Profiles: The Egyptian Gods

Since I had this nearly done I thought I should just go ahead and finish it.  This should help you understand a bit about my version of the Egyptian gods in Quest for Immortality.  Links are provided to information about the source material for further information.

As I’ve stated many times I’m a huge mythology and Legend buff.  In Quest for Immortality I decided to visit one of my favorite ancient pantheons, the ancient Egyptian.  Of course I had to make them fit into the story and the simverse so I had to choose a way in which to portray them which is a bit more complicated than it sounds.  The nature of Egyptian myth makes it a little flexible which means I had to make some decisions as a storyteller.

The Egyptians had many connections relating gods to one another with some gods being thought of as aspects of  the same thing. In addition they have a confusing web of incestuous marriages among the various deities further making it a convoluted web worthy of Jerry Springer. So I can work with the game mechanics and make this more PG-13 worthy I have made a few relationship alterations or at least left them somewhat ambiguous.

Here I will explain a bit about the gods of ancient Egypt and how I am portraying them in my story.

The Inspirational Myths

The Ancient Egyptians were polytheistic and, as many ancients did, had gods that presided over every aspect of the natural world and every day life.  With in the Gods there were several major deities that just about every Egyptian considered major deities and everyone worshipped but just about every God had some kind of cult following in some city or another.   The religion of the Egyptians involved countless rituals to appease or petition various Gods and the most involved of these rites involved passage into the underworld at death.

If you remember your history the Egyptians started out as two separate nations “Upper” and “Lower” having their own Gods and Pharaohs.   Once they became one kingdom they faced the dilemma of having to merge the religious pantheons so they ended up merging some gods together in one identity while still trying to keep them both.   This merging of Gods led to myths being related with one group telling it with one god taking a role in it that another group tells using a different one.  For instance in one group of myths Ptah is the creator while Ra is just the sun-god while in others Ra is called the creator and Ptah is just the God of the arts and music.  In still other myths Atum is said to have been the creator.  So in general, all Egyptians often just accepted many different Gods could take on the same role.

Sometimes they would worship two Gods as different aspects of the same God, a duality, and would refer to them as both names hyphenated a credit both aspects as being in the same myth.  This would make for very confusing relationships and myths.   To illustrate I’ll continue with Ptah.  As I said he was often times said to be creator of the universe and other Gods (taking on the guise of Ptah-Tatenen a previous God for this role), he was also said to be god of artists and craftsman, yet he was also said to be part of a composite funerary deity Ptah-Seker-Osiris which was a combination of him and two other Gods. Confused yet?  Well apparently this didn’t bother the Egyptians since they did this over and over again forming many composite gods and groupings of gods.

The Gods I Use

I’ve chosen Gods from my favorite myths and drawn ideas from them for Quest for Immortality I drew much of my material from these myths:

Of the Gods mentioned above I am using Isis, Set, Nephthys, and Bast as my main players.  Osiris, Anubis, Horus and Ptah will be making appearances at some point but I’m unsure if Ra, Hathor or either of Sekhmet/Bast or Ptah’s sons (Maahes and Nefertum) will appear.  I will add gods to the profiles below once they appear.

Character Profiles

Long ago many of the celestial entities took an interest in the Sims forming civilizations and decided to offer their assistance and set themselves up over these cultures becoming known as gods and goddesses.  In Ancient Egypt the gods fell out of favor with the mortals as foreigners moved in with their own gods.  Rather than a struggle between them the more benevolent of them decided the humans were capable of caring for themselves and instituted pacts of non-interference and faded from the memory of many.  This doesn’t mean that they entirely stopped associating, influencing or toying with mortal however.

Chief among them are Ra and his wife Hathor and Ptah who oversee the other God’s insuring that the pact is kept and the gods do not harm or kill humans.  Some have had little to do with humans busing themselves in helping with various tasks in the spirit world while a few have decided to spend some time walking among the humans.  Taking the surname of “Tombs” when creating mortal identities, to show their kinship, some of them have taken up a new form of competition called “The Game” to continue their rivalries with one another in a less violent manner than in the past and hopefully win some of the control or devotion they had over humans in the past.

TS3W 2013-01-09 20-02-59-35

Kalliah “Tombs” aka Isis

Isis and her husband Osiris were the first King and Queen of the ancient Egyptians.  Isis’s sister Nephyst assisted them in directing the humans in thier building of the civilization but Nephyst husband Set, also brother of Osiris, despised them and often created discord among the humans.  Their time living directly among the humans and ruling them came to the end when an act of infidelity between Nephyst and Osiris caused a period of confrontation among these four led them to a brief but bloody war in which Set succeeded in killing Osiris and taking the throne.  Horrified by the murder Set was shunned and Isis together with Nephyst, worked with the other gods to find a way to revive Osiris by making him the first mummy.  The unfortunate result was that Osiris was now forever tied to the netherworld and unable to dwell among the humans any longer.  Having raised him from the dead they turned their efforts toward freeing the humans from Set’s control.  After many years of conflict in which the Egyptians were torn into two kingdoms and were sent into battle finally Isis and Osiris’s son Horus confronted and defeated Set.  A new human king was put on the throne over a united Egypt and the gods withdrew making a pact not to try and interfere with the humans.

Isis grew tired of just being around the ghosts and spirits and then decided she wanted to walk among the humans and Nephyst wished to accompany her.  Ra allowed it as long as they didn’t directly interfere with or kill the mortals as they agreed to in the pact.  It was then she designed “The Game” to pass the time so from that day forward she and Nephyst periodically would live among the humans for a generation or two each picking a mortal man and offering them immortality .  One of these times Set discovered “The Game” and asked to join promising to make it more of a challenge for the Goddesses.  From that day forward the sisters worked together trying to stay ahead of Set.

Now in the 21st century she has taken the identity of Kalliah Tombs and had picked a human named Liam Gelman to take her challenge to produce 100 children and be her new pawn in “The Game”.

TS3W 2013-01-09 19-49-15-09

Toya Tombs aka Nephyst

In a moment of weakness Nephyst slept with her sister’s husband and the infedelity was discovered when she became pregnant from it.  This enraged Set to the point of killing Osiris and taking the throne she coveted.  She helped her sister revive her brother-in-law and also regrets she was the catalyst for the war that led to so many deaths and thus hopes through Isis’s game she might atone for all the human deaths she caused by giving them immortality.  Though not involved as directly in the game she steps in when needed.  She has never reconciled with Set.

TS3W 2013-01-09 20-11-20-18

Seth Tombs aka Set

Set has dedicated his existance to making the lives of Isis, Nephyst and Osiris miserable for betraying him and destroying them.  His chief rival is his nephew Horus who watches his every move to make sure he doesn’t violate the pact of the gods.  He enjoys spreading chaos, hence his nick name, among humans just to watch them squirm.  His only interest in “The Game” is to best his estranged family.   He does enjoy making humans suffer though so its an interesting diversion.

TS3W 2013-01-29 09-52-46-74

Bast Tombs aka Bastet

The daughter of Ra, she unlike the other gods, wished to protect rather than dominate humans.  When the war eruptted she was distressed when humans were used as pawns dieing in great numbers.  When her father tried to banish his wife Hathor’s darkside it caused the birth of Sekhmet.  He sent her to punish the humans that participated in atorcities during the war but she ended up just causing a blood bath.  Hathor did not wish to take that evil back into her soul and Bast, wishing to protect the humans fought and absorbed Sekhmet and her father and the god Ptah helped her gain control over her.  Impressed Ptah fell in love with Bast and married her.  This made Sekhmet jealous, since she also loved Ptah and his power, so she sought to use the times when she gained control to seduce him and use his essence and hers to infuse her essence into one of the twins conceived hoping that she could drive a wedge between Bast and Ptah .  This was unsuccessful as was her hope the warlike twin Maaahes would find a way to free her.  Now that Bast is involved in a game she hopes to try a similair scheme to get free and end Bast’s happiness.

Unlike the other Gods she isn’t using humans but does go to live among them at various times taking the guise of her favorite animal a cat.

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