Alien Wishes

Warning:  This project will allow both same sex and teenaged pregnancies/relationships using mods so if that disturbs you don’t read it.  The rating will still be considered PG-13.

Alien Wishes: The Pollination Project

This isn’t really a story.  This is just a commentary with some dialogue of one of my fun free time files where I run an experimental wishacy that I play between writing my stories.

This experiment is simple.  I have created 3 aliens who just happen to be the last of their respective species and their mission is to not let their species die out.  A sympathetic alien, of the kind EA has created, is helping them (and he just might do some pollinating on his own) being more familiar with humans from his kind’s studies over the centuries.  My aim is to see how many generations will it will take these aliens to completely alienify the population of Lunar Lakes.


1)  All conceptions must be the alien’s decision and I will not be initiating any baby making unless they cue me.  I am using wishes, the attraction system and Woohooer to determine if the alien wants to produce children with the sim in question.  To make this more difficult the alien or hybrid  will have to attain at least a Romantic Interest status before they are allowed to Woohoo with or reproduce with any sim.  Try for Baby will only be set for user directed but Risky Woohoo (10% success rate) and Woohoo will be allowed to autonomously occur. If a couple has woohooed at least twice I am allowed to replace a Try for Baby in place of a Woohoo wish.

2) The babies will be aged up to toddler immediately after birth using cheats and then aged up to child after their learning all of their toddler skills.  Children and Teenagers will be allowed to age naturally and left subject to free will.  The house is capped at 20 sims and if that cap is reached at any point all teenagers in the house will be aged up and released into story progression.

3) Teenagers are allowed to Woohoo and Risky Woohoo with both each other and with adults governed by free will and can become pregnant subject to mods.  If they become pregnant their offspring while living in the household their offspring will be handled in the same manner as the children of the adults.

4)  Same sex pregnancies will be allowed since they are aliens.  Gender preference will be determined by the game except two of the founding aliens will be set to prefer both genders at the start with Master Controller.

5) When one of the 4 founding aliens reaches elderhood they will be put in a retirement home and one of the teenagers in the house will be selected to replace them.

6) If an alien gets a townie pregnant they will let the townie raise the baby themselves.  A townie will only ever move in if one of the alien’s wishes them to or a townie wants to move in with them.  If a townie joins the household they will be left to free will.

7) Master Controller will be used to check each birth in the town and check the population periodically once alien hybrids are active in the town to determine if the goal has been met yet.

8) Once a week the aliens will go to a local party or hotspot if one of them doesn’t wish to throw a party so they can meet and see if they are attracted to any sims in the town.


Sims 3 Comment Thread

Progress & Stats

Success will be determined when all living members for the Lunar Lakes EA families have the EA alien trait.  When a child is born in that family line they will be listed.

  • Ahmadyar
  • Alvi
  • Ansari
  • Bayliss-Willheim
  • Benton
  • Boyd
  • Broke
  • Cardamom
  • Cho-Shue
  • Cross
  • Fresco
  • Frio
  • Garcia
  • Goth
  • Goode
  • Hart
  • James
  • January
  • Karstark
  • Landgraab
  • Langerak
  • Logan
  • Louie
  • Loveland
  • Lucas
  • Mosqueda
  • Newbie
  • Vanderburg
  • Royal
  • Sekemoto
  • Spector
  • Stewart
  • Su
  • Tamarind
  • Tomyoy

Alien Family Lines

Cloud Neb’ula (Ocurian)

So’lar Fla’re (Aquan)

No’va (Azurilian)

Sisiphis Thi’bodueux (Hive)

Story Chapters

Generation 1: The Four Founders

Log # 1
Log # 2
Log # 3


Story Chapters

Generation 1:  The Four Founders

Log # 1
Log # 2
Log # 3

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