Quest for Immortality: Chapter 37

My computer wasn’t cooperating with me and kept crashing so there will be a little more text than pictures in this chapter.  This is because of my computer’s constant crashes.  There seems to be no reason why on some days it crashes a lot and others it doesn’t.  I just hope I’m piecing together the sections with pictures in a way that doesn’t seem strange or disjointed.

New Arrivals Rivals

Hello,  Liam watchers.

TS3W 2013-09-29 16-02-50-21

As I said last time Liam has an unexpected visitor who arrived moments ago.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-26-04-82

“Liam a man is here for ad.”

Rana being blind and unworldly would not have noticed just how unusual this visitor is.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-24-02-60

“What ad?”

“I not ask.  I go…”

“No its okay.   I’ll go.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-32-12-05

Liam cannot help but notice that his visitor is an alien and is understandingly surprised.  I have a feeling Liam might not react well to this visitor given his recent track record with aliens.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-39-54-25

“Can I help you?”

“Hello I am Rommich Exipelh.  I am here to finalize arrangements as we discussed via email.”

Liam looks a little confused.  I’m afraid he’s about to find out his careless reply to that group of emails is coming back to bite him.

“We discussed something by email?  I’m sorry I don’t remember exchanging anything with a Rommich Exipelh.  The housekeeper mentioned an advertisement.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-44-18-91

“Your ad looking for procreation partners.  I answered.  You replied that my profile was interesting and you’d be happy to discuss particulars of a deal.  I thought it best to finish negotiations in person.”

Now the situation he’s facing is starting to sink in, I think.

“I knew I should’ve read through that batch.  Look, uh, I can see you’re most likely an alien of some kind, but I’m not really into the idea of a guy carrying a baby for me. I’m not into guys at all in a romantic way.  I didn’t really pay attention to the emails I got back from the attorneys that turned up nothing on the background check.  I sent a reply to a bunch at once figuring they’d answer me back if interested and I could go from there.   I guess this is a misunderstanding.”

I believe that is an understatement.

“Technically, I am a hermaphrodite. I possess both male and female reproductive organs. However, sexual intercourse is not necessary for reproduction. I have perfected a technique similar to your species’ in vitro fertilization that would permit you to carry my offspring. I would perform a Cesarean section to remove the offspring.”

I wonder just how far Liam would be willing to go to have more children?

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-42-15-84

“Look Rommich.  I hope you don’t take offense, but I’ve had enough of you aliens doing procedures on me and my sons.  At least you asked, unlike your previous friend, but I’m not interested, ever again, in having an alien baby for one of the aliens.  Do you understand?”

“Another alien?  I am the first of my people to come to your planet. It must have been another species.”  ::Briefly pauses::  “Perhaps we can negotiate something?  I need to have 100 offspring myself and we did have a contract of sorts already.”

“No.  That’s my final word.  I’m sorry for the misunderstanding but you have to go.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-56-29-07

“I have no desire to force you or any other earthling to procreate.  I will go as you wish, but I hope you will reconsider.  If you do,I will be staying in town for a time. Here is my contact information.”

It looks as if Liam has avoided one uncomfortable situation but his current home situation is making things difficult for him and things are about to get worse.  His marked preference for the Marines as opposed to the Montigos is creating a great deal of friction already and now another player is entering onto the scene.

TS3W 2013-09-29 23-33-43-62

“Hi Fran.  Welcome.”

If you remember Francisa Lawton is a report and former paparazzi that has struck a deal with Liam.  She has agreed to be a baby mamma in exchange for Liam’s allowing her to publish a story and blog on her experience.

TS3W 2013-09-29 23-39-51-05

“Thanks Liam.  So where am I bunking?”

“In the room for the baby mommas.  I’ll have Rana, the housekeeper, take you up.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-05-14-16

“Who is this bitch Liam?”

“Listen, Regret, I’d like it if you weren’t rude to my guests.”

Naturally the increasingly possessive Montigo women are not happy with this developement.

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-06-40-87

“Slut, don’t think I’m letting you touch my Boo.”

“Excuse me?

You would think Liam would’ve warned her about Regret and Erica.

TS3W 2013-09-30 20-48-52-18

“Regret and Erica back off now.  You have no right to act like this.  I’m not either of yours boyfriend.”

“You can’t do this to me Liam!  You are my soul!  My heart!”

I think this might be the poetic personality of Erica I’ve seen come out a few times.

TS3W 2013-09-30 15-22-14-47

“First Tinkerbell and that vampire Ho and now this?”

Regret always is confrontational but I’ve never seen her this angry.  Perhaps violence is in her genes, if you’ll recall, her mother Rosette was the one who started a cat-fight with Betsy and was threatened with a gun for her trouble.

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-01-52-32

“Is this normal, Liam?”

“Not usually but they’ve kinda been getting a little crazy.  Maybe you better go on up, Fran, while I calm these two down.”

“How dare you call me crazy.  You’re lucky I love you so much or I’d bitch-slap you for two-timing me.”

“What do you mean two-timing you?  He’s not interested in you Regret.  Liam is my soul mate not yours.”

“Now ladies you have to calm down.”

Poor Liam.  I must admit this is unusual, even for Montigo women, and I suspect there something more going on here because they didn’t seem this infatuated with him before.  This certainly must be looked into.  I’m afraid the arrival of the reporter and her blog are very poorly timed.  Hopefully it won’t make this situation worse.

TS3W 2013-09-30 23-59-45-91

Another knock on the door?  This can’t be good.  The woman who Rana has let in is the lady Liam met at the festival recently and told about his challenge.

TS3W 2013-09-30 23-57-09-17

“Is that another woman’s voice?”

“No it can’t be for Liam would never betray his true love again!”

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-02-48-86

“You two stay here and behave.”

I’m not sure that leaving them to go talk to Levi is the best idea.  The last thing they want is more rivals for Liam’s attention.

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-14-10-72

“Well hello Sexy.”

“Levi.  What brings you to my door?”

“Your offer of course.  I’ve decided to help you with your challenge after all, Honey.”

“Well that’s nice but my house is sort of full up.  I already have one lady here waiting until some babies are born to get pregnant.”

“Oh I can wait too.  I don’t mind.  Not as long as I get a little fun while I wait.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-56-06-53

“It’s just like I thought.  Piss off lady.  Liam doesn’t need anyone else because he’s got me.”

I wondered how long it would take for the Montigos to take action.

“I think Liam can be the judge of that, Honey.”

Somehow I don’t think Levi will be backing down and judging from the supernatural aura coming from her perhaps the Montigos should be the ones backing down.

“Liam’s heart is taken.   Be off O’ black-hearted wench!”

“My heart doesn’t belong to anyone Erica.  You can’t tell me who I’m going to be involved with.”

Somehow I think he won’t have as easy a time disentangling the Montigos from his life as he has disentangling himself from Erica’s arms now.

“Well then it sounds like you’ve accepted my deal.  I’ll bring in my bags.”

“I didn’t say…”

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-25-02-63


Liam’s not so used to such aggressive pursuit by his paramours.  I wonder how he’s going to cope with being the pursued rather than the pursuer?

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-36-48-92

“Don’t worry, Sexy.  You won’t regret it.”

“If there’s more where that came from I most definitely won’t.”

Liam, Liam.  You are so easily distracted by the promise of a booty-call you just might fail to navigate the precarious situation you are setting up in your household.

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-17-13-98

“That’s what you think.  You ain’t getting nothing from that bitch or anyone else but me.”

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-41-50-32

“Calm down Regret.   Look, I never said I was stopping my challenge, so you’re just going to have to live with it.  I’ve always been honest with you.  I’ve told you the only reason that you, Erica and Fancy are here is because of the babies and once they’re born you’ll be leaving just like any other baby momma.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-04-38-01

I’m not so sure that it will be that simple to get rid of the Montigos by the look on Regret’s face.  He might just regret packing so many potential rivals into his house and life especially with allowing a window into his world from the outside with the arrival of Francisa, the reporter.  As I said something more is at work than a simple lustful attachment and he’s blissfully ignoring the behavior of these women.  Only time will tell how it will all turn out and he does at least have Bastet looking out for him.  Her suspicions have also be roused and perhaps see might find the reason behind and the cure for the unusually amorous females.

–  Rommich Exipehl belongs to Kethrydrake and was submitted for the harem section in part 2.  I have collaborated with Kethry on all dialogue and content in this chapter where Rommich is concerned.  Rommich has his own Baby Challenge and you can see his point of view events in this (found in Log 65) and future chapters there in The Alien 100 Baby Challenge.

– All of the Marines that appear in this chapter belong to Nyrakick.  Doll Marine has her own 100 BC  called Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums and her appearance here is part of a swap.  Lauren and Leah are her nieces and submitted for the harem section in Part 2.

– Levi Babur is Mewmewmentor’s Sim created specifically for the harem.

– Regret Montigo, Erica Montigo, and Fancy Montigo appear here with TheNay83‘s permission.  They are her Sims and I’d like to thank her for her input on the dialogue and plot ideas for this and future chapters.  She writes hilarious stories involving all of her Montigos, including some of Liam’s children, so go to her blog to read about their adventures. 

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  1. thenay83

     /  October 2, 2013

    Gosh.. Is Liam that oblivious to not see what’s going on here? LOL Regret goes from a “whatever attitude” to a aggressor, suddenly. Yeah she may be a child of Rosette but she’s just “meh” about things. Silly Liam loves torment lol …Even in my free plays, HA!

    • To be fair to Liam he only briefly spoke to regret once before she came up the influence of the spell. He’s sort of lumped all the Montigos in one crazy basket in his mind so he’s trying to ignore all of it. He won’t be able to ignore it for much longer though. lol.

  2. I wonder if your computer crashing has anything to do with the amount of sims in your household at present?

    Did Liam already give birth to the alien baby the other alien got him pregnant with?

    XD I anticipate many cat fights in the future. Seth will enjoy this popcorn movie.

    • I thought the number of sims might be it and played a brand new file with one sim and it crashed too. It crashes when I use the internet too so its the hard drive issue the geek squad found probably.

      Yes he did. I sped through that section because I lost a bunch of pictures but they are shown at the end of chapter 34 . You mostly be seeing them once they age to children since there is so much other stuff going on atm for me to show anything with the kids in the house.

      Yes Set will definitely enjoy the show. lol.

  1. Log Entry #65 | Alien 100 Baby Challenge

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