals of any kind that make my goals inconvenient.  Of course, I know that others might judge me but I don’t care about anyone’s opinions who are of lesser intelligence.

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Anyone looking at me, Celine Harms-Gelman, could never guess what goes on in my head.  I only tell people what they want to hear and see what they expect to see.  It’s not hard once I figure someone out and then its much easier to get what I want.  I’m very good at it.

There’s only one person that knows what goes on in my head, my twin brother Desmond.   He’s not exactly “normal” either so he doesn’t care about my sensibilities.  He knows that in turn I don’t judge him for his.  If I can be said to love anyone at all it would be him but I’m not really an emotional person.  I never had been.  I’m not saying I don’t have carnal desires or take pleasure in things.   In reality those actions have nothing to do with emotions.  I learned the reality of that from my father.

My father Liam Gelman might be called selfish by some but I call him honest.  In reality everyone wants something but only he’s more honest about what he wants than most.  He enjoys physical pleasure and happily uses females to attain his greatest desire, Immortality.  His greatest fault is that he doesn’t think things through properly and often just acts before he thinks.   His life is at odds with what most society purports to be proper and yet he doesn’t have enough sense to be careful and smart about how he handles it around those who don’t or won’t understand it.

I and my brother are in fact products of his singular Quest.  Our mother, a butler in his employ by the name of Marian Harms, gave herself over to help him achieve his goal of 100 children.  You’d be surprised the allure of laying with a consummate lover can have on even the most “respectable” woman.  My father usually gets his way with a little charm and a lot of the imagination of the women.  To his credit I don’t think any have complained that the experience didn’t live up to their expectations.

My brother Desmond and I were born for selfish reasons but that didn’t mean my father loved us any less.   I think, in fact, my father’s greatest weakness is his love for us children and not women as most would think.

I cannot say for certain what my mother thought of us because she was extremely unfortunate to get in the way of the nanny Betsy who was obsessed with my father.  All I can say is that she must have not been very smart because she was tricked easily enough to be fed to a cowplant by an insane  woman.  Survival of the fittest means often that the stupidest is destroyed by only those a little less stupid.

My brother and I thrived in my father’s care even without her presence.  The only thing I think we really lack without my mother being in our lives is knowing some of our background.  I have a strong suspicion there might be some asian in our genes but I don’t really know for certain as no one seemed to know where my mother came from before she entered my father’s home.  The family we grew up in was not traditional but I’d say it was a rather good one.  We never had a unfulfilled want or need.

I was an adorable little girl.  In fact, others often say I am still “cute” but I think then I was especially so.  I learned very quickly how to use that to my advantage.  It was quite fun to manipulate with a pout or a tear.  It was more fun than manipulating a chess board which was my other favorite pastime.

My brother was also an adorable child though he never saw the need to play others.  He was perfectly happy as long as he could cook with his toy oven.  He always had a talent for being happy with simple pleasures.

Before you get the idea that I’m ungrateful I probably should tell you that I single-handedly saved my family.  The nanny’s murderous ways were discovered and the authorities were horrified that he had put us, his children, in the care of a serial killer so they wanted to take custody away from him.  Fortunately, us children were allowed to speak in his behalf.  I used my adorable, precociousness and a torrent of tears at the right moment.

This display moved both my father to speak on his own behalf with more passion than he would have otherwise, I told you his children were his greatest weakness, and the judge to give him another chance.  I’m not saying I’m the only reason, but the catalyst, of allowing him to work things out.  He also, from what I understand, had a little help of a goddess to get out from under the false accusations of being the nanny’s accomplice in her murders of my mother and a previous baby momma.

Through the manipulation of events Desmond and I were allowed to grow up in our family home and developed our true callings.  I realized a mind as keen as mine was best applied to the sciences and thus stumbled upon the University Town studies on gene splicing.  The idea of manipulating the building blocks of life appealed to me.  As for Desmond his only love was cooking and so he decided he should be a chef.

When he matured though he gained other interests.  He soon found that he’d inherited a considerable amount of our father’s charm.  The one way my brother is superior to me is in the seduction of the heart.  He made friends easily and I, since I was his sister even though I was “a nerd”, found my way into his ever-widening circle.  Since I know how to tell people what they want to hear I was likewise accepted and liked.  I convinced him to join forces with me putting both our talents to work in seducing the minds and hearts of those we chose.  This naturally translated to seduction in other ways since Desmond also inherited our father’s more carnal appetites though his interests were broader in scope.  Male or female, it didn’t matter to us, it was a grand experiment to see in private for our entertainment.

He was never really passionate about any person like he was about cooking.  It was always understood to be more casual so imagine my surprise when he developed a passionate fixation on aliens of all things.  Most who are abducted are ashamed by the experience or traumatized.  He was invigorated and since he knew it was rather odd he even hid it from me for a time.

It was not long after his confession that our plans were made.  I’d already decided I must go to University and explore the possibility of hybridization of plantsims with other species.   He immediately recognized the similarity of his desire to explore the possibilities of cross-species breeding with aliens to my desire to explore the same with plantsims once I pointed it out.  We agreed to go together to University and support one another.  It would be another experiment, much like those we played at among the other young people in our circle of school friends, on a far grander scale than any we’d tried before.

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  1. Weathie

     /  June 4, 2013

    This is going to be so interesting! I can’t wait to see where you take this… looking forward to it 🙂

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. I love seeing Liam’s kids branch out into their own stories.
    I have a couple genies up on my studio if you are interested in them for Celine.

  3. Jazen

     /  June 6, 2013

    fun. I like the start of this. 🙂

  4. I love how you’ve incorporated Liam’s children into their own stories, as well as giving them very distinct personalities. This looks like it will be interesting 🙂

    • You can’t help but really come to love some of the BC kids and want to give them stories. These two are very different from the others especially.


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