Vanderburg Dynasty: Prologue

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Welcome to my world.  This is me out in front of my family’s mansion in Hidden Springs.  If you’re from Hidden Springs you’ve probably heard of me and my family.

My name is Sebastian Vanderburg and I’m the eldest child of Catarina Vanderburg.  I live in the mansion with my mother and stepfather Renauld.  Apparently we’re somehow distantly related to some royal family or other.  I’m not really too sure who and, to be honest, I really don’t care.

My mother is obessessed with our so-called “Royal Legacy”.  She’s practically insisted lately that I get married.

She already drove my sister off with it and to be honest I’m sort of getting fed up with it too.

I’ve always dealt with it by taking my mind off things, getting out of the house, and I have quite a reputation for being a party animal.

Everyone always has a good time when I’m there because I’m the life of the party.

 I also have a bit of a playboy reputation  with the ladies.

Part of me does it because it drives my mom and the paparazzi nuts trying to guess if this latest lady is “the one” and the other part figures why not?   I’m young, unattached and have money so why not take advantage of the opportunities it presents?

So I got most people fooled into thinking that is who I really am.   They think I’m the rich, spoiled, womanizing son of the most famous family in town that lives for partying.

You see this is the real me.  I’m in law enforcement and this is my true calling.  Ever since I was a small boy I loved reading comics and the escapades of BatSim and thought that could be me.  I’m not saying I want to run around in skintight long-underware and a mask but that I could use my connections to do good and take down the bad guys.  So I’m working my way up and one day I hope to get the attention of those in espionage.

Until then I’m just living the life and loving the job.


This is the second time I’ve started building a bloodline Dynasty for Sebastian.  The first time the file got corrupted when my game crashed.   This time I’m being obsessively careful.  I chose him because the description of him in the EA notes and his LTW seemed so opposite.  How could I not want to help the rich party animal boy become a super spy?  Also I am not getting him together with Ella Carlise since they have absolutely nothing in common and I like to have compatible couples who stay together if I have to surrender them to story progression like I do for a 10 Gen.

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  1. Fairybird,

    Very interesting and I’ve always found Sebastian interesting and I think a few of my Sims who were cops were paired up with him as their partner. Look forward to seeing his character develop with you.


  2. Shyneia

     /  June 28, 2012

    I really like how you’re planning to pair him with someone he has nothing in common with. It’s the same reason why I like to just randomly roll traits for my Sims, often you get hilarious combos. I can’t wait for more updates of your partying cop, and I like how you’re fleshing out his character.

    • Thanks for reading Shy. You misread though. I just was saying EA’s story notes imply they would want him to end up with someone who he has nothing in common in with and I’m not using that Sim. The sim I have in mind has 2 traits in common with him actually but not much else lol.

      • Ooohhh I see xD I’ve been breaking up EA couples before and find it quite entertaining from time to time ;] Also I like having my sims romance other family oriented sims to have that secret love child (also called a dirty secret, LOL) that hardly anyone would know of. I’m curious to see the woman you’ve selected for him and how they get along

      • Yeah EA’s couple decisions make no sense to me sometimes. In this one they have a Cinderella theme going on. There is a family whose mother wants one of her daughters marry him but there is a stepchild named Ella Carlise who she treats like a servant. He has no romantic status with anyone though in a new file so I don’t have to do any splitting up lol.

  3. I know this is old (like, really old) but I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. 😛

    I always read Sebastian’s bio (and the family bio) to mean that Sebastian doesn’t want to settle down because he’s so desperately looking for his sister, not because he’s some air-headed playboy who’ll end up with Ella… Ella’s story is the only thing that indicates that she might end up with him, otherwise, I’d say Sebastian’s pretty celibate.

    But that’s just my interpretation. 😀

    • I don’t think he’s an airhead but his traits also influenced me. He is a party animal and where I’m picking up this story his sister is recently missing. If you continue to read as the story develops I hope you’ll see I’m not painting him as an airhead.

      • Oh, I’m not saying you were! I was just thinking of what might be interpreted from his bio and traits. 😀

        Aye aye, cap’n. *salutes and reads* 😛

      • Sorry if that’s not what you meant but it seemed you thought that’s what I was going to write him as. lol. I’ll be taking this story out of haitus probably next month. I had to shelf a bunch due to computer problems and health issues. Once I get back from a trip next week I should be able to start updating my neglected stuff like this.

        Anyway. Thanks for the comments and follow.

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