The Frost Rainbowcy

This is a fantasy themed story that takes place where all sorts of fantastic and legendary FaireSims (Sims based off of mythical and legendary beings) live in a world veiled from the rest of the Simverse.  It follows the Frost Family who is tasked with ruling the Enchanted Kingdom and all who live there.    It is also a “Choose Your Own Adventure Storyteller Challenge” which means it is interactive.

How it Works

Like many Rainbowcy each generation will have several character’s that are prospective heirs of the Frost Family and you will be asked to choose which one becomes the next Heir of the Frost Family. This will happen at the half-way point of that generation (The 4th or 5th episode).

Where mine is different there will be a main story with each Generation having its own chapter in the over-all story recounting the goings-on surrounding the prospective heirs.  There will also be a situation where one of the prospective heirs will have to make a decision and you, the reader, will be presented with 3 choices of actions the heir could take. Post your choice of which option you’d like to see. The choice with the most votes will begin the next episode. These votes often will change the course of the story in ways you hopefully will not be expecting.

This story is updated around every other week with a vote.


The Frost Family Tree
Sims 3 Thread
Results of the Founder Vote
Results of Gen 2 Heir Vote


If you don’t want to read every chapter of the story then these  generation summaries will help you catch up faster.


Story Chapters


Episode 1: Welcome to the Kingdom
Episode 2: Matters of the Heart
Episode 3: Mysteries & Choices
Episode 4: The Ball, Part 1
Episode 5: The Ball, Part 2
Episode 6: Anatomy of a Curse, Part 1
Episode 7: Anatomy of a Curse, Part 2
Episode 8: Ring & Crown
Episode 9: A Challenge for the Crown
Episode 10: Considerations & Celebrations, Part 1
Episode 11: Considerations & Celebrations, Part 2
Episode 12: Consequences, Part 1
Episode 13: Consequences, Part 2


Interlude: Austen
Interlude: Bronte
Interlude: Dickens
Interlude: Shelley
Interlude: Lee
Episode 14: Just Another Day?
Episode 15: Possibilities, Part 1
Episode 16: Possibilities, Part 2
Episode 17: Preparations & Revelations, Part 1
Episode 18: Preparations & Revelations, Part 2
Episode 19: The Guardian, Part 1
Episode 20: The Guardian, Part 2
Episode 21: The Prom, Part 1
Episode 22: The Prom, Part 2
Episode 23: A Friend in Foxes Covering? Part 1
Episode 24: A Friend in Foxes Covering? Part 2
Episode 25:
Episode 26:
Episode 27:
Episode 28:
Episode 29:

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