A Blast From the Past

This was originally meant to be a full legacy so the first generation will have more chapters than succeeding generations.

The Concept: ISBI Meets a Wishacy

This is my final Wishacy Experiment but its a little different.

Unlike my other experiments in this I’ll be following the Wishacy rules and of course the ISBI rules as written accept I’m having a generation 0 period with the founder being a teen where no points are tallied.  I will not be controlling anyone in this household but the heir (per an ISIBI) and he/she will be a slave to his/her wishes (Wishacy)!  I wondered what madness pairing these two things together might create.    I’m interested in seeing what things might work out the same and different.

I plan to make this 7 generations .  I’ll be narrating and adding dialogue for the characters.

The Founding Sims

I wanted to put in a little note about the sims I’m using to start this.  When I started to play Sims I lost a few files but there were 2 households I had thankfully saved.  They were two families connected by a marriage and I even had a loose little story around them before I knew about storytellers.  My games got glitched and crashed ruining what I’d built.  I missed these characters but just couldn’t see them with any of the new things I wanted to try.  I’ve found myself missing these characters now and wanted to revisit them.  I have all my other files I play now though I don’t want to play both of the households so I decided to take my favorite characters from that file and mix them together and use them for a more serious Wishacy.

To do this I took them into CAS and re-aged them down and am starting them off from scratch with the other family’s teens and gave my subject the Insane trait.  The supporting characters will not have the insane trait.


Sims 3 Comment Thread
Simblr Gen 1 Extra Pics

Score Card

Heir LTW Achieved:
Spare LTW Achievement:
Creature LTW Achievment:
No Move Out Penalty:

Penalty for each sim failing school:
Penalty for every game induced visit from Service person:
Penalty for passing out:
Penalty for accidental deaths:
Penalty for Social Worker Visit:
Every Birth:
Every Twin Birth:
Every Triplet Birth:
Fulfilling LTW:
Each Sim that gets on the honour roll:
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children:
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation:
Every 100 000 dollars: 
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career:

Story Chapters


Prologue: Time Travel is a Complicated Business
Chapter 1: School Days
Chapter 2: Big Brother
Chapter 3: Falling Into Winter
Chapter 4: Frosty Graduation
Chapter 5: Like a Horse and Carriage
Chapter 6: Love and Marriage
Chapter 7: Grandfather Paradox
Chapter 8: Time Will Tell

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