Quest for Immortality: Chapter 36

I’m sorry my chaotic schedule delayed this being posted.  Three more members of the harem will make their first appearances in this chapter.

Just like I’d intended to originally have a whole chapter devoted to the Montigo visit I originally wanted the stay of Liam’s Marine triplets to take up a couple of chapters.  I also didn’t devote much time to the age-up and exit of the rest of the teens in the house.  I did this because of my computer’s random freak outs.  I did manage to take enough pictures over the weekend that I don’t think this chapter feels bare.  Again I’m sorry things are so rushed.

Marine Biology

Hello Liam watchers.  A rather unusual development is about to confront our Liam but first I should probably catch you up on what you’ve missed.

I suppose first I should inform you that Liam’s last group of teenagers has finally left the nest.

TS3W 2013-09-03 20-27-39-04

Ian and Helena Buffington were the first to become young adults.  Liam was pleased that Ian had plans to become a firefighter after the Montigo children’s lack luster interest in their future plans.  They elected to stay until the end of the summer brought the age-up and exit of both sets of quadruplets.

TS3W 2013-09-03 20-52-55-29

The Sky Quads, Nolan, Lousie, Monica and Jesse, all turned out handsome.

TS3W 2013-09-03 21-14-46-62

The Wood Quads, Oliver, Natalie, Priscilla and Quin, also turned out be a good-looking bunch.  Both sets of quads evidently decided to travel for a time and check out a new resort town promising to send a mermaid, that are reported to swim in its local waters, Liam’s way.  It will be interesting to see what comes of that.

TS3W 2013-09-20 22-27-39-12

You might also be wondering what happened with Regret and Erica Montigo.  As it turns out both women were pregnant and so Liam has allowed them to stay.  Fancy refused to leave since she intends on staying with Regret apparently.  Liam decided to not fight with them over just how long they will stay, largely because of their threats to involve the other Montigos, hoping that he can convince them to go once they see how hard it is to actually take care of babies.  As the months went on the Montigo women staying with him has become more and more of a headache.  Erica and Regret seemed to become more fixated on him and attempted to stir something up romantically, competing for his attention, every chance they could.  He even had to rebuff attempts by Fancy to flirt with him.  Liam tried to ignore them and take these events in stride.

TS3W 2013-09-22 17-59-28-29

With the children departing the arrival of the next group of baby mammas began.  First, Doll Marine arrived to finish she and Liam’s deal bringing along with her the first set of she and Liam’s offspring.

TS3W 2013-09-22 17-52-39-08

Lark, Linden and Lauren were excited to meet their father.

“Hi Dad. “

“Hey Dad.”


“Well its nice to finally meet you three.”

“Same here.  I’m hoping to get a few pointers in charming the ladies.”

Lark, in addition to being the only fairy of the group, is the only other child to more after Liam in personality.  Judging by his strained relationship with Desmond earlier, and his cooler relationship with his male children, he his lack of enthusiasm in creating another cassanova will continue.

“Sure.  I guess..”

“Hopefully, my brothers and I can all get to know you better, Dad.”

“Yeah, Lark.  You can’t monopolize Dad just so you can pick his brain.”

Doll, has brought along more than just she and Liam’s children but a relative who wants to also be a baby mamma for him.

 TS3W 2013-09-22 20-51-52-38

“Liam, this is my niece Laella who also would like to help you with your challenge.”

“Hi Liam.  My Auntie Doll told me about your challenge and I decided that I’d like to help out.  I hope you don’t mind my cousin Leah staying with us for a while.  She was supposed to visit me over the summer and when Auntie Doll said she was coming here I really couldn’t send her back.”

TS3W 2013-09-22 21-30-50-76

“It’s nice to meet both of you lovely ladies and don’t worry about the extra guest.  You see a couple of other baby mammas brought a young teenaged sister along and so she won’t be bored.”

TS3W 2013-09-22 20-53-16-20

“I’m so glad you don’t mind Mr. Gelman.”

“You can call me Liam, Leah, and like I said you’ll be helping out in a way by keeping Fancy busy.”

Despite his kind words I don’t think he was very a happy that Laella brought her teenaged cousin along.  Unfortunately, I do think I detected a possible crush on Leah’s part and I’m not sure how he’s going to react to two teenagers infatuated with him.

“Laella I hope you don’t mind my asking you to wait for a bit before having a baby for me.  I have a couple of pregnancies and I really don’t want to have more than 3 at a time.  I’ve kept your Aunt waiting long enough so I’d like her to be the next momma in line for now.”

“No I don’t mind at all.  It looks like this will be a fun place to hang around for a while.”

Of course Laella might have been right but for the Montigo ladies who had taken up residence.  Their rivalries seemed very low-key, at first, but with the introduction of other women their attitude has becoming more combative.

TS3W 2013-09-20 22-46-28-30

Liam did not see the threat the Montigo ladies were to his Quest until the night he and Doll decided to seal the deal and it became painfully obvious.

“Ready to have some fun Doll?”

“Definitely, Liam.”

“As I remember, you’re a little adventurous.  Have any requests?”

TS3W 2013-09-20 23-22-40-25

“What in the Hell are you doing with that skank Liam?”

As I’m sure you can tell, I tend to worry more about Regret actually becoming violent, but I wouldn’t put it past Erica to join in once her cousin got started.

TS3W 2013-09-20 23-52-31-86

“I thought my love was all you needed!  Oh Liam, why?”

Not all of Erica’s personalities seem to be equally infatuated with Liam and the one that appears to be the most is more melodramatic than anything else.  So far its mostly been threats and nothing more so hopefully it will stay that way.  I don’t think any of us want to see another female taking up where Betsy left off.

“Now ladies you know that you don’t own me.  Doll is my next baby momma.”

“Not if I rip the ho’s pretty wings off!”

TS3W 2013-09-20 23-24-47-63

“I’ll give her ass a beat down while you do it Regret.”

TS3W 2013-09-21 01-26-13-69

“Regret, Erica,  I won’t let you threaten any of my guests!  Now you two go.”

“She’s the one that’s got to go.”

TS3W 2013-09-21 22-04-33-59

“Liam I’ll fight for your love!”

TS3W 2013-09-21 22-05-07-31

“Now come on you two we can’t have fighting in the house.”

Thankfully Bast is diligent in her protection duty.

TS3W 2013-09-21 01-23-42-42

“Liam, do we have to stay here?”

Also Doll is smart enough to know not to push the Montigo ladies if she can help it.  I hope her niece has as much sense.

“No.  Like I said you can request whatever you’d like for tonight.”

TS3W 2013-09-22 22-31-54-58

In the end Liam took Doll on a night on the town and festival where there were hot-air balloons.

TS3W 2013-09-22 22-32-47-63

Always looking for new and unique experiences Doll decided that sealing the deal midair would make it memorable.

Liam and Doll’s triplets seemed to enjoy their week-long visit even with the surrounding chaos.  Liam made an effort to make sure Doll was never alone and encouraged activities with he and Doll’s children.   Of course he had other children to care for so he couldn’t be there to watch all of the time so their might have been an odd encounter or two.  A trip on the last day of the summer festival with the triplets opened up a new opportunity for Liam.
TS3W 2013-09-24 12-45-29-84

“So I’m looking for a dance partner.  Care to join me Sexy?”

“If you insist but I warn you I’m not the best dancer.”

TS3W 2013-09-24 13-25-55-46

“So what are you good at then?”

“If I tell you it might make you blush.”

::Laughing:: “Try me.”

TS3W 2013-09-24 13-35-04-71

“I’m good at getting women to scream my name.”

I have an idea he whispered something a little naughty because this woman seems pretty receptive.

TS3W 2013-09-24 13-27-26-98

::Laughing:: “You got me curious as to if you can prove that claim.”

“On one condition.  See the ladies who I make love to have my babies.”


“Yes.  I have a challenge where I’m trying to make 100 babies and raise them.”

“What do these women get in exchange though?”

“I take care of them while their pregnant and make sure they’re throughly entertained.”

After learning her name was Levi Babur, Liam left her with an invitation to become one of his momma’s that she said she’d think about.

TS3W 2013-09-24 14-26-52-02

As for how the rest of the day went.  Liam and Doll spent a lot of time with activities with the kids as it wore on into the evening.

TS3W 2013-09-24 15-32-45-38

The Marines and Liam ended the evening by going into one of those strange booths that are supposed to take photographs worthy of a greeting card.  Frankly I’m not sure how a fake ocean says “Greetings from Twinbrook”  when they don’t have palm trees but at least it gives the triplets a keepsake.

That catches you up.  Now I know you’re wondering about that unuasl development.  I’ll share that with you next.

– All of the Marines that appear in this chapter belong to Nyrakick.  Doll Marine has her own 100 BC  called Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums and her appearance here is part of a swap.  Lark, Linden and Lauren are Doll and Liam’s kids from the first part of her swap and were born in Doll’s story.  Lauren and Leah are her nieces and submitted for the harem section in Part 2.

– Levi Babur is Mewmewmentor’s Sim created specifically for the harem.

– Regret Montigo, Erica Montigo, and Fancy Montigo appear here with Nay83’s permission.  They are her Sims and I’d like to thank her for her input on the dialogue and plot ideas for this and future chapters.  She writes hilarious stories involving all of her Montigos, including some of Liam’s children, so go to her blog to read about their adventures. 

Seth’s Interlude # 1

I thought it would be fun to show the encounters between Seth and the harem as he puts the spell on them from his point of view.  These won’t be full chapters but short little mini chapters containing just a scene or two.  This is the first interlude.  I hope you enjoy getting a peek into Seth’s head. 

The Montigos

The dance of fates is at once delicate and mercurial.  This is a fact you simple creatures willfully ignore insisting that you can accomplish anything if you just try hard enough.  In reality anything can happen and the results you get are arbitrary but you insist in perpetuating the delusion with platitudes passed down through the ages.  Fools.  All of you are fools.  In truth chaos is the true force that controls the planet on which you reside and I, as its agent, am the most powerful of all of those that presume to call themselves gods.

Why am I speaking to you now?  I thought you might like to see the other side of “the Game”.  I’m not reporting all but a glimpse or two should suffice for you to realize all is not as it seems.  Isis and Nephthys are not as innocent and magnanimous as they would have you belive.  You humans mean little to Isis although she makes it appear otherwise to you.  That is why the Sisters allow me into the Game to create such misery.  They  watch as I throw obstacles in the path of their toys and wait to see what happens.

Having trouble believing what I am telling you?  Let me show you just how much they turn a blind eye to in the name of diversion.  Take  their current favorite plaything Liam Gelman.   They watch dispassionately as he stumbles through his day-to-day idiocies to see how he comes out of them.  Of course I now have my eyes through Sekhmet and can observe more intimately.

TS3W 2013-09-14 22-57-24-31

“Why should I have anything to say about it?   You forget Bast isn’t always here.”

Take this now.

“Can I speak to her then?  She’s supposed to advise me if I want, you know.”

“Why should she care? I’m not sure that this is such a crisis.  Nothing has been hurt except your pride.”

Isis stood by and watched while her little pet human was drugged by two females who wanted to take advantage of more than his hospitality.  Surely its obvious that this cannot end well for him.

TS3W 2013-09-14 23-41-46-51

“Like I said he’s making a big deal out of nothing.  Our brothers and sisters will probably think its funny.  My mom will probably freak out so it might be kind of funny to tell her.”

“Regret that’s just what I don’t want to get out.   You have siblings and cousins that are my kids and it just would seem strange.  That’s why I said it wasn’t a good idea.  Hell, I wouldn’t have had sex with either of you if I wasn’t drunk out of my mind.  I don’t even remember half of what happened.”

TS3W 2013-09-14 22-48-27-35

“I’m really sorry Liam.  I knew Tequila spiked the drink you took but I just wanted a baby so badly…”

“So I was drugged? What in the Hell were you thinking Erica?!”

“Oh get over it.  You sure didn’t seem to mind Erica and me riding you when you weren’t completely out of it.”

“Liam, I know what Regret and I did wasn’t right.  I promise I won’t say anything, and if did get pregnant I won’t say who the father is.  I just wanted a baby and you don’t have to bother with it at all.”

“Same goes with me.   If I’m pregnant you don’t have to worry about it.”

TS3W 2013-09-14 23-01-03-05

“That’s where you’re both wrong.  I’ve seen how you Montigos go about raising kids and I’m not going to let a child of mine be raised by you and your family.  You’ll stay here until I know for sure and if you are having my babies I’ll be the one to raise them.”

“I can’t just leave my baby.  I want to raise my baby.  I want to stay here.  That way we both can raise it.  That’s what’s fair.”

“Erica, a baby momma has never stayed longer than for a toddler birthday.”

TS3W 2013-09-14 23-12-47-55

“You’ll make an exception in our cases, Liam, if you don’t want me to tell my mom you knocked up her niece and her daughter.  Then everyone in my family would know and they’ll never believe that you didn’t intend to sleep with us.  They don’t think very highly of you, especially my Aunt and Dad, right now for some reason.  You wouldn’t have any idea why?”

“Alright fine!  You win Regret.  You and Erica can stay until we know for sure if you two did get pregnant and we can figure things out from there.”

This will be an interesting predicament.  I think it just might drive a wedge or two between Liam and some of his children for these sisters of his children to be involved with Liam.  It has such potential for misery, so much so, that I can’t pass up ensuring that it reaches maximum effect.

TS3W 2013-09-15 21-40-25-14

“So how come you guys are staying behind  I don’t buy that you are just staying to sight-see for a few days.  Come on Erica, Regret, one of you spill it.”

They are such pitifully ignorant females.  It seems not to matter that they are above humanity with supernatural gifts.

“We had sex with Liam when he was high last night and might be pregnant.”

“Regret!  We’re not supposed to tell anyone.”

“She’d never go until she knew.”

“You two are serious?”

“Yes.  Erica and me are staying until we know for sure.  If we are you’ll have to go on by yourself, Fancy.”

“No I think I’ll stay.  I’m not going home or going off by myself.  Besides, if you guys got some by getting him drunk I should be able to.  My so-called-mother would flip if she found out that her precious Liam not only slept with you two but also took my virginity.”

So not only the two young adult females are attracted to Liam but the teenage alien is also?  This might end up being more entertaining than I first thought.

“You’re a teenager Fancy he’s way too old for you.  Besides he has no reason to let you stay.”

”Regret, I don’t think he wants any of us here really.”

Pitiful mortals.  Lusting and longing for what you can’t have.  In this case though its convenient for me to have such naturally chaotic mortals insinuating themselves into Liam’s life.  Though I prefer a challenge I would be remiss to ignore this opportunity.

TS3W 2013-09-15 22-16-56-70

“There are ways to get everything you desire.”

“Who are you?”

“That’s not important.  What is important is that I have a way to make sure Liam will want to keep you around.  He’ll have no choice really.”

TS3W 2013-09-15 22-40-28-26

“What?  Can you wiggle your  fingers and ‘poof’ he’ll be madly in love with us?  We’re not stupid.”

“Actually it’s a potion so no finger wiggling is required.  If you drink it I promise that he will want you around for quite some time.”

TS3W 2013-09-15 23-05-27-14

“So it’s a pretty ,designer drug.  You don’t need to give me a stupid sales pitch.   I’ll try it.”

I can hardly believe that this one, who smacks of magic, can be so gullible.

Me too.”

The young one, despite the fact these aliens are purported to be highly intelligent, blindly follows the witch.

TS3W 2013-09-15 22-13-16-58

“Not me. “

The third of the group is an utter embarrassment for a genie.  They usually are so gifted at mayhem yet this one cowers and simpers.

“Are you sure?  I can guarantee it will make Liam want to give you more than one child.”

“No its not right.  I’m not going to do this and get him more upset.”

TS3W 2013-09-15 23-19-25-51

“No matter it doesn’t have to be ingested.”

TS3W 2013-09-15 23-20-28-08

“What?  What is this?”

TS3W 2013-09-15 23-11-13-41

“I hope the high is better than the shitty taste.”

“Yes.  It tastes pretty nasty, Regret.”

TS3W 2013-09-15 22-50-27-02

“I’ll see you girls around.  Good luck.”

The first pawns have been set on the board.   They will be the first of many.  Hoping for me to let you see more?  I’m going to tell you more and reveal my position so soon?  You will have to wait and see.

State of the Blog 9/10/13

I just wanted to let you guys know I’m a tad behind schedule.  I haven’t been able to finish all of the writing I wanted to finish before I start pictures for this group.  I didn’t realize how busy I’d be would slow me down as much as it has.  I have a ton of doctor appointments to go on with my parents and other things that have made it so I’ve hardly been home during the last few days and really tired once I have free time.  I have two more days of being busy and gone so I’ve just decided to start pictures on Friday.  I should have the first interlude up this weekend.

On the plus side the writing is going well and I’m pretty sure I can get the last things I wanted to finish tomorrow and Thursday even though I’m tired.

State of the Blog 9/6

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I have decided I will just work on writing the rest of the weekend.  The next two chapters and interludes are half written already so I think I’ll just finish them up on Sunday.  Starting Monday I’ll work on the pictures and posting them once those are done.  I might be able to get all of them posted next week as long as my comp behaves well.  I don’t plan to try to take so many pictures this time which should also speed things up a bit on getting them out.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Downloads Added to Exchange.

Okay tumblr is being weird and won’t let me post the links so I’m posting all of them here.  All of the kids leaving the 100 BC in the next couple of chapters are up on the exchange.  I’m sorry in advanced for the random clothing but CAS hasn’t been kind to me so I fixed their everyday and nothing else.

All of these are linked on my download blog.

Quest for Immortality: Chapter 37

My computer wasn’t cooperating with me and kept crashing so there will be a little more text than pictures in this chapter.  This is because of my computer’s constant crashes.  There seems to be no reason why on some days it crashes a lot and others it doesn’t.  I just hope I’m piecing together the sections with pictures in a way that doesn’t seem strange or disjointed.

New Arrivals Rivals

Hello,  Liam watchers.

TS3W 2013-09-29 16-02-50-21

As I said last time Liam has an unexpected visitor who arrived moments ago.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-26-04-82

“Liam a man is here for ad.”

Rana being blind and unworldly would not have noticed just how unusual this visitor is.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-24-02-60

“What ad?”

“I not ask.  I go…”

“No its okay.   I’ll go.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-32-12-05

Liam cannot help but notice that his visitor is an alien and is understandingly surprised.  I have a feeling Liam might not react well to this visitor given his recent track record with aliens.

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-39-54-25

“Can I help you?”

“Hello I am Rommich Exipelh.  I am here to finalize arrangements as we discussed via email.”

Liam looks a little confused.  I’m afraid he’s about to find out his careless reply to that group of emails is coming back to bite him.

“We discussed something by email?  I’m sorry I don’t remember exchanging anything with a Rommich Exipelh.  The housekeeper mentioned an advertisement.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-44-18-91

“Your ad looking for procreation partners.  I answered.  You replied that my profile was interesting and you’d be happy to discuss particulars of a deal.  I thought it best to finish negotiations in person.”

Now the situation he’s facing is starting to sink in, I think.

“I knew I should’ve read through that batch.  Look, uh, I can see you’re most likely an alien of some kind, but I’m not really into the idea of a guy carrying a baby for me. I’m not into guys at all in a romantic way.  I didn’t really pay attention to the emails I got back from the attorneys that turned up nothing on the background check.  I sent a reply to a bunch at once figuring they’d answer me back if interested and I could go from there.   I guess this is a misunderstanding.”

I believe that is an understatement.

“Technically, I am a hermaphrodite. I possess both male and female reproductive organs. However, sexual intercourse is not necessary for reproduction. I have perfected a technique similar to your species’ in vitro fertilization that would permit you to carry my offspring. I would perform a Cesarean section to remove the offspring.”

I wonder just how far Liam would be willing to go to have more children?

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-42-15-84

“Look Rommich.  I hope you don’t take offense, but I’ve had enough of you aliens doing procedures on me and my sons.  At least you asked, unlike your previous friend, but I’m not interested, ever again, in having an alien baby for one of the aliens.  Do you understand?”

“Another alien?  I am the first of my people to come to your planet. It must have been another species.”  ::Briefly pauses::  “Perhaps we can negotiate something?  I need to have 100 offspring myself and we did have a contract of sorts already.”

“No.  That’s my final word.  I’m sorry for the misunderstanding but you have to go.”

TS3W 2013-09-29 22-56-29-07

“I have no desire to force you or any other earthling to procreate.  I will go as you wish, but I hope you will reconsider.  If you do,I will be staying in town for a time. Here is my contact information.”

It looks as if Liam has avoided one uncomfortable situation but his current home situation is making things difficult for him and things are about to get worse.  His marked preference for the Marines as opposed to the Montigos is creating a great deal of friction already and now another player is entering onto the scene.

TS3W 2013-09-29 23-33-43-62

“Hi Fran.  Welcome.”

If you remember Francisa Lawton is a report and former paparazzi that has struck a deal with Liam.  She has agreed to be a baby mamma in exchange for Liam’s allowing her to publish a story and blog on her experience.

TS3W 2013-09-29 23-39-51-05

“Thanks Liam.  So where am I bunking?”

“In the room for the baby mommas.  I’ll have Rana, the housekeeper, take you up.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-05-14-16

“Who is this bitch Liam?”

“Listen, Regret, I’d like it if you weren’t rude to my guests.”

Naturally the increasingly possessive Montigo women are not happy with this developement.

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-06-40-87

“Slut, don’t think I’m letting you touch my Boo.”

“Excuse me?

You would think Liam would’ve warned her about Regret and Erica.

TS3W 2013-09-30 20-48-52-18

“Regret and Erica back off now.  You have no right to act like this.  I’m not either of yours boyfriend.”

“You can’t do this to me Liam!  You are my soul!  My heart!”

I think this might be the poetic personality of Erica I’ve seen come out a few times.

TS3W 2013-09-30 15-22-14-47

“First Tinkerbell and that vampire Ho and now this?”

Regret always is confrontational but I’ve never seen her this angry.  Perhaps violence is in her genes, if you’ll recall, her mother Rosette was the one who started a cat-fight with Betsy and was threatened with a gun for her trouble.

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-01-52-32

“Is this normal, Liam?”

“Not usually but they’ve kinda been getting a little crazy.  Maybe you better go on up, Fran, while I calm these two down.”

“How dare you call me crazy.  You’re lucky I love you so much or I’d bitch-slap you for two-timing me.”

“What do you mean two-timing you?  He’s not interested in you Regret.  Liam is my soul mate not yours.”

“Now ladies you have to calm down.”

Poor Liam.  I must admit this is unusual, even for Montigo women, and I suspect there something more going on here because they didn’t seem this infatuated with him before.  This certainly must be looked into.  I’m afraid the arrival of the reporter and her blog are very poorly timed.  Hopefully it won’t make this situation worse.

TS3W 2013-09-30 23-59-45-91

Another knock on the door?  This can’t be good.  The woman who Rana has let in is the lady Liam met at the festival recently and told about his challenge.

TS3W 2013-09-30 23-57-09-17

“Is that another woman’s voice?”

“No it can’t be for Liam would never betray his true love again!”

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-02-48-86

“You two stay here and behave.”

I’m not sure that leaving them to go talk to Levi is the best idea.  The last thing they want is more rivals for Liam’s attention.

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-14-10-72

“Well hello Sexy.”

“Levi.  What brings you to my door?”

“Your offer of course.  I’ve decided to help you with your challenge after all, Honey.”

“Well that’s nice but my house is sort of full up.  I already have one lady here waiting until some babies are born to get pregnant.”

“Oh I can wait too.  I don’t mind.  Not as long as I get a little fun while I wait.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-56-06-53

“It’s just like I thought.  Piss off lady.  Liam doesn’t need anyone else because he’s got me.”

I wondered how long it would take for the Montigos to take action.

“I think Liam can be the judge of that, Honey.”

Somehow I don’t think Levi will be backing down and judging from the supernatural aura coming from her perhaps the Montigos should be the ones backing down.

“Liam’s heart is taken.   Be off O’ black-hearted wench!”

“My heart doesn’t belong to anyone Erica.  You can’t tell me who I’m going to be involved with.”

Somehow I think he won’t have as easy a time disentangling the Montigos from his life as he has disentangling himself from Erica’s arms now.

“Well then it sounds like you’ve accepted my deal.  I’ll bring in my bags.”

“I didn’t say…”

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-25-02-63


Liam’s not so used to such aggressive pursuit by his paramours.  I wonder how he’s going to cope with being the pursued rather than the pursuer?

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-36-48-92

“Don’t worry, Sexy.  You won’t regret it.”

“If there’s more where that came from I most definitely won’t.”

Liam, Liam.  You are so easily distracted by the promise of a booty-call you just might fail to navigate the precarious situation you are setting up in your household.

TS3W 2013-09-30 21-17-13-98

“That’s what you think.  You ain’t getting nothing from that bitch or anyone else but me.”

TS3W 2013-10-01 00-41-50-32

“Calm down Regret.   Look, I never said I was stopping my challenge, so you’re just going to have to live with it.  I’ve always been honest with you.  I’ve told you the only reason that you, Erica and Fancy are here is because of the babies and once they’re born you’ll be leaving just like any other baby momma.”

TS3W 2013-09-30 00-04-38-01

I’m not so sure that it will be that simple to get rid of the Montigos by the look on Regret’s face.  He might just regret packing so many potential rivals into his house and life especially with allowing a window into his world from the outside with the arrival of Francisa, the reporter.  As I said something more is at work than a simple lustful attachment and he’s blissfully ignoring the behavior of these women.  Only time will tell how it will all turn out and he does at least have Bastet looking out for him.  Her suspicions have also be roused and perhaps see might find the reason behind and the cure for the unusually amorous females.

–  Rommich Exipehl belongs to Kethrydrake and was submitted for the harem section in part 2.  I have collaborated with Kethry on all dialogue and content in this chapter where Rommich is concerned.  Rommich has his own Baby Challenge and you can see his point of view events in this (found in Log 65) and future chapters there in The Alien 100 Baby Challenge.

– All of the Marines that appear in this chapter belong to Nyrakick.  Doll Marine has her own 100 BC  called Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums and her appearance here is part of a swap.  Lauren and Leah are her nieces and submitted for the harem section in Part 2.

– Levi Babur is Mewmewmentor’s Sim created specifically for the harem.

– Regret Montigo, Erica Montigo, and Fancy Montigo appear here with TheNay83‘s permission.  They are her Sims and I’d like to thank her for her input on the dialogue and plot ideas for this and future chapters.  She writes hilarious stories involving all of her Montigos, including some of Liam’s children, so go to her blog to read about their adventures. 

Quest for Immortality: Chapter 35

Warning: This chapter contains references to drug use, nudity and adult situations.  I do not condone the use of “date rape drugs” nor of anyone using them to take advantage of someone for sex.  There will be fall-out from what happens in the story that is not positive.  Basically this is another way for Liam suffer and it is handled in the black comedy vein just like the murders and other unpleasant things I have and will put in the story.

Originally I planned to have two chapters dedicate to the Montigo Invasion and show what the kids were up to more but since my computer is temperamental this is one of the instances where I’m just showing what’s necessary to the story.  My computer is randomly giving me trouble loading WordPress, pictures and Tumblr now so I’m sorry if some of you were hoping to see more of the partying Montigos.  As it is it took me three days to take and load up pictures for this chapter.  I just couldn’t see having all these guest characters and 2-3 pics with them so I struggled through the frustration.

Note:  You will notice some hairstyle changes and that is because I somehow lost some of my hairs.

Birthday Party Montigo

Hello Liam watchers.  The dreaded party conned out of Liam by the Terrible Two, otherwise known as Gladiolus and Delphinium Montigo-Gelman, is upon Liam.  They and their sibling-cousins, Fentanyl and Morphine Montigo-Gelman, are excited to meet the other half of the family.  However, to the kids disappointment, and Liam’s delight, Gladiolus received a text from Zinnia that said their mothers weren’t coming.


I’m very sorry but your Aunt Rosette and me won’t be attending because your father is an asshole.  If you want to visit us you can but I don’t want to see him.

Since they didn’t receive confirmations or declinations from any of their other relatives its anyone’s guess as to who else will show up.

TS3W 2013-08-29 22-53-07-34

The first to arrive were Delphinium and Gladiolus’ full brother Borage and half-sister Erica.

“Hi son.  It’s good to see you.  Who’s this lovely young lady with you?”

“That’s my sister Erica.”

“So Max is your dad, right?”

“No, her dad’s a zombie.”

Unfortunately she’s serious, in case you were wondering, her father is a former well frog and current zombie that Zinnia Montigo slept with and had twins by.

TS3W 2013-08-29 22-39-04-36

“He wasn’t when he had me and Dodder….no I’m not going to tell him he’s sexy…. no you shut up…You’re the bitch…!”

“Is she alright?”

“Erica’s different…”

Somehow I have the feeling Erica has a similar mental condition to Liam’s daughter Carrie.

“I see…so…How are the kids?”

TS3W 2013-08-29 22-42-35-76

“Good.  Me and Lois have more kids.   There’s Junior and Lotus Rae plus L2’s gonna be a daddy but his girlfriend is a hag.”

“So you’re going to be a grandfather already?  How old is L2 again?”

“15 so he made me proud.  Morde’s not a virgin either.  I didn’t want them to regret starting out late like I did.”

“Borage….I don’t know what to say.”

Yes doesn’t your son make you so proud Liam?  Your namesake grandson is going to make you a grandfather at the age of 15.  I’m certain this isn’t the way Liam wanted to have his first great-grandchild come into the world.

“I got pictures of Junior.  Let me show you.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 22-34-26-23

“I’m going to kill you bitches!”

It seems that, unlike Carrie, Erica doesn’t get along with the voices in her head.

TS3W 2013-08-29 22-27-40-98

“Maybe you should get your sister inside son.  You can show me later.”

I think Liam has caught on to the fact that Erica is a touch insane and has decided to be diplomatic about it.   Having dealt with Carrie, and to a lesser extent Bastet, he has at least learned when to say something and when not to.

Fentanyl and Morphine’s full sisters Martini, Tequila Sunrise and Amaretto Sour also have arrived along with their half-sister Regret and step sister Fancy.  Liam’s triplet daughters by Rosette, affectionately dubbed the ‘Cocktail Sisters’ by the Montigo Clan, embarrass Liam even more than Borage if you can believe it.

TS3W 2013-08-31 09-50-11-97


“Hi Amaretto.”

“Tell my ho sisters I’m still your favorite!  Tini said you’d be closer to Fent because she grew up here.”

“I keep telling you I don’t have favorites.  I love all of you kids.”

“But I’m the top stripper at the club now!  All the men ask for me and after hours too!  You are proud of me aren’t you Daddy?”

“I really don’t like the idea that you’re stripping.  I’ve told you all that.”

Unfortunately, for Liam Amaretto has settled in Twinbrook along with a cousin of hers and has become an exotic dancer.  For a time Liam tried to visit his daughter and influence her to quit her job and do something more constructive with her life.  Amaretto refused, listening instead to her mother and Aunt, certain that being a stripper was the most exciting and best money-making job she could pursue.  So, aside from enjoying Amaretto’s cousin Lei’s company, the entire experience was disappointing and frustrating for Liam.  These are facts that he wishes to avoid, by avoiding his daughter, and hopes never comes to light.  It’s a good thing the newspapers haven’t caught wind of those facts yet but I wonder if its only a matter of time with a certain reporter about to enter the picture.

As far as the other two triplets, they embarrass Liam just because they all, to put it bluntly, stupid.

TS3W 2013-08-31 10-02-03-53

“Hah Hah! See he like me better, Retto.”

“He does not bitch!”

“Yes he does!”

TS3W 2013-08-31 01-22-45-74

“Stop fighting, Tequila and Amaretto!  You’re upsetting Daddy!”

“Shut up Martini, you dumbass!”

“You can’t be mean to me here!  Daddy won’t let you!”

Three grown daughters that act like children.  Can you blame Liam for being a little nervous about them meeting their siblings before now?

TS3W 2013-08-31 01-11-38-03

“Smile you guys this is a vacation not a brawl!’

Now we come to these two.  This is the firstborn daughter of Rosette, who the idiot named Regret, by Starlight Shores singer Finnegan Sawyer.  Oddly I think she’s the least addle-brained of Rosette’s children, including Morphine and Fentanyl sadly, but she makes up for that with an unhealthy dose of sarcasm that encourages discord.

“Girls!   Girls!  Stop it right now!  Please just try to make this a birthday.  Your sister and brothers are excited to meet you and I really want you guys to behave around all of the younger kids.”

“A birthday party with kids?  I thought this was going to be a sex party.  I heard you have them all of the time.”

“That’s just rumors …and just who are you?”

“I’m Regret, Rosette’s oldest, and I brought my youngest Fancy sister too.”

Fancy, in case you haven’t figured out yet, is the product of an alien abduction on Rosette’s husband Finn.  She is here not because she wants to meet relatives but because she recently ran away after discovering that her mother wasn’t Rosette, as she’d been led to believe, but an unknown alien.

“That lying trash-whore isn’t my mother.  I’m only her half-sister.”

TS3W 2013-08-31 01-10-47-92

“I’m her half-sister too!”

“He knows that Retto.”

TS3W 2013-08-31 10-04-05-31

“I’m confused.  What are we talking about again?”

Now that everyone has arrived let’s speed up the clock a bit.  I think listening to these girls any longer might give us a headache.

TS3W 2013-08-28 21-30-46-86

By now I’m sure you’ve had your fill of blowing out candles.  Besides the beginning of the party and the latest of Liam’s brood entering Young Adulthood is sure to be the most uneventful part of the evening.  Delphinum and Gladiolus, were first and then their sibling-cousins, Morphine and Fentanyl joined them were next.  As you can see they are a decent looking group though, perhaps of all of Liam’s brood so far, their future is uncertain.  I digress though.

TS3W 2013-08-21 13-25-20-72TS3W 2013-08-21 13-22-15-17TS3W 2013-08-21 13-20-33-28

Getting back to the party at hand, let’s skip past the barbecue and the cake eating which is boring for the most part.  As the evening wore on the babies were put to bed and Rana stayed upstairs with them in case they needed attention so Liam could mingle with his visiting family without distraction.  While slightly entertaining, well there might have been some awkward conversations here and there, its been surprisingly tame but… wait… this looks promising .

TS3W 2013-08-29 00-14-26-12

“I’m going to mix you guys you’re first legal drink.”

It was inevitable that the family friendly atmosphere would eventually ware off with Montigos in the house but oddly Liam seems surprised by it.

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-12-25-57

“First, legal drink?”

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-02-49-66

“Chill dad.  Let them have fun.  Don’t be such a tight ass.  When are the strippers showing up?”

“Borage there are kids here do you really think I’d have a stripper here?”

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-01-29-67

“My brothers need to be initiated into the adult world.  They need to learn to party hard.”

“Borage that’s not going to happen here at the house.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-04-37-25

“I told you Dad’s old and lame and likes to shelter the kids.”

“Glad I’m not… lame…. you have to consider your younger brothers and sisters.”

“They’ve had their chance to party with kids games why can’t we send them to bed, like the rugrats, and get drunk?”

“Del…. look I can agree to let you guys have a couple of drinks but the sort of partying you are talking about wouldn’t be a good idea when there are two kids and teenagers here.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 00-11-17-37

“What you need is one of my special drinks Dad and you’ll get into the party spirit.”

TS3W 2013-08-28 21-58-57-50

“I think we need a better place to party.  I’ll just take my brothers to the clubs in town.  There they can party right.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-16-38-38

“Club!  Did I here you say club!”

“Yeah Tequila.”

“Hell yes!   You hear that we’re going clubbing Montigo style!”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-22-44-98

“Why do the they get to have all of the fun?”

“Nolan don’t you even think about trying to go to clubs.  You teens are too young.”

“So there’s got to be some place more exciting to go than here, Dad.  This is supposed to be a party and we didn’t even get to invite our friends.”

“Ian, the whole point of this party was for you to get to know your brothers and sisters.”

“All they do is dance and drink and they ignore the rest of us since we aren’t Montigos.”

This is really starting to fall apart.

“Liam, how about we take the teens somewhere like the Fun Center in town?”

“What’s wrong with finishing the party here, Bast?”

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-29-56-00

“It will help the others feel less left out since the birthday kids are going out.”

“I guess…”

Bastet is ever the peace-keeper and hopefully Liam sees that this is the best alternative even if it’s not how he wanted the evening to turn out.

TS3W 2013-08-29 16-13-58-97

“So you’d rather go to a kids place than the strip club Dad?”

“Borage, I haven’t been able to set foot in that place since Amaretto started working there…”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-33-19-59

“She’s not dancing tonight.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-36-22-34

“No Borage I don’t want to go there.  This is not how I planned to spend the evening!  The whole family was supposed to be together not splitting-off and going different places.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-35-03-55

“You can finish the party here by your lame-ass self then, Dad.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-38-28-17

“Fine I will!”

Poor Liam.  He really doesn’t like not getting along well with one of his children and his Montigo children all seem to upset him sooner or later.  Now, instead of a house full of a united and happy kids he’s going to be alone.

TS3W 2013-08-29 00-31-43-77

“I need a drink…”

TS3W 2013-08-29 00-41-40-59

“I’ll stay with you!  You don’t have to party alone!”

“That’s okay Erica… I…”

“No you and me can try out the hot tub in back, Liam.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 00-44-04-46

::Liam Sighs::  “Alright,  I could use some relaxation and it would be better than drinking alone…”

“I’ll meet you there!”

TS3W 2013-08-29 21-16-07-08

Unfortunately for Liam the party didn’t quite go like he’d imagine.  Hopefully Erica’s company will be pleasant.  I wonder why she ran off so quickly?

TS3W 2013-08-29 17-20-55-26

“Quila!   Wait up!”

“Yay!  You changed your mind and are coming with us Erica!”

“No I’m not but I want to ask you… how many roofies did you put in those drinks you put out on the bar?”

“I’m not sure.  Enough to have some fun before you pass out.”

“Thanks I owe you Tequila.”


“No reason.  I just wanted to know before I drank one.”

I don’t have a good feeling about this.

TS3W 2013-08-29 19-58-20-21

“Yes!  Yes!  I know its my chance…. Shut up!”

I thought Bastet had problems but at least Sekhmet doesn’t talk to her and argue with her.   Bast’s trouble isn’t due to insanity tough so I suppose there really is no real comparison.  Unfortunately, Erica appears to have more than one personality egging her on in whatever she’s scheming.

“Why’d you ask Tequila about those drinks?”

“None of your business Regret.”

“You’re going to try to seduce Liam aren’t you?  I saw him take one.”

“Why would you say that?”

“I heard you arguing with yourself in the bathroom earlier.”

TS3W 2013-08-29 20-02-54-19

“No I’m not going to…. It wouldn’t be right…”

“Come on Erica you know you want to.  Don’t worry I’ll help you out.  I kept hearing as I grew up how great he was at f***** from both our moms and I want to see if it true.  Aren’t you curious.”

“What do you mean this might be my only chance to get a man to touch me like that….Regret isn’t right… “

TS3W 2013-08-29 20-01-20-00

“Relax.  This will be fun.  I’ll be there to cheer you on if you lose your nerve.  Then I’ll take my turn.”

This doesn’t look good for Liam.  Now she not only is being pushed on by insane ideas but by a cousin who apparently has as little moral reservation about taking advantage of a drugged individual.

TS3W 2013-08-30 20-22-52-02

“Oh hi girls…. so you’re skinny-dipping…”

Somehow I think he’s going to regret taking that drink.

TS3W 2013-08-30 20-50-23-75

“You know we can tell you got a boner in your shorts.”

“You really are your mother’s daughter aren ‘t you Regret?”

“So Liam my mom and aunt talked a lot about you and how good you are in the sack.”

“Can we talk about something else Regret?”

“Sorry I can’t help it.  You’re sexy.”

TS3W 2013-08-30 20-28-45-46

“We brought drinks.  How about another drink?”

TS3W 2013-08-30 20-26-23-90

“No thanks, Erica.  I didn’t realize how tired I was…I feel a little dizzy too.”

It’s as I thought.  He’s been drugged with those roofies in the drink.   Poor Liam.

TS3W 2013-08-30 20-45-07-34

“Why don’t you join in the skinny dipping?”

“I guess that wouldn’t hurt…”

“Here let me help you out of those.”

I think these girls are going to get their way.  After all, Liam usually doesn’t need much to entice him and now that he’s drugged I’d say its impossible for him to avoid.

TS3W 2013-08-30 22-06-37-95

“Erica what are you doing?”

“I’m going to convince you to make love to me.”

TS3W 2013-08-30 23-30-53-08

“To f*** both of us actually.  You like that idea don’t you?”

TS3W 2013-08-30 22-45-39-97

“I told you I don’t think its a good idea….”

TS3W 2013-08-30 22-52-09-83

Liam, Liam you cave in far too easily.

TS3W 2013-08-30 23-34-29-26

“Regret he passed out!  What do I do?”

“Go for it, Erica.  He won’t stay completely under and he’ll wake up to a nice surprise.”

“I don’t know…”

“Look he kissed you back didn’t he?  That means he wants it.”

“I guess you’re right.  He’ll wake up and he can tell us to stop if that’s what he wants…”

Poor Liam.  He really didn’t know what he  was getting into this time when he agreed to party with these two in the hot tub.  Perhaps this is pay-back for all those times he coaxed a drunk female into sex?  Whatever the case, it looks like the Montigo clan isn’t through with complicating Liam’s life just yet.

The Harem section is finally under way with the first group of ladies voted making their appearance.  These ladies are Erica Montigo, Regret Montigo and Fancy Montigo.  Originally Taco Montigo was supposed to appear but we discovered we got our ages mixed up so Nay83’s requested that Fancy take her place.  Nay83’s Montigo’s are sure to make Liam suffer.

Borage Montigo, Amaretto Sour, Tequila Sunrise and Martini Montigo appear here with Nay83’s permission.  They are children of Liam and her sims Zinnia and Rosette Montigo as a result of a swap.  She writes hilarious stories involving all of her Montigos so go to her blog to read about their adventures.  I will warn you that since our stories cross-over quite a bit you will find some spoilers for some things in store for Liam shortly especially in Borage’s story Love for the Ladies.

I’d also like to thank Nay83 for helping me with the dialogue to ensure I keep her nutty characters acting like themselves and for suggesting events and scenes that are sure to entertain you in the coming chapters.

State of the Blog 8/25/13

I’ve been battling an allergy and asthma spell since the middle of last week.  I will be working on getting at least 1 chapter up during the week but I’m not sure what else I’ll be able to post since its busy and I still don’t feel well.  I might be out-of-town Saturday also so this week I’m not estimating anything beyond posting one chapter.

Next week I’ll have more time to work on chapters.  Just letting you all know I’m still working on things slowly and haven’t disappeared.  As you know if I have a busy week, with the current picture-taking situation, I might not get out more than one chapter.  I should be able to get out the first of the Seth POV mini-interludes I have planned.

The good news is that by tonight all of the next chapter will be written and parts of the next few chapters are already started.  I’ve been getting input from Nay83 and Kethrydrake on their characters that will be appearing in the next few chapters and I think you will enjoy what’s in store.

So now I’m off to do some more writing.  I’ll start and try to get a few pics sometime tomorrow.

Profiles: The Egyptian Gods

Since I had this nearly done I thought I should just go ahead and finish it.  This should help you understand a bit about my version of the Egyptian gods in Quest for Immortality.  Links are provided to information about the source material for further information.

As I’ve stated many times I’m a huge mythology and Legend buff.  In Quest for Immortality I decided to visit one of my favorite ancient pantheons, the ancient Egyptian.  Of course I had to make them fit into the story and the simverse so I had to choose a way in which to portray them which is a bit more complicated than it sounds.  The nature of Egyptian myth makes it a little flexible which means I had to make some decisions as a storyteller.

The Egyptians had many connections relating gods to one another with some gods being thought of as aspects of  the same thing. In addition they have a confusing web of incestuous marriages among the various deities further making it a convoluted web worthy of Jerry Springer. So I can work with the game mechanics and make this more PG-13 worthy I have made a few relationship alterations or at least left them somewhat ambiguous.

Here I will explain a bit about the gods of ancient Egypt and how I am portraying them in my story.

The Inspirational Myths

The Ancient Egyptians were polytheistic and, as many ancients did, had gods that presided over every aspect of the natural world and every day life.  With in the Gods there were several major deities that just about every Egyptian considered major deities and everyone worshipped but just about every God had some kind of cult following in some city or another.   The religion of the Egyptians involved countless rituals to appease or petition various Gods and the most involved of these rites involved passage into the underworld at death.

If you remember your history the Egyptians started out as two separate nations “Upper” and “Lower” having their own Gods and Pharaohs.   Once they became one kingdom they faced the dilemma of having to merge the religious pantheons so they ended up merging some gods together in one identity while still trying to keep them both.   This merging of Gods led to myths being related with one group telling it with one god taking a role in it that another group tells using a different one.  For instance in one group of myths Ptah is the creator while Ra is just the sun-god while in others Ra is called the creator and Ptah is just the God of the arts and music.  In still other myths Atum is said to have been the creator.  So in general, all Egyptians often just accepted many different Gods could take on the same role.

Sometimes they would worship two Gods as different aspects of the same God, a duality, and would refer to them as both names hyphenated a credit both aspects as being in the same myth.  This would make for very confusing relationships and myths.   To illustrate I’ll continue with Ptah.  As I said he was often times said to be creator of the universe and other Gods (taking on the guise of Ptah-Tatenen a previous God for this role), he was also said to be god of artists and craftsman, yet he was also said to be part of a composite funerary deity Ptah-Seker-Osiris which was a combination of him and two other Gods. Confused yet?  Well apparently this didn’t bother the Egyptians since they did this over and over again forming many composite gods and groupings of gods.

The Gods I Use

I’ve chosen Gods from my favorite myths and drawn ideas from them for Quest for Immortality I drew much of my material from these myths:

Of the Gods mentioned above I am using Isis, Set, Nephthys, and Bast as my main players.  Osiris, Anubis, Horus and Ptah will be making appearances at some point but I’m unsure if Ra, Hathor or either of Sekhmet/Bast or Ptah’s sons (Maahes and Nefertum) will appear.  I will add gods to the profiles below once they appear.

Character Profiles

Long ago many of the celestial entities took an interest in the Sims forming civilizations and decided to offer their assistance and set themselves up over these cultures becoming known as gods and goddesses.  In Ancient Egypt the gods fell out of favor with the mortals as foreigners moved in with their own gods.  Rather than a struggle between them the more benevolent of them decided the humans were capable of caring for themselves and instituted pacts of non-interference and faded from the memory of many.  This doesn’t mean that they entirely stopped associating, influencing or toying with mortal however.

Chief among them are Ra and his wife Hathor and Ptah who oversee the other God’s insuring that the pact is kept and the gods do not harm or kill humans.  Some have had little to do with humans busing themselves in helping with various tasks in the spirit world while a few have decided to spend some time walking among the humans.  Taking the surname of “Tombs” when creating mortal identities, to show their kinship, some of them have taken up a new form of competition called “The Game” to continue their rivalries with one another in a less violent manner than in the past and hopefully win some of the control or devotion they had over humans in the past.

TS3W 2013-01-09 20-02-59-35

Kalliah “Tombs” aka Isis

Isis and her husband Osiris were the first King and Queen of the ancient Egyptians.  Isis’s sister Nephyst assisted them in directing the humans in thier building of the civilization but Nephyst husband Set, also brother of Osiris, despised them and often created discord among the humans.  Their time living directly among the humans and ruling them came to the end when an act of infidelity between Nephyst and Osiris caused a period of confrontation among these four led them to a brief but bloody war in which Set succeeded in killing Osiris and taking the throne.  Horrified by the murder Set was shunned and Isis together with Nephyst, worked with the other gods to find a way to revive Osiris by making him the first mummy.  The unfortunate result was that Osiris was now forever tied to the netherworld and unable to dwell among the humans any longer.  Having raised him from the dead they turned their efforts toward freeing the humans from Set’s control.  After many years of conflict in which the Egyptians were torn into two kingdoms and were sent into battle finally Isis and Osiris’s son Horus confronted and defeated Set.  A new human king was put on the throne over a united Egypt and the gods withdrew making a pact not to try and interfere with the humans.

Isis grew tired of just being around the ghosts and spirits and then decided she wanted to walk among the humans and Nephyst wished to accompany her.  Ra allowed it as long as they didn’t directly interfere with or kill the mortals as they agreed to in the pact.  It was then she designed “The Game” to pass the time so from that day forward she and Nephyst periodically would live among the humans for a generation or two each picking a mortal man and offering them immortality .  One of these times Set discovered “The Game” and asked to join promising to make it more of a challenge for the Goddesses.  From that day forward the sisters worked together trying to stay ahead of Set.

Now in the 21st century she has taken the identity of Kalliah Tombs and had picked a human named Liam Gelman to take her challenge to produce 100 children and be her new pawn in “The Game”.

TS3W 2013-01-09 19-49-15-09

Toya Tombs aka Nephyst

In a moment of weakness Nephyst slept with her sister’s husband and the infedelity was discovered when she became pregnant from it.  This enraged Set to the point of killing Osiris and taking the throne she coveted.  She helped her sister revive her brother-in-law and also regrets she was the catalyst for the war that led to so many deaths and thus hopes through Isis’s game she might atone for all the human deaths she caused by giving them immortality.  Though not involved as directly in the game she steps in when needed.  She has never reconciled with Set.

TS3W 2013-01-09 20-11-20-18

Seth Tombs aka Set

Set has dedicated his existance to making the lives of Isis, Nephyst and Osiris miserable for betraying him and destroying them.  His chief rival is his nephew Horus who watches his every move to make sure he doesn’t violate the pact of the gods.  He enjoys spreading chaos, hence his nick name, among humans just to watch them squirm.  His only interest in “The Game” is to best his estranged family.   He does enjoy making humans suffer though so its an interesting diversion.

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Bast Tombs aka Bastet

The daughter of Ra, she unlike the other gods, wished to protect rather than dominate humans.  When the war eruptted she was distressed when humans were used as pawns dieing in great numbers.  When her father tried to banish his wife Hathor’s darkside it caused the birth of Sekhmet.  He sent her to punish the humans that participated in atorcities during the war but she ended up just causing a blood bath.  Hathor did not wish to take that evil back into her soul and Bast, wishing to protect the humans fought and absorbed Sekhmet and her father and the god Ptah helped her gain control over her.  Impressed Ptah fell in love with Bast and married her.  This made Sekhmet jealous, since she also loved Ptah and his power, so she sought to use the times when she gained control to seduce him and use his essence and hers to infuse her essence into one of the twins conceived hoping that she could drive a wedge between Bast and Ptah .  This was unsuccessful as was her hope the warlike twin Maaahes would find a way to free her.  Now that Bast is involved in a game she hopes to try a similair scheme to get free and end Bast’s happiness.

Unlike the other Gods she isn’t using humans but does go to live among them at various times taking the guise of her favorite animal a cat.

Quest for Immortality: Chapter 34

You will notice that starting with the chapter the chapters for this story will be different in style than normal.  I originally wrote this to be more comic style where the pictures themselves tell part of the story but now you will notice it will be mostly text-based.  The amount of pictures will most likely vary by chapter because depending on my patience and how often my comp decides to crash when I’m working on a given chapter.  I apologize but since I can’t take as many pictures during play there won’t be as many candid family moments.  Despite these computer issues I’ve decided to move forward like this so I’m not hanging anyone else’s stories up.

A time jump will occur in this chapter because I lost some pictures accidently in my last repair/check-up.  So I’m summarizing the birth and toddlerhood of the youngest kids of Aliki, Isa and Azewuk.  

Time Stands Still for No Sim

A little time has passed since I last shared Liam’s adventures with you.  Perhaps it feels a little more has transpired to you mortals.  You must understand that to one untouched by time, such as myself, we perceive the world differently than those subject to it.  You might imagine that would make it easier for us to deal with it but at times I think it makes it harder to deal with the repercussions of its passage.  You see we must see it all change while we do not.  We must deal with the present knowing we are merely visitors there from eternity.  That is perhaps why many of my kin have withdrawn from dealings with mortals.

I wonder if Bastet is regretting deciding to get involved with Liam?

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In case you are wondering, she gave birth to twins, and once Tanis and Rameses were born it gave her back much of her control over Sekhmet but our bargain with Set has made things much harder.  In order to fulfill the terms of Seth’s deal Sekhmet must be allowed to have control and not be sealed off completely or he doesn’t have his “eyes”.  I know Chaos would reveal her unfaithfulness to Ptah, which would be distressing to Bast, if we didn’t allow this but I suspect he has further designs in the works.  If Bast was smart about it she would tell Ptah but so far she has just managed to postpone the sealing and weaken it as instructed by Set.

During this time Aliki and Isa both have given birth, each adding a set of triplets to the family, and moved on.

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Aliki gave birth to triplet girls Octavia, Odeilia and Olivia.

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Isa gave birth to a mixed gender set of triplets.  Two girls, Quiana and Paige, and a boy, Orlando, made up the set.

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Liam also has had to face the fact that he is indeed pregnant and deal with the hormonal swings, back aches and other issues his ladies usually have to deal with.  Though his unwilling participation made the idea of his pregnancy difficult for him to accept at first Liam regained his spirits back rather quickly focusing mainly on the toddlers who were depending on him.  Besides, regardless of who carried the baby, he realized it was another child toward his goal.

He has also received an email from Doll finalizing for her and their triplets to visit in the winter with her staying to complete her half of their swap bargain.  To Liam’s delight she also said she would be bringing along a niece of hers interested in helping with his challenge.

He also has struck another deal that makes me a little nervous.  It started with a phone call from a familiar female.  Francisa Lawton wanted to meet with him.  Though he suspected it might be more for business reasons, her being a reporter, the idea of a night out away from a house full of screaming toddlers convinced him to a date.

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“Hello Liam.  I see the reports are true that you were a victim of an alien abduction.  You really are pregnant aren’t you?”

“Look… I really don’t want to talk to any reporters especially about this.  I guess my first suspicion was right this being about business and not pleasure.”

“Actually its about both, Liam.  The interview with you got me a job in features department.  The thing is that they sort of stuck me in “human interest” and I’m just not getting anywhere just like when I was a photographer.  There will be a story one way or another.  I will make sure our little encounter gets in the other reporter’s gossip pages story along with their speculation or you can get your side out in my article on the features pages.  Which do you prefer?”

“You really aren’t giving me much of a choice…”

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“Sorry about the blackmail Liam but I could see there was no other way to get you to hear me out.  In actuality, I want to offer a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“What do you mean Ms. Lawton?”

“Just call me Francisa or Fran.”

“Alright then Fran, what is this “arrangement” you are pitching me?”

“Well, like I told you, I’ve been stuck in a dead-end job.  You see, one nationally seen story isn’t enough to get into the top with the good stories.  I probably should’ve known that connection with you would send me into the less prestigious ranks but I want more than that.  I’ve tried too long to rise above it all just based on work ethic.  Instead, I figured I’d take a page from you.”

“How so?”

“Let’s face it Liam you were, and still are, a mediocre author at best.  No one noticed your work until you started in on you baby-making quest.  Once the whole serial killer nanny thing broke you became a best-selling author.  If you can’t be famous why not settle for the infamous?”

“I didn’t start having kids to be famous but I guess I can see your point.  I have benefited, at least financially, but there are plenty of drawbacks in public opinion.  Not to mention the pushy reporters and paparazzi I have following me now.”

“Well my deal would alleviate some of that as well as alleviate my ticking biological clock.”

“Just what do you mean Fran?”

“I’m proposing me joining your household as a baby momma and in exchange I get to blog about the whole experience.  In this way you get to control what gets out there.  Who will pay for a picture taken of you across the street when they get a weekly dose of pictures approved by you.  You also get another baby out of it just like I will.”

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“You’re serious?  You want to have a baby with me and blog about it?”


“If I agree I get to control what gets out?”

“You have my word.”

“I’d like to think about it.”

“I’m sorry but I need your decision now.  If you don’t agree then I go with supporting the gossip columns.  I’ll become one of those annoying reporters and I have your phone number.  Got it?”

“Can I at least decide when this starts, if I agree?”

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“As long as it’s not a long time.  My biological clock is ticking.”

“If you can give me a year….”

“A year’s too long.  I want this project pitched to my boss before reviews at the end of the year.”

“Okay Miss Lawton I’ll allow it.  You really haven’t left me much choice but..uh… can it at least wait until the summer is over?  I have a house full of teenagers who will be leaving home by the end of the summer.  If you allow me to get them cleared out before you come in I’ll agree to it.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal.”

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“Just for the record.  I usually don’t refuse when a pretty woman asks me to make love to them.”

“I figured a little incentive was needed to get you to agree to the blog since you’ve been avoiding the press like the plague lately.”

TS3W 2013-08-17 15-29-37-75

“Its true I haven’t gotten out much.   So how about we make this more of a real date Fran?  How about a movie?”

“Alright.  I suppose you’ve earned that.”

TS3W 2013-08-17 16-25-49-16

In the end Liam seemed to not mind Ms. Lawton’s blackmail, most likely, because it would help him with his challenge.

TS3W 2013-08-17 16-20-43-34

He probably also didn’t mind because he planned to use Francisa to end his self-imposed dry-spell of female companionship due to his pregnant belly.  After a little prompting she didn’t seem to mind at all.

TS3W 2013-08-17 16-30-12-65

“I can’t believe I forgot what an amazing kisser you are Liam.”

“You just needed to be reminded.  Maybe I should remind you what other things I’m good at in the lobby photobooth.”

In the end Liam got just what he wanted from Fran that evening.

TS3W 2013-08-17 16-33-17-66

I think Liam may come to regret letting this reporter into his house in time but he seemed more concerned with enjoying himself in the moment than giving thought to the implications of his bargain.

TS3W 2013-08-21 11-38-23-80

It wasn’t long after that deal was made that Liam gave birth to his babies in the hospital via C-Section.  They were a fraternal twins and Liam named them Robert and Reina.   Unfortunately, the doctors discovered the artificial womb, what they seem to term an “egg” that the alien female implanted to house the children in could not be removed without threat to Liam’s life.  This fact wasn’t easy for him to take so at first I was concerned he would be less caring toward these babies but he rallied and bonded with them fairly quick.

TS3W 2013-08-21 12-42-14-27

Though I felt Liam should be able to handle 10 babies in the house, he having previously survived 8 toddlers, but Bast took pity on him and aged her twins to children to lessen the burden.  As long as Liam teaches them his toddlers all of their necessary skills I don’t mind Bast giving him a helping hand to get through that difficult stage faster.

Things have been relatively calm, all things considered, but I fear they won’t stay that way for long because not only will Gladiolus and Delphinum’s birthday be soon upon us but Francisa Lawton will be moving in soon.  I hope Bastet is prepared to keep her in the dark on certain matters since the last thing I want is the Gods existence being broadcast to the general population.  It would violate our pact and Ra would not be pleased.  I confess these developments make me  nervous because Chaos never rests for long and with so many unstable elements entering the picture he should be making his appearance soon.

– Starting with the next chapter the harem stuff will be getting underway with the arrival of the Montigos that will be part of the harem.  Due to some age level confusion I will be replacing Taco with another Sim from the family  per Nay’s request.

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