In Harm’s Way

A Mad Science 200 BC

WARNING: This will also be a Black Comedy but, mainly because of the nature of the main characters, it will probably end up being a bit more kinky and edgy than Quest for Immortality.  Desmond is bi and Celine isn’t shy about experimenting so if seeing/reading any of that will bother you then stop here.  When I said mad science I should warn you that Celine is a tad psycopathic (what would be termed a high-functioning one) so she doesn’t mind hurting or experimenting on others as long as she feels its justified.  This is written from her point of view so just because she feels something is right doesn’t mean I do.  I’m a bit interested in psycology so crawling into a personality disorder is sort of an interesting departure for me.

I am using Nraas mod which will allow male, plantsim and teenage pregnancy to allow for crazy mayhem and if you are very sensitive about any of those possibilties then don’t read this.


Celine Harms-Gelman’s  dream goal is to become a famous genetist by studying and improving on the newly discovered Plant Sim by creating a subtype that has the ability to cross with other species by using herself as a guinea pig.  Turning herself into a Plant Sim at University she plans to breed offspring and study any hybrids with other species.  Being from a 100 Baby Challenge family she figures that 100 is a nice even number to test out her theories.  The only problem is that she doesn’t mind throwing ethics out of the window if to her the ends justify the means.

Desmond Harms-Gelman wants nothing more than to be a famous chef and has agreed to help his sister by learning to cook and supplying them both with ambrosia.  In return she is to help him find aliens that want to engage in some cross-species “pollination”.  Loving kids he’s hoping to have lots of part alien children.

Gladiolus Montigo-Gelman has discovered that pushing the envelope has its consequences after angering a fae wizard.  Glad is under a curse and can now only attract ugly women.  In order to lift it he has to sleep with 100 of them risking pregnancy each time (50% chance of conception).    Being surrounded by children doesn’t improve his mood so he’s taken up mixology so he can party to distraction.

Delphinium Montigo-Gelman is a street artist and is working hard to turn convention on its head.  Del has stuck around mainly because he wants to rub his twin’s predicament in his face but he makes up for it by taking care of the kids and learning alchemy to try and find a cure.


This story is using the 100 BC variation of 10 daddies/mommies with 10 kids each.

  1. This is all about mad science and since Aliens like gender bending pregnancies and Plant Sims are all about gene splicing either male or female is okay or either twin.
  2. All of Desmond’s partners must have the alien trait.  Each alien must be different from the others (done by modifying an alien in CAS).
  3. All of Celine’s partners must be a supernatural of some sort.
  4. Each parent will produce no less than 10 offspring with the mommy/daddy.  The only exception is if the final birth is a multiple birth that puts them over the 10 child limit.  Only 10 will count toward the total.
  5. If one of the mommies/daddies takes a liking to the opposite twin I won’t stop them from woohooing, and risky will be on and possible, but any offspring conceived won’t count toward the total.

They have these specific goals/rules I’m using to make this more challenging:


  1. Achieve a LTW
  2. Max Science Skill Journal
  3. Max Logic Skill Journal
  4. Max Chemistry Skill Journal and learn all potions
  5. Max Gardening Skill
  6. Max Fishing skill


  1. Achieve a LTW
  2. Max Cooking Skill Journal
  3. Max  Nectarmaking Skill and Journal
  4. Max all cooking skill objects (Teppanyaki Grill, Deep Fryer & Woodfire Oven)
  5. Learn all receipes


  1. Learn to walk, talk and potty as a toddler
  2. Master either xylophone, Play Pen Mirror, Peg Box/Abacus, Toy Oven or Blocks before reach teen years
  3. Read  3 Child Skill Books in one series
  4. Begin working on a skill that matches a trait
  5. Must earn at least a B in school by graduation
  6. Must have a best friend or romantic interest before YA Birthday


  1. Achieve a LTW
  2. Max Mixology Skill Journal
  3. Max Rebel Influence


  1. Achieve a LTW
  2. Max  Alchemy Skill Journal and learn all potions
  3. Max Street Art Skill Journal


Yes I will take donations of baby mommas and daddys so if you have one then please post them in the Sims 3 Comment thread once it is up. I also will take donations for romantic interests for the kids too.




Prologue: Normal is Over-Rated
Chapter 1: Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 2: Experimental Results

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  1. Haha, so you’re one of those BCers who can’t get enough of it? Personally, I just want to get through the one I’m already in! Don’t get me wrong, I love 100/200 BC and will probably read this when it’s up, I just think it’s kinda nutty doing more of it! But good luck!

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