Seth’s Interlude # 3

Well a stupid glitch with a downloaded prop made it impossible for me to get some of the pictures I wanted.  I worked around it but it was very annoying and I don’t have a working editing program right now so I apologize that some of these pics are far away but if I got in too close the glass disappeared.

Here is Set’s third interlude from his point of view.  Its been fun writing these.

Rommich Exipehl

You humans are such a predictable creatures.  Take, for instance, your penchant to gather together in herds in establishments like bars and clubs.  They’ve had different names throughout the centuries but all had the same purpose.  You say its to have fun and socialize but from what I’ve seen its more about you getting drunk and watching your so-called friends make fools of themselves.

TS3W 2013-10-03 22-31-11-27

Oddly enough I’m at one today not because of one of you but because of another creature.  This particular creature is what your lot call an alien or extra-terrestrial.  It is of interest to me today because of It’s interest in Isis’s little pawn.  I think It will add extra chaos into his path after seeing Liam Gelman’s distaste for It’s proposition.

TS3W 2013-10-05 00-13-51-34

“Hello.  You look as if you could use another drink.”

“Thank you.”

Drinks are often seen as gestures of friendship or interest to you humans so I’ve found it an easy way to open up conversation.

“Here to observe the locals?”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-06-00-28


TS3W 2013-10-05 01-07-38-41

“Come now.  We both know you aren’t human and places such as these are excellent for collecting information on them.  Not to mention the alcohol loosens their tongues making them more prone to volunteering information.”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-25-55-72

“You speak as if you are not human.”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-17-46-67

“I’m not.  I’m far above their kind.  They are little more than rats running through a maze.  They spend their life scampering around under the delusion they have control of their short lives.  I’ve been observing them for centuries though so I wonder what a fresh pair of eyes like yours observe.”

“They are a more primitive species in many ways, compared to my people, but I do not find them inferior in others.”

“Every being, accept for my kin, has weaknesses.  Humanity lacks intelligence and power.  Your kind lacks imagination and its greatest weakness is in laying your beliefs at the altar of science.”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-23-33-30

“My people have proved science can explain anything.”

“You might think it so but it blinds you to the existence of things don’t exist in your defintion of reality.”

“Reality is what it is. Ignorance of a thing is not blindness. Unwillingness to accept that one is ignorant is.  

‘He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, shun him. 
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child, teach him.’  (Ancient proverb)
 I am a child. I think you are a fool.”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-28-29-08

Yes, creature drink it down in your annoyance.  Even the most logical minds can be unbalanced with the proper prompting.

“I think you’ll find the potion you just consumed might change your point of view.”

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-36-30-89

Yes this alien shall make Liam considerably uncomfortable.

TS3W 2013-10-05 01-51-32-52

As for the other possibilities, I’m choosing my targets carefully, because I am limited as to how many I can put under this spell.

TS3W 2013-10-05 02-07-09-97

Borrowed magic can’t be taken back once used and I want to be sure I choose the ones that will make most chaos for Isis’ little pet.

–  Rommich Exipehl belongs to Kethrydrake and was submitted for the harem section in part 2.  I have collaborated with Kethry on all dialogue and content in this chapter.  Rommich has his own Baby Challenge and you can see his point of view events in this (found in Log 66) and future chapters there in The Alien 100 Baby Challenge.

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  1. Log Entry #66 | Alien 100 Baby Challenge

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