Pet Masters

This was originally meant to be a full legacy so the first generation will have more chapters than succeeding generations.


Welcome to my Pet Master Legacy. This is a legacy story based off of my original Pet Master Legacy Challenge. I’m an animal lover in real life and Pets is what brought me into Sims so I’m going to be pulling from my life experience living and working with animals (I’m an animal trainer and behavior councilor)for this story.

I know most legacies are told in first person and I’ve followed that model for my other stories here but I’m falling back to my first love in writing of third person for this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Score Card

Generation: 2
Lifetime Wishes: 2
Portraits: 1
Legacy House: 
Wish Rewards:
Pet Legacy:


Sims 3 comment thread
Family Tree
Gen 2 Extras
Generation 2 Heir Vote
Generation 2 Heir Vote Tie-Breaker
Gen 2 Heir Vote Winner

Story Chapters


If you don’t want to read every chapter of the story then these  generation summaries will help you catch up faster.

Chapter 1: Fishy Business
Chapter 2: Now Its Personal
Chapter 3: Family Ties
Chapter 4: An Unconventional Wedding
Chapter 5: Family Life
Chapter 6: A Visitor
Chapter 7: Return of the Fisherwoman
Chapter 8: Pursuit of Perfection
Chapter 9: A Threat
Chapter 10: Catfish and Cat Calls
Chapter 11: Growing Pains
Chapter 12: There and Back in 30 Days
Chapter 13: Testament to Success


Chapter 14: Herding Cats?
Chapter 15: Transitions
Chapter 16:
Chapter 17:
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:

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