Gothic Resort Insanity: Episode 1

Enjoy Your Stay, Liam Gelman

Yesterday started like any other day with all of us rising  early to tend to our duties at the Resort.  I should say some of us rise earlier than others.

TS3W 2013-05-24 00-18-07-81

One of the first up is Dove who feeds and attends to the animals before things get busy.  She says its best to attend to the unicorns especially when its quiet since they are so temperamental.  An unhappy unicorn has been known to run back into the wild so I can see her point.

TS3W 2013-05-24 00-23-08-57

She also collects the eggs for Celeste and takes care of the chickens.  Celeste also gets up really early so she’ll have breakfast ready by the time everyone else gets up.

TS3W 2013-05-21 15-50-56-59

The rest of us get up a little later but by 7 we all are up and hard at work behind the scenes.

TS3W 2013-05-19 23-05-38-39

The first thing I make it a point to do every day is to feed Anubis so if anyone is foolish enough to hop the fence they hopefully will be safe.  Then I’d tend the normal, noncarnivorous plants in the garden.  That morning was no different.

TS3W 2013-05-20 22-35-30-81

I then took charge of Linnet so Dove could give someone horseback riding lessons.

TS3W 2013-05-21 15-53-59-02

Me and Linnet then manned the front desk so Bev could help Emma out with the housekeeping.  We all pitch in where we need to.  We’re a good team as well as family.

TS3W 2013-05-21 16-40-15-25

I was there to greet my dad when he showed up.  After all the years the Resort has been opened I finally got him to visit.  He’s been busy with some drama, and of course my younger brothers and sisters, so I’m surprised he’s actually finally taking a vacation.  I guess mentioning Bernard’s twins would be becoming teenagers this weekend was what made him want to come by now.   We hadn’t seen each other since me and Bernard took the Trio so if felt a little strange to see him untouched by time.   To tell the truth I’m not really sure how old he is now but he’s got to be almost 70 or close to it.

TS3W 2013-05-21 16-50-38-44

“Hi Dad.  You’re looking good.”

“Youth potions tend to do that.  The years have treated you well son.”

“Thanks.  I’m glad you decided to come visit.  The others are busy working but they’ll be just as excited to see you.”

TS3W 2013-05-21 16-45-51-43

“This must be Linnet.  She’s cute.  Can I hold her?”

“Sure but she’s kind of shy so don’t be upset if she cries.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-14-20-88

“Hi there Linnet.  I’m your grandpa.  It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“I see the lower lip starting to quiver.  Maybe I should take her back.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-18-56-66

“There’s no need.  I know just how to turn that frown into a smile.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-55-51-95

“See now we’re friends aren’t we Sweetheart?”

“She’s not quite talking yet.”

I had to hand it to my Dad.  He was good with kids.  I shouldn’t have been surprised since he’s had so many himself.  I wonder if I’ll ever meet all of siblings?  I have 5, the Queen twins and triplets here, that none of us have really spent time with.  It’s a shame since the Vampire Trio changed their diapers.  I think I might invite them to the birthday.  It might be fun.

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-35-13-45

Seeing Linnet was so good with Dad when I saw a young red-headed woman entering the hotel I felt comfortable leaving her with him even though she wasn’t very good with strangers in general.

“Can I help you Miss.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-39-21-97

“I was wondering if you have any vacancies.  The hotel my boss thought was booked for the whole week was never confirmed properly so I need somewhere to stay for three days.”

“I can check and see if you give me a moment.  Can I ask your name Miss?”

“Aliki, Aliki Jennings.  Thanks so much.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 17-19-32-59

While I went off to check the computer I saw her walk over to my Dad and by the look on his face I could see he wasn’t disappointed.  I know how he can be with women so I was hoping he’d decided to take it easy while he was here.

“Your daughter is so cute.”

“Acutually she’s my granddaughter.”

“How can she be your granddaughter.  You don’t look old enough.”

TS3W 2013-05-22 17-30-32-32

“That’s a lovely compliment coming from a lovely lady.  I’ve taken a youth potion believe it or not.”



I think my Dad’s always on the lookout for another Baby Momma for his challenge and has hopes Ms. Jennings will be interested.  I almost hope I’m wrong because if it doesn’t go well it will mean drama for my guests. 

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-53-18-89

“Miss Jennings I do have a room if you’d like to step over to the desk I can check you in.”

“Oh wonderful!  Thanks.”

“Dad, you won’t mind entertaining Lin for a bit will you?”

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-17-58-36

“Not at all Al.  I’ll explore a bit and Lin here will be my tour guide.”

“Dad?  He’s your father?  He looks younger than you.” 

“Its kind of a long story.”

“Miss Jennings, since we’ll be staying in the same hotel maybe I’ll run into you later and tell you the whole convoluted tale.”

He was smooth.   I had to hand it to him on that front.

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-29-39-01

“Now you have me curious I have to hear it.  By the way what’s your name?”

“Liam.  I’ll see you around, Aliki was it?”

“That’s right.”

“Do you mind if I call you by your first name?”

“Not at all.”

He was already on a first name basis with her before I ushered her off to her room.

TS3W 2013-05-22 16-57-39-06

“Let me show you to your room Ms. Jennings.”

Once I’d entered things properly and made sure she was settled I went in search of my Dad.

TS3W 2013-05-23 20-27-04-47

I found him outside working with Linnet on talking.  She was actually saying some words.   I guess he’s just got a way with kids since it was so hard for even Dove and I to get her to talk.

TS3W 2013-05-23 21-54-54-77

That night when we sat down to eat in the dining room Dad finally got to meet Bernard’s family.  It was a school night thought and since we all have to get up early we were ready to retire right after.  This left Dad to his own devices which makes me worry.

TS3W 2013-05-23 22-17-35-53

“Hey Aliki.  Want to hear that story?  My kids and grandkids are heading to bed and I’m not ready to go bed yet.  I’m not used to being alone.”

“Oh really?  You don’t have a wife back home do you?”

“No.  I’m not the marrying kind but I do enjoy the company of pretty women.  I meant I’m usually surrounded by my kids.”

“How many do you have.  35 and I’m looking to have more now that the youngest are teens.  Like I said its a long story.”

“Now I’m curious and have to hear that story.  I can’t be up too late though since my conference has some morning lectures I want to attend.”

The last thing I saw was him flirting with that red-head again.  I suppose it sounds stupid but worrying about my Resort’s reputation is sort of second nature to me.

TS3W 2013-05-23 22-07-21-44

In a way this place is like my oldest child.   I want to protect it as much as I did Linnet, and even Axel.  That meant a part of my mind was wondering just what my Dad was up to with Ms. Jennings.

TS3W 2013-05-23 22-24-19-96

I couldn’t babysit him though and I didn’t want to.  He’s an adult.

TS3W 2013-05-16 09-06-27-52

Thankfully Dove knew just what I needed to get my mind off of what my Dad was up to.  She wanted to make love and I was happy to forget anything but the feel of her slight frame pressing up eagerly against mine and her feather-light caresses.

TS3W 2013-05-16 15-43-32-35

It was easy to fall asleep in her embrace.  I feel such peace when I’m alone with her in the after-glow.  Its something almost magical so its something I hope to keep.

The next day started out much like the others.

TS3W 2013-05-24 00-50-20-09

My Dad didn’t though and Emma swore when she walked past my Dad’s room, with its ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up on the door, she could hear moans coming from inside and our new guests room hadn’t been slept in.

TS3W 2013-05-24 11-43-05-05

I decided to talk to my Dad later but today I still had my work to get done first.

TS3W 2013-05-24 14-41-55-73

Since most of the guests went out working or sight seeing and the kids were in school Dad took a little time to lounge at the pool and swim.

TS3W 2013-05-24 15-49-15-84

Once I got done I figured it was time for our talk and so I invited him to a game of pool.

“So Dad, what did you do with the rest of your evening last night?”

TS3W 2013-05-24 15-47-24-22

“I thought you saw me talking to Aliki.  I told her all about my challenge.  She’s a nice lady, she even had read some of the stuff I’ve written, and said she wanted to help me with my challenge.  I figure you can guess what else happened.”

TS3W 2013-05-24 15-45-01-02

“You got to promise me you aren’t going to try and get anymore of my guests involved in your challenge.  I don’t want hurt feelings and misunderstandings making drama for them.  Besides they know you’re family so it will reflect on all of us if something goes bad.”

“Relax son.  She’s leaving in another couple of days and then she has no plans to return here.  She’ll be coming to my house not here.  She’ll be out of your hair.”

“You still haven’t promised not to seduce anymore of my guests.”

TS3W 2013-05-24 15-48-14-13

“Fine.  I promise now get back to the damn game.”

TS3W 2013-05-24 15-51-45-27

“Not until you tell me why you still have your sunglasses on.”

“I don’t want to loose them and I’ve not wanted to walk all the way back to my room.  This place is huge with long hallways.”

TS3W 2013-05-24 16-29-55-53

We ended the evening with an informal commeration of one of our long time guests’ birthdays.  Ashlee Steel-Begonia was born and raised here.  Her birthday is just the day before my neice and nephew’s so we opted to just have some ice cream and hot chocolate.  Tomorrow we’re treating the celebration as being for all of them.  Besides it’s Love Day so it already was going to be a big day of celebration.

TS3W 2013-05-24 17-11-18-97

Ashlee really is almost like family.

After the hot chocolate and ice cream we all went to bed.

TS3W 2013-05-23 23-08-39-58

I think I saw Ms. Jenning sneak off with my Dad again though.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.   As long as he doesn’t mess around with anyone but her it should be fine.  Tomorrow is her last day.

TS3W 2013-05-24 09-19-14-52

He has to have more self-control than I give him credit for.  Right?

Gothic Resort Insanity: Prologue


I’m told every place has a story and I’m told every story has a narrator.  Since I think this place deserves to have its story told I suppose I’ll step in.  The place is called the Gothic Resort and its situated in Lucky Palms just outside the city limits.

TS3W 2013-05-13 16-09-55-52

My name is Alberto Free and me and 4 of my siblings run the Gothic Resort.  That’s why this isn’t just a story about a place it’s also a story about family.

My father is Liam Gelman and if you haven’t heard about him by now it’s because you don’t like following the gossip columns.  He’s taking on a challenge to have 100 children because some woman, who claims to be a goddess, says she’ll grant him immortality if he manages to accomplish it.

Me and my twin brother Bernard’s mom was a ghost named Talia Free who neither of us have ever met.

She wandered into my Dad’s house one night and he, being who he is, seduced her.

She didn’t hang around long after me and my brother were born though.  My dad said the nanny, Betsy, told him she was afraid of other ghosts and couldn’t stand to be around Bernard any longer.  She ran away and never returned or ever tried to contact us or dad again.

That’s okay though because my dad was a good dad even if there were a lot of us kids for him to pay attention to.

The house was always full because even when our older brother and sisters left there were always new kids being born.

That brings me to the vampire trio.  Their mom is a vampire rocker named Ava Downing.

She met my dad at a friend’s party and told him she wanted kids but didn’t want to have to take care of them.  My dad, wanting more kids, agreed.  After my brother’s and sister had their childhood birthday she left and only calls them occasionally.  Its kind of strange she never seems to want to meet them in person.

Its okay though because me and Bernard didn’t mind stepping in and helping with them and our other younger siblings.

In fact we got pretty close to them since we spent so much time with them.

So even when it came time for us to leave home we still kept in touch.

Speaking of Bernard and I leaving.  That’s when the birth of the idea for the Resort began.

TS3W 2013-05-13 16-40-48-54

We started looking and found a property that would work great for what we had in mind in Lucky Palms.

While Bernard and I were working hard on pulling permits and getting the Resort off the ground the Vampire Trio grew-up in much the same way Bernard and I did helping with our younger siblings while they grew up.  They loved getting updates on our progress and we on theirs.

Just when we finished up with the construction of the Resort we were invited to their young adult birthday party.

We got there a little late just missing the traditional photoshoot but we got a warm welcome anyways.

When we got there the Trio convinced us to let them work at the Resort with us.

Celeste had the idea to decorate it with a Gothic theme and so our official name became The Gothic Resort.

TS3W 2013-05-13 16-16-16-87

Beverly was always good with sims so we put her in charge of guest relations and advertising.  She runs the front desk and helps with the laundry too.


Celeste, who always liked to cook, became the chef.  She’s a vegetarian vampire so plasma fruit dishes for vampires were sure to make us unique.

TS3W 2013-05-13 19-15-45-75

Bennet, a musician, was given the responsibility to organize the entertainment.

TS3W 2013-05-13 19-38-56-39

Bernard used his handiness by doing all of our repairs.

TS3W 2013-05-13 19-27-12-78

As for me, I’ve always loved plants and the outdoors so I decided to be the grounds keeper and supply Celeste with a garden full of fresh ingredients.

TS3W 2013-05-13 19-32-36-81

I even took my dad’s cowplant in since it had to be removed.  I was happy too since it wasn’t Anubis’ fault that the nanny fed someone to him.  I keep him locked up to be safe.

The Resort did well right away and we were thrilled and the only sad thing was Lucky Palms had some old laws on the book banning vampires so the Trio wasn’t welcome to go into town unless it was on business.


They remedied this by going to the neighboring town of Sunset Valley where there was a vampire lounge called Lexington 9 to have fun.


There Bev became friends with a vampire named Alexia Lex.  You know how in a lot of those stories there is some girl that the hero never really gets over.


Well in mine that girl is Alexia.


She came into my life with the passionate ferosity of a tornado.


It started with what I thought was a one-night stand at her friend’s club.


After that I figured I could avoid her but when I was offered the chance to pick up some extra money one summer when we had to close the resort for repairs from a freak thunder storm by helping her friend with his landscaping and some household chores she was staying there.  Since he owned the club Lexington 9 and I helped out there occasionally too I was pretty much around her 24/7.


One thing led to another and we started hooking up for sex.  I’m normally not that kind of guy but she had some kind of hold on me.  For a while I thought that maybe she was starting to feel the same way about me as I felt about her but I learned I was wrong.  She made it pretty clear when I went back to my life I was out of hers.


If that was all it might have been the end of it but unfortunately that summer left us connected in a way that’s impossible to avoid.  She called me one day and said that she had a baby, my son, that at first she thought wasn’t mine.  She wanted me to meet him and be a part of Axel’s life and I wanted to be.


Unfortunately that meant that Alexia would be a part of my life as well.  Still I wouldn’t trade not seeing my child just to avoid his mother.

TS3W 2013-05-13 21-08-34-28

The brings me to the other woman in my life.  Dove Wing came to the Gothic Resort when we added horseback riding as an amenity to care for them and the excursions.  I was attracted to her but I never said anything about it.

TS3W 2013-05-15 22-15-03-19

When she found me crying the night I came home from meeting my son she was there to pick up the pieces.

TS3W 2013-05-15 22-52-27-10

I needed the comfort and the shoulder to cry on so I didn’t have any of those walls up I usually did.

TS3W 2013-05-16 00-01-52-23

I let her in and she then she helped me put the hurt far away from my mind.  Those few stolen moments that night turned into a relationship.


A pattern developed though.   Every time I’d see Axel, and Alexia was there, I’d be reminded of the summer and those feelings would come back.  She always seemed to get under my skin.  She knew just what buttons to push.


I’d end up sleeping with her.  When it came to Alexia I seemed to be powerless to resist her advances.

TS3W 2013-05-16 16-12-39-90

I’d feel guilty that I had those feelings still and had sex with Alexia so I’d break up with Dove.

TS3W 2013-05-16 09-09-59-73

After a while she’d get me to open up and we’d start over again.  Honestly I don’t know why she kept getting back with me over and over and never be angry at me.

While I’ve been on this emotional roller coaster I’ve thrown myself into work and enjoyed the happiness of my siblings.  While most of them had their share of disappointing relationships I kept my own struggles to myself.

TS3W 2013-05-13 22-55-00-99TS3W 2013-05-13 22-51-01-57

The only one lucky in love of us really is Bernard.  He had the extreme good luck to have the love of his life, a ghostly woman named Emma Bliss, float in and stay in our resort one summer.

TS3W 2013-05-14 12-20-40-94

I can’t say I wasn’t a little jealous when he and she tied the knot and started a family.  I had my son, but I didn’t have a family.  I couldn’t really be a part in his every day life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my niece and nephew and I still am happy for brother even if I long for what he has at times.

TS3W 2013-05-13 23-07-33-93

For a long time I felt like I was missing something though by all accounts I had a full life.  I found out what it was when Dove told me she was pregnant.  I guess there was a part of me longing for a family and a child that I got to see more than on a visitation schedule.

TS3W 2013-05-13 23-05-47-13

My little Linnet is my everything now and she’s helped me to finally heal some of my  broken heart.

TS3W 2013-05-13 23-11-10-37

In caring for our daughter Dove and I have drawn closer in a way I wouldn’t let myself before.  Maybe I’m finally finding the strength to completely move on and enjoy the love I have for Dove, it may not be that intense explosion and desparate longing I felt with Alexia, and have that family I’ve always wanted.

TS3W 2013-05-15 00-35-21-04

So if you find your way to Lucky Palms and stop by and you’ll be wlecome.  We’ll treat you like one of the family.

Blast From the Past: Chapter 5

This will be my last update for Raphael in this cycle.  I don’t have enough for another full chapter yet so I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5.

Like a Horse and Carriage

TS3W 2013-03-04 22-35-57-44

So how do you like living on your own?

Its wonderful in general though a bit more quiet than I am used to.

TS3W 2013-03-06 22-15-54-82



Yes well it’s just me alone in the house now because Bertha moved out the moment she aged-up to pursue a film career.

She couldn’t do that living with you?  Did you do something to upset her?

TS3W 2013-03-04 22-36-19-53

I didn’t do anything!  She would’ve lived here but she told me that she was moving on with her life and couldn’t stand to be around me when all I do is obsess over the past.

That is sort of true though.

I think the real reason is she herself doesn’t want to return so she doesn’t like that I haven’t given up like she has.

So you don’t see her anymore?

She talks to me sporadically.

TS3W 2013-03-01 21-59-36-62

So what do you spend time doing then?

I hunt for scrap and work on inventions.

TS3W 2013-03-04 19-25-16-26

So you haven’t made any progress in making your time machine?

I need practice on building machines if I’m to build something as complex as a time machine and I need to make a few simolians to live on in the mean time.

TS3W 2013-03-03 22-50-05-30

I’ve already started selling them though they don’t fetch a very much at the moment.

TS3W 2013-03-03 22-55-05-31

It sounds like you’ve been lonely.

Not really.  Jessica started calling me, almost daily in fact, and I’ve even done a few things with her and even Jennifer as well.

TS3W 2013-03-04 20-30-24-76

So you’ve been on dates with both of them?

No not dates just being social.  Jennifer has a beau and Jessica hasn’t been anything other than friendly.

TS3W 2013-03-04 20-53-11-83

Are you sure it isn’t anything more than friendly?

It’s just been going to festivals, art galleries and the like.  I’m careful not to give the wrong impression.  Though..


Well the last time she called it sounded almost like she might be thinking of it as a possible date.  Maybe it would be best I explain my situation to her tonight.  If I do it will be obvious to her I’m not going to get involved with anyone.

If you think she’ll continue hanging around with you as you are you’re in for a serious reality check.

I think you’ll see she’s very reasonable.

TS3W 2013-03-03 21-57-27-75

So you’re meeting her tonight?  This doesn’t look like Jessica.

No it’s not and I have no idea who she is.

“Raphael Denton?”

“Yes Miss… do I know you?”

“No but well I’m supposed to give you this piece of paper.  It’s this family legend that was passed down that someone named Elliot Denton gave us this paper to hand to a man named Raphael Denton tonight here at the opening night of the spring festival.”

Elliot Denton?  Someone you know?

That’s my grandfather’s name!  Eureka!  I believe he somehow must have known what would happen to me.  This is remarkable!

TS3W 2013-03-03 22-00-06-79

“Thank you, Miss…?”

“Anita Lobos.  I’m actually surprised you were here.”

“Thank you and don’t trouble yourself anymore on the matter.”

“Okay… see you around I guess.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-47-06-10

“Raph?  Who was that?”

“Hello Jess.   Just someone delivering something. Everything is hunky-dory.”

“Hunky-Dory huh?  You look happy.”

She sounds suspicious.  She knows you’re hiding things from her.

I’ll tell her some things tonight.  I’m just not sure what I should.

“Of course… so shall we look to see what there is to do here?”

“How about we watch the stars and talk a little first.”

You still think she just sees you as a friend?

Hush.  She just wants to talk and that’s good because I can explain where I stand on these issues.

“If that’s what you would like.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-49-55-90

“So you don’t know that girl at all?”

“No.  As I said she delivered something.”

“What exactly?”

“You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“I don’t think…”

I thought you were going to explain your situation to her.

Yes I’m going to.

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course…I just…”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-49-05-21

“Raph don’t you know I’d never do anything to hurt you.  I care about you…”

“Jessica… I…”

“You know forget it.  Its getting cold out here I’m going to get my coat.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-55-58-02


You’re going downhill fast Raphael.  If you ever want to see her again you’re going to have to drop the act and tell her how you feel.

She’s not going to leave

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-51-56-94

“Raphael we really need to talk about us.”

“I’m sorry Jessica it’s just things are more complicated than you realize.”

“That’s just it I actually know more than you think.  When I realized I liked you, and you seemed to ignore me, I asked your sister to tell me about what you thought about me.  Why you were acting the way you do and she told me you guys weren’t from this century.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-56-56-11

“At first I thought she was crazy but then I thought, I saw how you acted, and it just made sense.  I thought maybe in time you’d trust me, grow to care about me, enough to tell me but now I can see I was wrong.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-54-57-80

“No Jess that’s not true.  I do trust you and I care about you.  It’s just I don’t really belong here and it’s not fair to pull anyone else into this mess of a situation.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-53-44-13

“That’s where you’re wrong you do belong here and you belong with me.  I love you Raphael.”

“Jessica I… I can’t do this I’m sorry.  I can’t get involved with anyone here because I need to go back to my own time.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-57-34-56

“Fine I get it.  If you don’t want me as part of your life then you can rot away while you try to build something that’s probably impossible.  You really are a stubborn ass and I’m sorry I wasted so much time on you.  Don’t worry I won’t get in your way any more.”

TS3W 2013-03-04 10-47-24-71

So now you are really all alone.  Nice going.

Shut-up voice.  You’ll make me even more depressed than I already am.

Its your own fault.  You decided to push her away.

It was her decision.  I just can’t believe it.  Will I really never see her again?

Isn’t that what you were planning?  Leaving her behind and returning to 1860 with no strings attached?

No that isn’t what I want.  I can’t leave it like this.  I need to talk to her.

TS3W 2013-03-03 21-03-08-19

How will turning up early in the morning help?

I’d rather her be angry with me for wanting to talk to her than not wanting to talk to her.

TS3W 2013-03-06 20-51-29-62

“So let me get this straight.  You’re here to talk to my sister at 5 AM after she came home last night crying because of you.”

“I’m here to make up for that.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 20-54-17-05

“Look you may not think I’m a good guy but I’m a pretty protective big brother myself.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 20-52-58-78

“I just ask the chance to speak to her and if she asks me to go I give you my word I’ll do so with no trouble.’

“Alright, she’ll probably kill us both for waking her up like this.”

That’s what I’m guessing.  I don’t think she’ll be very happy to see you.

Maybe not at first but I’m not going there without a plan voice.

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-01-37-82

“Jess…  Wake up…”

“Raph? Am I dreaming?”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-09-04-86

“No I’m really here.  I need to talk to you about last night.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-06-43-01

“Well this better be good.  After what you said last night the last thing I want to wake up to is your face.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-15-52-89

“I want to apologize.  I should have trusted you.  I don’t want you out of my life.”

“Oh really?  What if I’m tired of all of the games.”

“I am in earnest.”

“Then prove it Raphael.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-19-29-99

“Jessica I’ve come to realize I am a dope to deny my feelings for you.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-18-41-01

“What feelings are those exactly?”

“I’m in love with you of course.”

“I’m supposed to believe that after what you said last night?”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-24-16-42

“I’ve been trying to decide the best way to convince you and I realize that as a gentleman there is only one course of action to take.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-24-38-75

“What is that?”

TS3W 2013-03-04 01-02-50-45

“Jessica Thornridge will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

“I’m probably crazy saying this… but yes I’ll marry you.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-27-16-82TS3W 2013-03-06 21-22-02-10

“Jess you’ve made me very happy.”

“Me too.  I just hope you don’t go running off and break my heart.”

“I’ll never run from you my Love.”

TS3W 2013-03-06 21-32-41-00

How sweet but is that a promise you really can keep.  Are you really ready to give up on going home for her?

I’m not sure any longer exactly what my future holds but I do know I want her to be a part of it no matter the outcome.


I have to say Raphael has surprised me more than any other sim in the romance department.  He rolled absolutely no romantic wishes but he kept rolling wishes to hang-out with and talk to Jessica.   They never had dropped the romantic interest status since they gained it during the prom but neither of them seemed to make a move.

The night they met at the spring festival though suddenly Jessica decided to initiate some flirting and the star watching.  The shared a hug and I was encouraged but then he refused her hand holding try and then she left.   After he went home he rolled the wish to talk to her and I thought why not grant it.  So I thought I’d knock off the wish before she went to work.  

So I sent him in the room while I adjusted the camera and the next thing I see is him asking her to be his girlfriend autonomously and she agreed.  Then he immediately dropped down on one knee and proposed.  Now I knew those interactions were possible in the mod I installed but he shocked me with the suddenness of it all.  Only after she said yes did he roll a wish to kiss her.  lol.

So Raph decided for himself that he wanted to marry her with absolutely no prompting from me. 

Blast From the Past: Chapter 4

This chapter is mostly just because I got a lot of great winter activity pictures that I wanted to share.  Nothing terribly important happens in it other than our founder aging up to YA.  I start scoring at that point as well.   So I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Frosty Graduation

TS3W 2013-03-01 18-57-07-15

Still working hard at your workbench I see.

TS3W 2013-03-01 18-59-28-55


TS3W 2013-03-01 19-00-38-68

“Ouch…Voice you pick the worst times to talk to me.  I burned my hand.”

You’re lucky that’s all you’ve burned.  You should see some of the accidents I’ve seen.  You must be pretty talented to have not burned yourself to a crisp yet.

I’m a genius.  I suppose it comes with the territory.  I haven’t heard from you in a while voice.

I didn’t think I was welcome.

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-03-43-07

I was going over my journal notes that day and wanted to concentrate.  I didn’t mean for you not to come back at all.

Well why don’t you fill me in on what I’ve missed.

The onset of winter is what you’ve missed.

TS3W 2013-02-19 18-28-29-67TS3W 2013-02-19 17-56-32-95TS3W 2013-02-19 18-27-54-83TS3W 2013-02-19 18-29-48-59

You’d be proud that I even went out and built an igloo.

Doing something physical is good for you.  Yes I’m very happy to hear that you got involved in some of the snowy fun.

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-18-21-62TS3W 2013-02-26 21-36-48-00TS3W 2013-02-26 21-19-05-36

Bertha has really been enjoying the snow.  She’s become obsessed with snowball fights and building snowmen.

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-41-24-45TS3W 2013-02-26 21-40-08-43

So she’s been pelting you with snowballs?

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-35-59-83

Actually Jeff is her favorite target.

She’s still mad at him after the Sally incident then?

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-42-25-21

Surprisingly they have become good friends again even after her heartbreak.

So who’s been pelting you with snowballs then?  Jessica?

No one.   No one has attacked me at all unless you count my second alien abduction.

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-45-51-51TS3W 2013-02-26 21-46-51-41

An alien grabbed you again?

Yes, unfortunately.   I’d like to forget it if I can.  I’m hoping they won’t be able to find me again after I move.

Very well, how are you and Bertha getting along then?

She and I are getting along fine.  I can’t say the same for everyone else.

You’re not getting along with them?

No, I’m fine for the most part, its Bertha.

Why is that?

Well, she’s declared poor Mrs. Thornridge a mortal enemy.


Well remember I mentioned the obsession with snowmen?


Well her grades started to fall and she still would go out to play in the snow.   One day Mrs. Thornridge decided to talk to her about her choices.

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-40-24-06

“Bertha dear, don’t you have homework to do?”

“I’ll get to it later.”

“You’ve been not turning in your homework lately according to the school so make sure that you do.”

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-52-12-83

“How is that any of your business.  You aren’t my mother or family of any kind.”

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-38-33-66

“Maybe not but since I was appointed your legal guardian it is my responsibility to see that you and your brother are doing well.”

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-45-18-22

“Oh please spare me the lecture.  I’m going to be an actress so no one is going to care if I do well in academics.”

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-59-35-84

“You know Bertha I’m really starting to get tired of your attitude.  Do your homework or you’re grounded.  As long as you live under my roof you will show me some respect.”

TS3W 2013-02-26 20-42-50-32

“How dare you!  You can’t treat me like this!”

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-01-26-22

“You’re grounded for the week and unless you plan to sleep outside in the snow you better change your tune missy!”

Pretty much after that Bertha and Mrs. Thornridge have been on such bad terms I’ve decided I will definitely be taking her with me when I move out.  Jessica and Jennifer are angry at Bertha for slapping their mother so they don’t like her much either anymore.

So it sounds like Bertha is pretty much at war with almost everyone in the house?  How are you faring?

I’m not so sure actually.  Well the girls haven’t been talking to me much lately.

Do you have any idea why?

Well there was the holiday party the Thornridge’s gave.

TS3W 2013-02-28 21-54-35-70

They invited a lot of the kids from school to come.

TS3W 2013-02-28 21-42-57-56

They had everything.  Presents were exchanged and they had mistletoe.

TS3W 2013-02-28 22-01-36-57

I ended up under the mistletoe with Jennifer and gave her a little peck for tradition’s sake.

TS3W 2013-02-28 22-05-09-80

It turns out Jessica was watching and she got a little upset.  She and Jennifer hasn’t talked to me much since that night.

I told you Jessica likes you.  She got jealous and Jennifer probably feels bad about kissing someone her sister likes.

Well since Bertha and I are moving out soon they won’t have to avoid me for much longer.  I’ve never promised her anything so why should a harmless tradition matter at all to her?

TS3W 2013-02-28 22-34-24-28

Jeff already has aged up and he’s gone into music.  I’ll be glad not to have to be around him anymore.  I am certain he will only make his mark as a cad and a flummox.

TS3W 2013-03-01 19-18-36-92

So are you ready now to take the leap into young adulthood?

TS3W 2013-03-01 19-20-16-07

Of course, I am.  I’ll better be able to control my time and future here when I don’t have to answer to anyone.

TS3W 2013-03-01 19-48-11-89

Well you turned out pretty well at least even if you still insist in dressing in old-fashioned clothes.

I can’t help it.  I feel so much more comfortable in it so why not?

TS3W 2013-03-02 00-07-13-89

I graduated with honors and was valedictorian in case you are wondering.

TS3W 2013-03-02 00-10-55-18

I’m not surprised by that since you are such a nerd.  I see you did a celebratory horsey dance.  

I don’t need to impress anyone any longer so why not if it felt right at the time?

No comment.


I wanted to make a note about the mistletoe incident after the party.  Raph rolled a wish to kiss someone under the mistletoe and Jenn came up in the list since it apparently doesn’t count anyone outside of the room with it.  Jessica was mad and Raph’s relationship with her took a hit.  She didn’t yell at either of them but glared and then avoided them. 

Victorian slang terms:

  • Flummox- A Failure
  • Cad- A disreputable man.

So I thought I’d include a nice clear shot of Raph as a YA from CAS.  I think he’s pretty cute myself though I might be biased.  lol.


Blast From the Past: Chapter 3

This experiment, combining an ISBI and Wishacy, has been interesting and I’m glad I decided to do the teenaged unscored period to figure some things out.  In an ISBI you can pull up the slack of the other characters in cleaning and such but the wishacy component I at first thought cleaning and cooking I’d leave to wishes.  I found that just wasn’t practical unless I wanted everything dirty and broken for long stretches.  Therefore if cleaning or repairs are needed I decided not to wait for wishes to have him do it.

I also wanted to add that I decided to use a mod that allows for more interactions to be autonomous since I thought it would make playing files, most especially ones where I want high free-will like this one, more interesting.  It allows the characters themselves to make decisions and gives me the challenge to adapt.  I’ll be putting in notes what interesting decisions were autonomous and what were wish based.

Falling Into Winter

TS3W 2013-02-08 23-02-00-11

Well Raphael, you seem to be settling in a bit more now.

TS3W 2013-02-08 23-56-39-16

If you mean the  daily routine then I’d agree voice.  There are still many things that make me long for home.

Like what?

TS3W 2013-02-12 22-13-49-26

For example I can’t believe girls, from the school, that I barely know, are calling me to go on dates.  I find it a bit forward, though I do understand the times now are different, for strange women to do so.

You do realize that if you are stuck in this time you might want to reconsider your stand on not getting involved with anyone.

I disagree because of the chance of causing some kind of paradox goes up the more interaction Bertha and I have with sims from this time.

If you are in the future isn’t it a little hard to cause any dangerous changes to the timeline?  Nothing you do now could possibly hurt your grandmother in the past.  If you go back with future knowledge to the past though you just might.

I shall just have to abstain from too much contact with others there as well but I will be far less conspicuous there than being a living anachronism in this century.  Trust me there will be consequences to the timeline either way so its best to minimize them.

It sounds like you are setting yourself up to be very lonely.

TS3W 2013-02-13 14-22-22-44

Hardly, since I manage to be very busy most of the time.  I’ve been repairing and upgrading various items around the Thornridges’ house to keep my skills up.  Once I graduate and I can dedicate most of my time on building inventions I’ll be doubly busy.  

TS3W 2013-02-13 16-16-19-08

I even volunteer to do the chores around the house and yard that Jeff isn’t interested in doing.  How he gets away with doing as little as he does I have no idea.

TS3W 2013-02-13 16-19-39-38

Bertha even is helping out a bit.

How are you two getting along?

Just fine.  Though I may not agree with what she is doing with her time there is little I can say to sway her.   At least as far as Jeff is concerned nothing seems to be happening.  She’s a bit upset since she discovered for herself that she’s not the only girl he triffles with.

Obviously you still don’t care for Jeff but how about the twins.  Are you getting along better with them?

Yes things have been better though Jessica is determined to annoy me.

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-51-45-65

“What are you doing Jessica?”

She purposely does things to upset me.

“I’m just going to have some fun.  Haven’t you ever played in leaves?”

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-55-56-63

“I just raked those up!”

Why must she torment me?

I might have a theory…

“Relax Raph you really need to loosen up a little.  Going to join me in the leaf pile Jenn?”

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-55-57-90


“I don’t want to have to rake those up again.  Please stop!”

Please voice, enlighten me…

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-55-27-29

“Jess.  You could be a little nicer to him, you know.”

Its to get your attention.    You said yourself you try to keep from socializing as much as you can but if she does something that annoys you then you pay attention to her.

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-53-02-15

“What to cat boy?  No way.”

There is no way that is why.  I think she hates me and you don’t help me stay out of her target either.  You always tell me to do stupid things when she’s around.

That’s because it relaxes you and you tend to get nervous around her.

She makes me mad not nervous.

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-54-06-61

“Here kitty, kitty…”

Oh come now Raphael even you can’t be that blind.  She wants your attention and you get nervous around her.  What does that tell you?

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-54-52-92

Alright, maybe she makes me nervous, but I don’t like what I think you’re implying.

“I was not acting like a cat just now…”


It’s true though.  You find her attractive don’t you?

No I like nice young women.   She isn’t lady-like at all either.

Try to pretend that it’s not true but you can’t ignore it forever though.  You may like machines but you aren’t one.

Even if I did she doesn’t like me so you don’t have a point.

I told you she teases you because she likes you not because she hates you.

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-04-22-89

If she liked me she would be nice to me like her sister is.

They may be twins but they aren’t anything alike personality wise.  

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-05-45-57

You don’t find Jennifer attractive though.

I don’t find Jessica attractive either.

Then why did you dance with her at the Prom?

No one else asked her to and as a gentleman it was my duty.

TS3W 2013-03-04 12-25-02-38

Speaking of the Prom Bertha was elected Prom Queen even though she attacked Sally Hustav.  All my hopes that she might one day be a proper lady were destroyed that night.

Trying to change the subject?

You aren’t going to stop are you?

Not until you admit that you and Jessica are mutually attracted to each other.

TS3W 2013-02-20 00-05-29-12

I will concede there are times I’ve caught her staring at me.

Well at parts of you…

Don’t even suggest that!

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-41-01-70

You didn’t seem to mind when she attacked you with a pillow in her pajamas either.

I admit it was a little fun, though I was irritated at first, but it was not because her night outfit showed far too much skin.

TS3W 2013-02-13 21-41-21-26

She wanted you to notice so why deny it?

I’ve had enough of you voice.

TS3W 2013-02-26 21-39-13-81

Say what you will but I infinitely enjoy the company of the clanking of tools as I work to the company of any female.

TS3W 2013-03-04 20-54-40-00

I even won an award from the Shop Club for my dedication.

You are hopeless…

No I’m focused.   I can’t be distracted by anything that will keep me from building that time machine.  I know I can do it.  If only I can apply myself to remembering my grandfather’s notes.


I had so many pictures I decided to do one more chapter so there will be two more coming.  I actually played a little bit into Raph’s young adulthood so I thought I’d get some of that up too.

Raph rolled the Renaissance Sim LTW first so I locked it in since its very doable for him.  He’s already made a dent in inventing, handiness and logic with his obsession with skill building wishes.  I was a little upset with him since he preferred working on things to socializing.

At the prom Jennifer got Trigger Broke as a romantic interest and Jeff got Sally Hustev as a romantic interest.  Raph and Jessica also became romantic interests during the dance to my surprise.  That was the first sign that Raph gave me of any romantic inclinations though I did notice he spent a lot more time with Jessica than anyone else in the house.  At first she picked on him a lot and then they started to have more and more positive interactions. 

Blast from the Past: Chapter 2

Big Brother

I have now come to the conclusion that the way in which this time deals with love and courtship is perhaps the most different from the way we did things in 1860 than any of the other disparities I’ve thus far encountered.

Why do you say that?

In my time it was very easy to ascertain someone’s intentions.  If a gentleman came to call often and was encouraged by the lady when engaging in mild flirtation he was morally bound to state his intentions of courtship to her and her family.  If it went well marriage wasn’t far behind.  In the 21st century courtship has been replaced by the very confusing practice of dating.

What’s confusing about it?

TS3W 2013-02-12 22-11-25-58

What is confusing is that its encouraged as just a social activity with no strings attached by some and more seriously by others.  Not to mention teenagers are expected to date but aren’t considered old enough to marry.  Jessica went out with a boy from school but nothing seems to have come of it so why did she go with him in the first place?

Maybe she wanted to see if she did like him in a romantic way.

When she can’t marry him for sometime?

Well if they really liked each other they could marry when they matured.

I suppose but I still find it strange especially when men like Jeff seem to make it a game as to how many young women he can string along and ruin.  Other young men at the school actually look up to him for it.

You really don’t like him do you?

No that’s why I just ignore him.

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-13-40-19

I wish Bertha would do the same.

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-18-32-57

“Hey girl, so I was thinking you could use some new clothes.  I know my mom has given you some allowance and I’m willing to pitch in and help get you a new wardrobe.”

“Really?  That is so sweet of you Jeff!  I’m tired of the kids at school making fun of my attire.”

“We can get a bite to eat too.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-19-59-20

“Bertha!  That isn’t appropriate with our hosts!”

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-22-52-31

“No one cares about propriety anymore brother.  I’d love to step out with you Jeff.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-21-56-79

“Jeff definitely can’t be trusted but there’s nothing wrong with a little shopping.  In fact, you could use a new outfit too, Raph.  Why don’t we all go and then go to the festival after?”

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-21-19-64

“I think that’s a wonderful idea.  It would get you kids out of the house on a beautiful day.”

I was obviously outnumbered but I didn’t like the situation.  I knew that the Thornridges were our hosts and, while the girls were highly regarded in the neighborhood their brother was not.  I felt as if everyone attending it was condoning Bertha’s becoming involved with Jeff and I didn’t like it.  I just couldn’t understand how they could be okay with it even if Jeff was related to them.  It was my duty to protect my sister’s honor though so I couldn’t refuse.

So you just went along with it and did nothing?  I find that hard to believe.

Well I did try to dissuade Bertha by repeating my reservations about Jeff.  Unfortunately Jessica walked in while I was begging her.

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-25-17-25

“Don’t be such a drag Raphael.  I don’t see the harm of a little flirting.  Besides who is better to restrain a brother’s actions but a sister who can commiserate with her?”

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-26-33-56

“Listen up tight-ass do you really think we’d let Jeff hurt her?  Are you that dumb?”

“Giving your brother the benefit of the doubt does you credit but I cannot do so.  My sister’s happiness is my first priority.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 21-33-03-00

“If she wants to go out with my brother knowing what he’s like, even if she gets hurt, isn’t it her decision?  You don’t own her.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 21-30-43-68

“I do not own her but as her elder brother I am responsible for her.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 21-32-12-37

“She has her own mind, you know,”

“Yes but she tends to act before she thinks Jessica.”

TS3W 2013-02-12 21-29-23-14

“You can’t live her life for her.  Seriously though Raph, maybe you don’t trust her judgement, but we don’t want anything to happen to either of you.  Jeff lacks judgment too but hovering doesn’t work.   Just relax and trust us, okay?”

I couldn’t very well call her a liar so I went.  I refused their offers to pick an outfit for me but I didn’t protest the outfit they helped Bertha chose though the skirt was far too short.  We all went to the faire, or festival as they called it, afterward.

TS3W 2013-02-12 22-57-59-28

Did you enjoy yourself?

I did.  As I said it basically was a Faire for the Summer Holiday.


Bertha and I even started out by taking a greeting card photograph.  They took our likeness and somehow made it look like we were on a beach.

They do that in a computer program.

Well however it is done is amazing.

TS3W 2013-02-12 23-09-28-43

I tried out roller skating, I never had the opportunity to try it before, though I’d heard of it.

TS3W 2013-02-12 23-18-51-23

The twins tried an eating contest, where they were to shovel as many hotdogs as possible within a time limit, which I thought was a bit indelicate for a woman to do but they did seem to enjoy it.

TS3W 2013-02-12 23-21-58-45

TS3W 2013-02-12 23-22-13-71

TS3W 2013-02-12 23-24-11-59

They both lost to another woman, however, they put on quite the show.

TS3W 2013-02-13 13-52-38-07

I do regret that I think I lost track with Bertha at some point but she seemed fine when we returned to the Thornridges.

TS3W 2013-02-13 13-53-45-85

I decided to give it one more try when the others retired after dinner.

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-15-42-52

“Bertha I’d like to talk to you.”

“I’m not in the mood to be chastised.  As you can see I am in one piece.”

As much as I hate to admit it Jessica did have a point.  Bertha wasn’t a child any longer and I need to treat her differently.  The fact she was able to spunk up to me proved that.

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-16-58-52

“I’m not going to scold you.  I just want you to understand the risk to getting too close to a young man like Jeff.”

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-16-20-61

“I’m not a child and know what men can be like.”

TS3W 2013-02-09 00-07-24-32

“You don’t hear the stories I do from the other boys at school.  Please don’t tempt him or try to please him with your appearance.”

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-21-13-23

“I bought this dress because I like it not because he liked it.  It’s not unseemly to show one’s ankles and knees any longer.  I’m just adapting to these times as you should.”

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-17-47-75

“If you insist on flirting with him keep it mild and light.  Try to remember we are just visitors in this time and whatever entanglements we can avoid will mean less pain for all involved.”

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-24-08-22

“Honestly, I’m just having fun flirting with him.  My heart is safe and I have nothing to reproach him with.  I know you only worry because you love me.”

“Perhaps you are growing up after all.”

“Raphael promise me you’ll consider the possibility we might not get home.  I don’t want to see your heartbroken either.”

TS3W 2013-02-13 15-27-33-36

“No need to worry about me dear sister.  I shall not rest until I can get us back home even if it is when I am taking my last breath.”

I felt a lot better after our conversation.  I really think she took it to heart.

So are you taking what she said to heart as well?

I shan’t be giving up on returning to our proper time but I won’t be heartbroken if I fail.

Are you certain about that?  There’s a chance of heartbreak no matter how it turns out.

What could possibly hurt me if I go back?

You know it is possible she might not want to go back with you even if you succeed.

That’s something its pointless to worry about now isn’t it?   


Victorian slang explanations:

  • A drag is a person that ruins a good time.
  • “To spunk up” means to stand up to someone.

Blast From the Past: Chapter 1

Just to make it clear I’m not accessing points until Raphael enters young adulthood.  I thought it would give more time for relationships to develop and decide who I’d like to have continue with Raph in the house once he reaches YA.  I plan to give you all a vote as to who should stay or go at that point.  I had lost some gameplay pics when my last comp problem occurred so I’ll summarize a bit at first.

School Days

TS3W 2013-02-08 21-58-33-12

Well its been some time, I think a fortnight or perhaps two, since I last put pen to paper.

So which was it a week or a month?

Really I’m not sure and if you keep interrupting me, voice, I won’t be able to finish this.

Fine I just think its funny you have no idea how long you’ve been in the 21st century.

 I had to bone-up on everything that I missed in the years since 1860 or I’d fail miserably in building a new time machine.  I must know of history and all advancements in science if I want to get in the proper scientific circles.

TS3W 2013-02-12 20-12-42-78

That’s why I have spent every spare moment I can with my nose in a book which isn’t much since there is school work to be done.

TS3W 2013-02-08 21-17-23-07

At the end of the day I’ve frequently been so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open for a shower and had to crawl into bed in the buff.

TS3W 2013-02-08 21-30-53-48

That might explain you sleeping in the nude but what about you eating in the nude?

After getting a little sleep I was hungry that night.

Weren’t you afraid you’d be seen.

No they all sleep soundly.  Besides I dressed immediately afterward and went back to sleep so it was a good thing.

TS3W 2013-02-08 21-54-06-58

It might have been awkward for Jeffery if he woke up before me.

 Actually aren’t those the clothes you wore to school that day?

The night-clothes in this century looks like normal clothes.

TS3W 2013-02-08 21-56-00-93

I wasn’t in the mood to change that day.   As I said it all looks the same so why should I bother changing?  It saves time and no one said anything.

Probably because those aren’t night-clothes but athletic.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-05-06-39

Let’s get back to the topic of my activities, shall we?

Yes what were you saying?

I was about to comment on school.  The schools are quite different from what Bertha and I are used to.  They have special transportation, called buses, that pick all of the youths up at home and take them to the buildings.  I’m not complaining though because I never liked walking or having my grandmother drop me off in her old carriage.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-10-54-53

The school is large and everyone in the city attend.  It’s not just for the privileged anymore as it is the law all must learn.  I can remember there were a few yokels who didn’t trust education and never let their children attend but made them work.  The authorities didn’t seem to care.  That isn’t allowed any longer.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-19-03-82

Also, females weren’t encouraged to learn as much as they are now.  Unless they wanted to teach or nurse then they couldn’t attend schools.  I can see that the Thornridge girls are very intelligent so I suppose it is natural they should seek more skills to attain work in fields where they can put it to use.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-20-27-57

What about Bertha?

Well unfortunately acting is not looked down on any longer so she isn’t that concerned with academics.  Though Mrs. Thornridge told her that she needs decent grade to get into acting schools so she is trying.  She’s never been especially bright though.  She’s talking about joining some club for aspiring actors and it concerns me. 

You don’t approve?

Actors are notoriously immoral and might take her down a path that will ruin her. 

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-52-27-75

She already is showing poor judgment in flirting with Jeff. 

Aren’t you being a little judgmental?

No, I have heard things about him and he is a notorious masher.  He’s broken many girl’s hearts and ruined them morally.  The only saving grace is a girl in this century won’t be ostracized in this century for putting herself into the power of a disreputable man.  I plan to talk to my sister about her poor choices before she is hurt.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-34-14-18

I think I’ve rambled enough in that regard.  I should probably mentioned I joined a group that focuses on building machines and such after school.  I’m hoping it helps me in learning more about the machines in this century that can help me get us back home.  It means I have to stay up late to do homework though.

That’s not the only thing you stay up late to do.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-42-50-11

Yes, I’ve also tried to understand the cultural climate better by watching the television.

You like watching it for fun.  Reality shows fascinate you.  Admit it.

It’s valuable information. 

The Bachelor is valuable?

Its valuable in fitting in at school.  They all talk about it.  Besides, I’ve tried not to watch too much of anything since I have discovered it seems to have an entrancing effect on everyone who stares at the television for extended periods.  Sims seem to literally get hooked on it like its a drug.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-40-24-65

Why one day I was taking a wonderful nap when Jessica just had to turn it on.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-44-13-89

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up Raph.”

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-45-23-50

“How could this infernal racket not wake me!”

“Take a chill pill.”

“Being cooler will not improve my mood!”

I can’t decide if she meant to do it to mess with me or she couldn’t stand the television being off for an extended period.

You aren’t getting along with her?

She chides me about being ‘old fashioned’ quite a lot.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-00-01-96

Speaking of messing with me I had a very strange experience. 

Oh really?  What was it?

I was cleaning up the dishes for my midnight snack and I heard a strange sound.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-01-23-20

I ran outside to see what it was.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-03-24-13

To my surprise there was an enormous ball of light hanging in the air.

Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating?

I do not have hallucinations.

You hear a voice no one else hears.

That’s different.  Besides a hallucination can’t do what this thing did.

I’m sorry go on with your story.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-04-02-47

I continued to watch the light.  It was at once exhilarating and terrifying standing there.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-04-59-58

It suddenly split into a thousand tiny balls of light to my wonder.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-06-29-60

Then, out of it a strange floating craft emerged.  Naturally, I was curious so I stared up at it which was a mistake.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-07-02-04

It shot out a beam of light and I tried to run but it was much too fast.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-08-20-87

It nabbed me and the last thing I could remember was hanging in mid-air. 

Then what happened?

I don’t remember.

Are you sure it wasn’t a hallucination?

Yes because I only can’t remember a few hours.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-37-13-76

The next thing I remembered is being on the lawn bathed in light and I don’t think I was alone.  I wasn’t able to get a look at it but I looked into it later and discovered I wasn’t the only one who experienced it and it is claimed beings not of this earth are abducting people.

That sounds a little bit too much like a sci-fi movie.

What’s sci-fi?

Science Fiction.  It’s an entertainment genre that developed after you stepped into the time machine.  You should check it out.  Nerds like you eat it up.

I have no idea what you mean. 

It doesn’t matter.  I just question if what you saw was real.

TS3W 2013-02-12 19-39-55-90

Well it was all very real.  I just know it left me feeling violated and well I don’t want to go into details.  There are some things gentlemen shouldn’t speak of.

So that ends the story?

Yes.  I just hope it never happens again.

TS3W 2013-02-08 22-19-50-85

I think that just about summarizes my first few months.  I hope to update a bit more often.

There were some Victorian era slang expressions in the narrative:

  • A fortnight means two weeks.
  • Bone-up means studying hard..
  • A yokel is a poor and uneducated person.
  • A masher is a man that makes improper sexual advances to a woman.
  • Surprisingly “in the buff” and “mess with” were used in the 1800s as well.

Pet Masters: Chapter 15


TS3W 2012-12-23 15-50-14-53

Cameron was enjoying having the house by himself at first, but then he found himself getting a little lonely so he tried a little chat on the computer.   He even decided to fill out an online dating profile out of curiosity, something he never intended to tell anyone about, and moments later he was sent a friend request and was invited into a private chat.

TS3W 2012-12-23 15-55-56-45

He was a little disheartened a few moments later when he found out the woman who had started flirting with him on the chat was married.  It was then and there that Cam decided he was not going to ever do anything as stupid as that again.   So he then began spending most of his time like he did when his parents were home; working on his coursework for his certificate in cat behavior and working with his cats.

TS3W 2012-12-22 01-25-44-09

Rita was enjoying her trip, and even took a request to find a certain fish at the science facility.  Rita still had a little ways to go before she would be considered a top angler, but she was determined to do so.
 TS3W 2012-12-22 01-30-55-13

Gavin took it all in stride, taking the extra time to catch up on reading his medical journals.  He was set to be given top honors in his medical career soon, and he wanted his wife to reach her goal as well.

TS3W 2012-12-22 22-26-31-16

This didn’t mean it was all work and no play for the couple.

TS3W 2012-12-22 22-29-46-36

There still was plenty of time for them to enjoy the romantic moments that being alone on a camping trip made available.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-39-36-50

One thing that Cam was not enjoying about being by himself was cooking.  He still could barely make macaroni and cheese and burned everything else he touched.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-42-51-86

 Suddenly, little Mushi came up, yowling at Cam’s heels.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-43-15-21

“Hey Mushi.  What’s wrong?  Did I forget to fill  your food?”

TS3W 2012-12-22 21-43-10-60

As if to answer his question, Fluff suddenly appeared, adding her much louder voice to the kitten’s protests.

TS3W 2012-12-22 01-15-20-00

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll fill it up right now,” Cam said, scooping up the kitten and heading over to the food bowl.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-45-31-66

Unfortunately the pot on the stove was forgotten as Cameron attended to his furry crowd’s appetites.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-46-26-56

“Oh Watcher!”

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-46-43-52

“I don’t even know where the Plumbob the fire extinguisher is!” Cameron shouted in dismay.

TS3W 2012-08-05 14-17-53-29

Cameron next did the only thing he could do and dialed the fire department.

“You’ve got to come now!  My mac and cheese is on fire and I don’t want to burn the house down on my mom’s birthday!  Please, you cannot let my class be right!”

 While Cameron gathered up his precious furry charges and waited for the fire department to arrive, he tried not to wonder if one of the kids who voted that he was most likely to burn his own house down was psychic.

TS3W 2012-12-24 09-14-27-07

Meanwhile, hours away and oblivious to their youngest son’s predicament, Gavin and Rita were celebrating her transition into elderhood.

TS3W 2012-12-24 09-15-28-05TS3W 2012-12-24 09-16-22-88TS3W 2012-12-24 09-48-00-35

Rita transitioned gracefully into her elderly stage.

TS3W 2012-12-24 09-48-32-69

“Happy birthday Honey!  You still look hot!”

“You aren’t just saying that Gavin?” Rita asked with a little sigh looking at her wrinkled hands.

TS3W 2012-12-24 09-51-52-54

“What reason would I have to lie Rita?” He asked wrapping his arms around her waist.
“So you won’t make me mad?” She replied with a little chuckle.
“I see it might take something more to prove it,” he said, tightening his hold on her with a twinkle in his eye.

TS3W 2012-12-24 09-51-09-15

Rita was more than happy to let him convince her for the rest of the evening in the tent, even if it meant missing the few hours that the deathfish would be out.

TS3W 2012-12-23 21-46-54-18

Meanwhile Cameron, though his misadventure didn’t end with a burned down house, had to replace the stove he ruined, so he decided to go into the consignment store to see if they’d buy any of his cat’s recent catches.  Cam didn’t stop to look around, but walked straight into the store and up to the man who was running the cash register and pitched the 12 animals he had.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-29-13-19

“Sorry,” the cashier said to Cam’s inquiry.  “You might try that new little pet store or the science center,” he helpfully told the young man.  Cam got directions to the store and turned, intending to rush over there and to the nearest store to get a new oven, but when he turned something else caught his eye.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-08-18-24

He quietly resolved to walk away quickly before he had to talk to her, but it was too late because she turned and saw him.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-15-27-92

“Cameron!” She exclaimed, approaching with a sweet little smile that he tried to pretend didn’t just stir up a couple of dozen butterflies in the pit of his stomach.
“You idiot,” he silently chided himself, “she’s still a teenager.  Do not even think about her like that.”

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-18-42-52

 “Kindra… hi…” Was his lame response.
“I’m so happy to see you,” she said a little too eagerly. “What have you been up to?”

“Well I’m working on getting a certification in cat behavior counseling,” he told her.


“Oh that’s exciting!  Have you started your business yet?” she asked.


Cameron tried not to be happy she actually remembered what he’d told her about his plans after graduation.  “Not just yet but I’ll be able to start soon since I need some hands on experience.  My mom and dad have been really supportive,” he told her.

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-09-32-99

“Just your mom and dad?  You don’t have someone else, like, I don’t know, a girlfriend, that’s cheering you on?”

Cam knew he probably should’ve lied since it was obvious what she was fishing for, but he didn’t want to.  “No,” he said.  “You know me.  The women just don’t get me…” He trailed off before he said something he’d know he’d regret like; “not like you do”.

“Good,” she said with a small grin, “you know I’m not dating either because all of the boys my age are just idiots.  In fact, I just skipped a grade, I was bored and took the test and was placed a grade ahead for this year so I only got two more years and not three.”

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-19-34-68

“Kindra, I don’t want you to think that because…. well because I… you see I’m not expecting you to not move on just because we kissed that night.”

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-23-04-44

“I know I don’t have to save myself for you Cam,” she said giggling a bit, “but I want to as long as you want me to.”

TS3W 2012-12-23 22-22-19-71

 He tried not to smile goofily, but failed as she approached him, mentally telling himself she was just a kid still and she could not have meant what she said the way he had taken it.  “I think I should go now Kindra. I really need to sell some stuff to replace the stove I ruined and get myself something to  eat.”
 “Then come to the festival. They have cheap stuff there and I’m meeting some friends there this afternoon.  Why don’t you come?”
“I’ll think about it…”

TS3W 2012-12-24 00-41-35-87

Cameron went, he told himself, because he was hungry.

TS3W 2012-12-24 00-44-55-09

 He wasn’t lying to himself, he told himself, because he was truly hungry and he needed to eat.

TS3W 2012-12-24 00-49-40-12

He also told himself that it wouldn’t hurt to have a little company while he filled his empty stomach.

TS3W 2012-12-24 16-25-58-14TS3W 2012-12-24 16-27-29-53TS3W 2012-12-24 16-28-29-84TS3W 2012-12-24 16-29-26-56

He then told himself it wouldn’t hurt to stay and have some fun as long as he was there.  It wasn’t a date;  they were just friends enjoying each other’s company for a few hours.  He ignored the fact that she ditched her friends to spend time with him.  In fact, her ride left without her, so he decided it was only right that he took Kindra home.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-14-04-13

“Thanks, it was fun spending time with you,” he told her.
 Kindra sighed, dropping her gaze from his.

“What’s wrong,” he asked.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-19-51-31

“I was just thinking how nice it would be if we could spend more time with each other, but you probably don’t want to.”  She leaned against a support column, still avoiding his gaze.  “Our ages aren’t really all that far apart.  Why can’t you be my boyfriend?  It’s just not fair.”


“We can’t because I’m already a young adult, but you’re still a teenager.  It just wouldn’t be right Kindra.”

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-16-49-83

She took a few steps toward Cameron, grabbing his hands in hers.  “If not now, when?  I love you, Cam.  I’ve loved you since I was a little girl, and ever since I realized you could feel the same way I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”
Cameron’s heart ached hearing the pain and frustration in her voice, and more than anything he wanted to comfort her.  There was something about her that drew him, but he hesitated to name exactly what he felt toward this girl who was pouring her heart out to him.  If he crossed that line, he feared then there would be nothing holding him back.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-29-45-98

 “Kindra,” he sighed “I probably shouldn’t say this but I do feel something for you, but it’s not the right time to explore it.  After you graduate and are an adult too, if you still feel that way then I’ll be here.  If this really is love then its worth waiting for.”

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-36-08-39

Kindra smiled, throwing herself into his arms.  “Oh Cam, I knew you felt the same way,” she exclaimed as she looked up into his face with such joy. He didn’t pull away.  Smiling down at her, he felt her slender fingers entwine at the back of his neck and for the second time Kindra leaned in to kiss him.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-32-43-86

Though he knew in the back of his mind that he shouldn’t, the moment her lips touched his he found it impossible not to return it.  He lingered in it, tenderly wrapping his arms around her as he felt her body melt into his embrace.  Her taste and the feel of her body against his was intoxicating, and he didn’t want to stop.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-43-09-51

The marvelous spell was broken by an angry shout as the front door to the house burst open.  “Get away from my daughter, you sick bastard!” Rodney Singleton shouted.

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-41-53-43

Spinning around to face Kindra’s father, Cameron was a confused jumble of anger and shame.
 “Daddy, its not like that. I kissed him and I shouldn’t have…”
“No Kindra, I should know better.  I shouldn’t have kissed you.  I’ll go.”

TS3W 2012-12-24 15-44-08-13

As Cameron left the Singleton mansion behind, he could clearly hear Rodney’s furious shouts from behind.  “Don’t ever show your face around here again!


– I’d like to thank xpaintitbl​ack7x for beta reading this chapter.

Pet Masters: Chapter 14

Though Cameron’s story is starting, I can’t officially count Gen 1 closed until Rita finishes her Angler Career.  I’m also still trying to help Gavin get his LTW, and hope he can get it before he dies.  I also will be skilling the cats in the hunting skill, but not directing them to purposely fill any of the journal requirements.  Once Rita’s career level is maxed I can start on the hunting journals and working on Cam’s LTW.

Herding Cats?

All things considered, Cameron Ambrose’s last dance was a good night.  It was the night of his first date ever, which would probably be an embarrassment for most graduating seniors, but for Cameron it felt more like an unreal accomplishment.  Also, most boys his age would probably rather not have gone with a freshman to the dance, but the fact that the very girl in question, besides being pretty cute, was having a daydream of hers fulfilled in attending a dance with him made him happy.

TS3W 2012-12-22 15-48-14-68

“Thanks Cam,” Kindra Singleton said with a sincere smile as they said goodnight in front of the school, “it really was amazing of you to come with me.”

“I just hope I didn’t burst that dream bubble of yours Kindra,” Cam said with a smile, “because I’m sure you found me much less impressive in real life than in your daydreams.  In reality I’m just the weird guy in school that likes cats.”

TS3W 2012-12-22 15-53-22-85

Kindra giggled, pulling him into a hug that caught him off guard.  “That’s why I did want to come with you.  You’re not like anybody else, and this was the best night I’ve ever had in my life.”

Cam couldn’t help but smile since he took a great deal of pride in his individuality, and returned her hug.

TS3W 2012-12-22 15-58-26-22

“In fact,” she said stepping back, “there’s only one thing that could make it better.”

TS3W 2012-12-22 16-15-16-08

“What’s that?” he asked, a bit perplexed.

TS3W 2012-12-22 16-12-44-87

Instead of speaking, she leaned in and kissed him quickly just as a gentle rain began to descend.  Cam, unsure of what to do, closed his eyes, and for the first time that night he became aware of just what their age difference meant.  He didn’t want to enjoy the kiss, because in a few days time he would be a young adult and she would still be a teenager for three more years, but he was unsuccessful.   Though it was a clumsy peck on his lips, it quickened his heartbeat so he was unable to look her in the face when she pulled away.

TS3W 2012-12-22 16-10-20-30

“I’m sorry,” Kindra said, seeing his face fall.   “I don’t expect anything; I just wanted you to be my first kiss.  I know by the time I’m old enough for you to think seriously about me you’ll probably have found someone else, but I wanted to have this night at least.  Thank you for making a dream come true.”

Cam was at a loss for words and stood mutely for a few moments, mulling over what he possibly could say.  When he finally had the courage to look up, she already was halfway across the lawn and getting into a taxi.

TS3W 2012-12-22 15-56-57-85

“Goodbye,” he said, watching her depart, feeling empty.  He had a strong suspicion that he’d not only just had his first kiss but also his last.  Though it was a fact he generally ignored, he knew being eccentric had its draw-backs and that being considered  strange didn’t usually make girls want to kiss you.  The only thing he could truly be certain of in that moment was that the rain was beginning to fall harder and he needed to get home.

TS3W 2012-08-03 09-22-50-80

One of the advantages of Gavin’s late nights as a Doctor was that he was often awake when his children got home from dates.

“So how did it go?” he asked his youngest son.

“Okay, I guess,” Cam said, tapping his chin.  “I mean, she was happy. She even gave me a peck on the mouth before running off, but I couldn’t help but think about the age difference.  It just wouldn’t work… right now I mean.”

TS3W 2012-08-03 09-26-21-97

“So do you like the girl?  Did you tell her?”

TS3W 2012-08-03 09-24-59-60

“To tell the truth, I didn’t really think about it much.  Why wonder about something that doesn’t really matter?  I’m not going to date a teenager when I’m a young adult.  That would just be wrong,” he answered his father, perusing his jellied toast.

“If you told the girl how you feel, then maybe when she’s a little older there would be a chance to reconnect,” Gavin told his son helpfully.

“Three years is a long while Dad.  It’s just not going to happen.  It would be just as hard as trying to herd cats.”  Cameron then bit into his toast with conviction, signaling the end of the conversation.


TS3W 2012-08-05 16-48-04-01

A few days later a jubuliant Cameron, now a young adult, graduated from high school.

TS3W 2012-08-05 16-49-04-13

Cameron hadn’t really paid attention to what he was voted, he’d fallen asleep after the second speech of the presiding faculty, but he thought it was pretty weird to learn that he was voted most likely to burn down his own house.  He thought that he should have been voted most likely to be a successful entrepreneur.  He certainly felt his ambitions to have his own successful cat behavior business were well within reach.

TS3W 2012-08-05 17-05-48-57

“Congratulations son,” Gavin told Cameron.

“Thanks Dad,” he said with a smile.  “I can’t wait to start to work.”

“You’re sure you want to try that cat business?  Do you really think you can make enough off of training cats?”

“It’s not just training, its fixing behavior problems, plus I’m going to earn off the cats hunting proceeds.”

“I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the idea as you Cameron.”  Gavin said sighing before Rita joined them.  “We will help you try to get going but if it’s not working after a while I hope that you have a back up plan in mind.”

“Gavin let’s not worry about that just yet,” his wife chided him.

TS3W 2012-08-05 17-07-21-84

“Here honey this is something to get you started,” she then said presenting a small box tied with a bow.

“Thanks,” he said taking the box “what is it?”

“It’s a collection finder,” Rita told him “to help you figure out where to take your cats to hunt.”

Cameron was pleased to receive the device and thanked her profusely.  Rita held back her tears as best she could trying not to concentrate too hard on the fact that her baby was now young man starting his own life now.


TS3W 2012-12-23 15-50-14-53

Cameron found a school that was willing to teach him via correspondence for a behavior counseling certificate and began to work diligently on it.  As part of the course he needed hands on experience and needed to write reports on certain case studies so he decided right away to volunteer at that animal shelter in evaluating cats up for adoption and solving issues that would help the cats get adopted.

TS3W 2012-12-22 01-28-56-98

He couldn’t help thinking about how Fluffs and  Pouncer were getting up in years and how having more than 2 hunting cats could help his bottom line and reputation.

TS3W 2012-12-22 21-48-27-83

What better way to prove to doubters in his abilities than showing a small army of trained hunting cats so he convinced his parents to adopt two small kittens from the shelter.

TS3W 2012-08-05 13-51-29-53

So the Ambrose family added a tiny Himalayan kitten Cameron named Mushi.

TS3W 2012-08-05 13-54-02-78

Also a little Japanese Bobtail kitten name Sondra  joined the family.

TS3W 2012-12-22 00-36-53-84

Cameron found that with two new kittens to train in the house he was left little time to think.

TS3W 2012-12-23 16-51-27-70

He began having the older cats start to hunt more often.

TS3W 2012-12-23 16-55-48-44

Of the two older pets Fluff by far was the best hunter bringing home many critters from her nightly hunts.

TS3W 2012-12-22 23-55-46-34

Cameron was very happy to have his thoughts consumed by his passion for cats.

TS3W 2012-12-22 00-26-11-09

Rita on the other hand was splitting her time between her two passions.  Her first passion was her husband and the other was naturally still fishing.  With an approaching birthday it was her youngest son’s idea was for her to quietly combine the two instead of having a large and loud party.

TS3W 2012-12-22 00-55-27-48

Gavin and Rita loved the idea so the couple left on a camping trip to have a romantic and relaxing celebration.

TS3W 2012-12-22 00-51-56-67

“You’re sure you can handle the house on your own Cameron, it will just be you and the cats,” Rita asked.

“Mom you and Dad need to enjoy yourselves a bit.  I’m an adult now so I can handle things on my own.”

So Cameron sent off his parents on a their trip intending to have an uneventful week of his own filled with felines and study.


– I’d like to thank xpaintitbl​ack7x for beta reading this chapter.

Pet Masters Generation 1 Summary

Generation 1: Rita Ambrose’s Story


Following the death of her father Rita Ambrose takes the stipend her father’s estate gives her and moves to Appaloosa Plains.  She has a small, simple house built on a piece of land and decides to use the love of fishing instilled in her by her late father to earn a living.


One morning Rita sees an ad in the paper looking for a fisherman who wants to take on a challenge.  Through the ad she meets Hector Lindsey who, when she goes to his house, tells her that he’s looking for someone to catch one of every variety of fish in a contest against his son.  The winner would get his estate in its entirety.  He tells Rita that he’s hoping to teach his son, a black sheep, a lesson.  Thinking it would be a fun challenge and Hector’s son would win out she agrees.


Going to the beach next to her home Rita hopes to meet some of her neighbors bringing along hot dogs.  Though most of her neighbors already are leaving one man remains.  Rita cooks up her hot dogs and invites the man to share them with her.  She learns his name is Gavin Pinkerton, a doctor, and she hits it off with him immediately.  They end up flirting and watching the stars together agreeing to see each other again.


A man shows up at Rita’s house claiming to be Hector Lindsey’s son trying to convince Rita to back out of the challenge.  Hoping to repair the father and son’s relationship Rita refuses and tells him to talk his father and get him to end the competition.  Hunter becomes angry and tells her she will regret it if she doesn’t back down and let him get his rightful inheritance once his father dies.


Rita’s relationship with Gavin progresses quickly and he moves in with her.  Soon they are expecting a baby and make plans to get married.


Once their son Brian is a toddler Rita and Gavin get married on the beach where they met with no fan faire in a private ceremony.


The couple saves as best they can but it takes until Brian is a child until they can afford to build an addition to give him a room.  After a fire and a few set backs the room is built.


As their family grows with the addition of daughter Bria and Rita becoming pregnant again.  She is so busy juggling the children and their respective careers she forgets about the challenge until one night Hector appears at her home.


Hector tells Rita he has decided to have the challenge written into his will and convinces her to take it up once again after her third child is born.


Once her eldest son Brian is a teen and her youngest is a toddler Rita begins Hector Lindsey’s challenge in earnest.  She also takes up a challenge from the science center and city to create a Perfect Aquarium in the hopes of earning more money for her family.


Brian gets the family two cats as a present as well.


Of everyone in the family Cameron, as he grows, bonds with the cats the most.  He learns everything he can about them and their hunting ability fascinates him enough that he decides to train them to teach them to bring back what they catch to him.

PMG1sum13  PMG1sum14

When the kids send Gavin and Rita out for their anniversary two thugs show up and take the couple to see Hunter Lindsey.  Hunter informs them that Hector is on his deathbed and he tells Rita that with his criminal connections he will make sure that she regrets it if she doesn’t back out of the challenge.   Hunter tells her his father didn’t like him following in his footsteps as a criminal, Hector was a successful Cat Burglar in his youth, and is using her to punish him for not ending his life of crime as his father had.  He lets couple leave with a warning to back out of the challenge so that Hunter can get his inheritance.


At Gavin’s elder birthday party Rita receives a call from Hector Lindsey’s attorney informing her that he has died and asking her to come to the reading of his will.  Though she and Gavin had decided that Rita would drop out of the challenge the attorney said that would not give Hunter what he wanted and that she should hear the will before making a final decision.


At the reading of the will Leonard Sparks, Hector’s attorney, informs the Ambrose and Lindsey families that the old man specified in his will that he wished for Rita and Hunter to continue the challenge.  If they did not continue it then all but 30,000 simolians would go to charity and that the 30k would then be the prize for anyone who wanted to win the challenge.  This would open it up to everyone and the decision as to which option would be taken was to be made by Rita.  She decides to open it up to everyone hoping Hunter would drop his animosity towards her family.  Unfortunately he is angry that he would have to compete with more strangers over a fraction of the amount he should have received and threatens to get even with Rita for giving away his money.


When Brian graduates he decides he wants to move away and become an Angler like his mother to start his own family.


Having also aged up Cameron attends his first dance by himself where he discovers that Bria secretly has been dating Neal Lindsey who is Hunter Lindsey’s son.  They convince Cameron not to say anything about their relationship.


When they come home they find that the house has been set on fire and it is damaged extensively.


Brian convinces his mom and dad to go on a trip while the work is being done on the house.  Rita not only uses the trip as an opportunity to enjoy her husband’s company but to collect more varieties of fish for Hector’s contest which she has decided to reenter.


When they return from the trip Bria introduces Neal Lindsey to her parents.  Neal explains that when Bria told him about the fire that he knew his parents were involved so he turned them in to the police.  Though unsure of how trustworthy he is Rita and Gavin feel that Bria is responsible enough to decides who she wants to date.


Rita finally finishes both the science center’s Perfect Aquarium contest and Hector Lindsey’s contest and receives monetary rewards.


When Bria becomes a young adult she marries Neal and Rita decides to give them the money she won from Neal’s grandfather’s estate with the fishing contest to them to start their lives with.  She also receives the rest of the simolians from her father’s trust and his wishes that the Ambrose name continue on.  As long as one member of his bloodline kept that name passing it on to their children they would also receive a trust from his estate.


The last child at home still, Cameron, was preparing to graduate and he was asked to the dance by a freshman named Kindra Singleton.  Kindra tells him she has had a crush on him for a long time and so he agrees to go with her.

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