A Small Update. Please Vote!

So you guys saw my last post.  I spent sometime last night deleting some programs and files I can’t use on my computer and will be seeing if Liam’s file will open at all.   The good news it that is now opening and I am able to play with it a little bit.  The bad news is that I I can’t play for more that 10 minutes without crashing.  I want to try to get it to work enough to at least get through the parts of Liam’s story that effect others stories.

I’m busy emailing those people and figuring things out.  Its my hope I can use cheats to have the kids and do enough to maybe get a couple of pictures to include in each chapter.  At this point if I do the minimum to count the kids for the challenge and get a couple of pictures I don’t mind aging them up with cheats just so I can advance.

I’ll like to get your feedback on what I’m considering doing to get through Part 2 at least mostly.  I can see the trying to take a lot of pics and staged pics probably won’t work with the frequency of the crashing.  I seriously tried to keep the same style relying a lot on pictures to tell part of the story but I think it’s mostly frustrating me at the moment so I have two options I’m thinking of doing to keep this moving along to the point I can pause the story if needed without hurting anyone else’s stories.

I’d like a vote on which way you’d like to see these update.  Below each I’ve placed an example of how something would look:

Option A: Post the Draft as Is

When writing up a post I usually put in parenthesis where and what I’d like an image to convey.  Once I see what I can take I’ll make adjustments to the text to reflect it.  Since I have written ahead I would just leave those notes in where I wanted the pictures and I’d continue doing the same so I could go back later and take pictures.  Here is a small piece of the draft for the next chapter as example:

“My biggest worry is that there are still two potions out there.  Hopefully those he enchants can’t be any worse than those that he already has.  He seems to target those that already have shown attraction for you so that narrows down the possibilities.”

(Pic of Francisa, Doll, Laella and Leah talking)

“You mean any of us four.  That’s logical I suppose.”

(Liam speaking to Fran)

“Fran you cannot write any of this up.”

“Relax Liam.  If I posted or sent anything to my editor that says some gods are blackmailing you to have babies with sims you don’t like including a teen wouldn’t go over well.  They’d think I’ve gone more insane than they already think I have.  I will have to write something about your harem though.”

“I hate that word already.”

“Why Liam?  I’d think you’d love the idea of having so many women to make love to whenever you wanted.”

“Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind it but two are crazy, one is underage and another isn’t even female.”

Option B: Change to Liam’s Journal POV

You’ve seen a few times where I’ve written thing from his pov interspersing dialogue and Kalliah’s thoughts in between.  This would mean I would the advantage here of Liam describing a little more about what happened and I don’t really need pictures that much.   I’d still us whatever pictures I got from someone else or my game when it works but I wouldn’t be so dependent on them.

Linked below is an example of a post in a style like that.  Just remember that there will be less pictures than are in the example post .

Please view this link before voting.

Vote what you would like to see below and once I talk to the two people I’ve been collaborating with I’ll update you on how I’m proceeding.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, have you altered your graphic settings for the game? I was having problems with my game about a year or so ago, once I reduced the graphic resolution, it worked better.

  2. thenay83

     /  October 23, 2013

    Have you updated your video card driver recently?

    I have a ideal.. This is something to do as a last resort and I think you’re at that point. I’m not sure if you had done this already but perhaps resetting your computer to factory settings. However this means, you’ll have to back up everything on your PC first and have to reinstall everything back on your PC when it’s done. I’ve done it on both my laptop and desktop and it fixed whatever issue I had.

    • I already have done that twice. That’s why the techs told me I need a new computer that its a hard drive issue. I’ve updated everything. My comp is just slowly dying.

      • thenay83

         /  October 24, 2013

        Yep sounds like it’s done then. What are your current settings on the game?

      • I have to go in and check. I’ll try setting them lower when I go back in tonight. I’ll see if lowering that and the details helps.

      • thenay83

         /  October 24, 2013

        Lowering may give you 5 more mins :p The pics might not look so great but maybe the game will run better. My older desktop can’t use settings past medium without issue. As for my laptop & new desktops my settings all need to be on the highest or my game crashes and that really doesn’t make any sense lol Those 2 machines are kinda backwards.

      • lol. Well it looks like I finally found the right combination. I couldn’t stand the sim detail at the lowest so I set the lots and environment lower and was able to play with sims at medium. I might lower a couple of others to see if I can manage to keep sims on high since I hate pudding face….

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